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    Just to be diffrent I'm gunna say Vortex
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    Alton Towers

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    Unusual, fast, inverted, well themed rides, computer games like spore (that games gunna rule), house partys, art in all forms.
  1. blipblipblur


    now theres a ride I dont think thorpe park is gunna have, its too, fun fair for a theme park.
  2. blipblipblur


    the only thing I know from the safety brake things is that yer the dummies ain't lit up no more and theres this sound thing saying "car controls lost" "car control achieved" "car control lost" its funny cos the car jolts back and forth when it dose that, kinda adds to the theme witch is great. the dummies were a bit rubbish any way.
  3. blipblipblur


    I dont think chav music would fit the theme verry well, techno sorta music suits its.
  4. blipblipblur


    the times ive been there I still ain't even had a glimpse at this hellgate thing, did it take up much of the x:\?if there was an ideas box out side x:\ asking about what people think the q line theme should look like what you put. lets hear ur most wackiest and crazy ideas.
  5. blipblipblur


    thanks of the link jonny.I went to Thorpe park a couple of weeks ago and there was hardly any qs for the rides in Thorpe.x:\ was empty, u could run to the station and be right on. one ride was just me and my two mates.has any one else questioned that 8 sided room that u go Through to get too the station. cos theres 2 of them and I think the doors used to shut on them at one point. I reckon people get into them and when the other side opens the trains already there so u don't know what way it came it and it looks like your gunna go around the corner that your facing.the whole places needs some
  6. blipblipblur


    Yes, it always the first place to look. If I remember rightly it had something to do with two guys breaking in and landing on the ride cart from their ropes.
  7. blipblipblur


    Does anyone happen to know where I can find the old X:\ advert that was on TV several years ago?
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