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  1. as I say most of my weight is on my stomach, my legs and arms arent too bad considering! If it helps I'm 5 ft 7 and I ave a broad back... Thankfully I've never had to do a walk of shame at an amusement park but its literally my worst fear along with being laughed at!
  2. I find it so ironic you say that (not in a nasty way of course) because I last went when I was 16 and I'm sure the belt only just hastened on the big one, unless it was a particular tight one, I don't know? infusion hadn't been built yet but I was fine on revolution from what I can remember (it was 12 years ago)... Obviously I would like to go on all the rides but the big one is my favourite ever!
  3. So basically I'm on a mission to lose enough weight so that I can visit Blackpool and enjoy all the pleasure beach rides. However, no specific requirements are given for BPB, however I have found Alton Towers maximum CHEST is 48 inches so for now that is my goal. That said, is it possible BPB could have a higher or even lower chest capacity? Also most of my weight is on my stomach so rather than measuring my chest I'm best off measuring that... right?
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