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  1. Hi all, Was wondering how much the model of the Swarm Ride car is and which stores on park it's available from. (The Model in Question) Thanks
  2. Ok thanks,Will have to buy that if its available when I'm there.
  3. Is the Swarm on-ride DVD system still not up and running. As I was hoping to purchase this on my visit at the end of this month. Thanks for replying if you know anything about it.
  4. Ok thanks for that Lukeeeeeee I'll prboably pick both of them up when I go next.
  5. Ok Thanks for that may pick it up when I go next.
  6. Does anyone know what other Resin models there are other than the Stealth and THE SWARM ones? if there are any others,does anyone have any pictures and how much are the other resin models? Thanks
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