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  1. Pablo

    The Sun offers

    I didn't see it last year and yeah the Alton Towers one that has been happening so far seems like you can pick a date... I just don't want to be caught with unknown restrictions once I'm there, and can't see what the catch is in giving away free tickets!
  2. Pablo

    The Sun offers

    Thanks for previous answer. Of course I've just noticed the Sun doing their free tickets offer (for Alton Towers and I believe they do it for Thorpe Park after this). It's for two free tickets, but that seems too good to be true!? I guess that if we wanted two days in whatever park, then we'd get a free ticket in the offer and a £30 one day ticket online. This seems incredibly cheap, am I missing something? What's the catch?? lol Thanks in advance for any replies.
  3. Pablo

    Annual Pass

    Is an annual pass the best and cheapest way to visit for two days? Didnt there used to be an upgrade on the price that was cheaper for two days? Thanks!
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