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  1. Good news! After hearing it in a recent vlog it looks like the old Colossus soundtrack is back! Hopefully it stays as a few years ago it did come back for a few weeks but was changed back again, recently this also happened with swarms audio but was also changed back. I hope we see some more old sountracks come back as the team in charge of sound system a few seasons ago were bringing some of the old ones (like Inferno's) back and adding some nice new touches like adding Hello Zepp to Saw's dispatch. But the problems like quiet audio and broken speakers still remain so we can only hope the new team in charge can get a better understanding of the system and fix these problems for Fright Nights! Also, when is that fire effect on Tidal Wave ever going to work???
  2. Its such a shame seeing such a capable sound system in a mess like this, hopefully it'll return back to normal soon with it being back to its former glory. What I have noticed too is how some parts of the new sound system have never worked! Surely when your spending a large amount of money on a new sound system you would make sure it works first! Also the sound levels have never been correct on some rides with them being very quiet like in saws station and pre show. Another thing I've noticed is Inferno's sound cannons have got considerably worse, last season they were making a weird muffling noise after they switched from Park Vibe's soundtrack to the Fright Night's one but it wasn't too noticeable. Now you can really hear the strange noises they are making, has anyone else noticed this? Its a shame as the sound cannons used to sound amazing especially a few years ago when they turned them up but they are coming up to 20 years old now so I'm surprised they've lasted this long!
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