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  1. Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. I had a feeling it may had been that year, but wasn't entirely sure as thought it was a bit later. Trying to find a you tube upload and hopefully find it there, but no joy as yet until I get the year right!!!! LOL I'm hoping to jog someones memory, as I do remember a video being played on the live screen during the fireworks and a bloke made me laugh because he was on ''air'' and got jolted backwards whilst holding onto his hat. Does that ring a bell with anyone?
  2. Hi all, hope you are all well. I'm hoping someone can answer this...……………...so here goes as it's bugging me and trying to find a live video that was hopefully uploaded THAT year. Does anyone know which year it was when they did their annual fireworks, which if I'm remember rightly had something to do with a guy riding ''air'' and holding onto his hat and going back in time? I was thinking somewhere between 2002-2005 but cant remember what year this happened. I know they played ''your disco'' by Randy Jones but that's all I can remember I'm afraid. Can anyone help and does anyone remember what year they did this? Many thanks and all the best.
  3. Many thanks, that's great. Bit confused by the pendulum and the lift soundtracks. Did they do 2 then over different years because I do remember both?
  4. Hi, been searching everywhere for the original Black Hole soundtrack, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Wandering if anyone could kindly post the link? I have seen a few you tube videos, so quite unsure if maybe they made more than one, because if you watch some POV videos one track is different to another, so this is getting me confused? Some have said the original was called ''pendulum'' and others have said it was called Powershaft by a composer named Barry Taylor who apparently wrote the Detonator soundtrack, which doesn't make any sense to me!!! Just wandering because the pendulum soundtrack sounds very similar to a POV video, but they do sound slightly different when making the climb to the top of the ride. Can anyone assist with this one please? Would greatly appreciate it.
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