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  1. Hi Can you clarify with me please. We are a family of 4. x2 kids age 11 & 14 We hold PMP We are due to attend TP on Saturday 27th Oct. Are we as PMP holders expected to pay extra to get in on this day? (I’ve been told we’ve to pay £1 ???) Are we expected to pay more for fright night? (We plan to arrive First thing- so how does the night work?- sorry we’ve never been to Experience this before). Also my inlaws were planning to come: Can I still use my “share the Fun @ £15” ? I’ve read the Back T&C but it doesn’t State on TP. The only extra comment on T&C is Concerts. Pleaseeee make your reply clear as I’ve to explain the answers the Answers to my Husband & in-laws! Thanks so much. KR Veronica O
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