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  1. come back, where have you gone?

  2. Wow, all the Tussauds parks are getting hotels now. Maybe Madame Tussaud's will get a hotel.... Anyways.. the Thorpe hotel is a good idea, but they will have to make the park bigger to cope with the extra people that the hotel will undoubtedly bring.
  3. I went on one of the days when loads of school trips were there, and the queue structure for Tidal Wave was full, and actually overflowing! But me and my mate had a priority pass, so we got on it instantly! One of the best feelings ever.
  4. I went to Thorpe Park last night when it was open until 10pm, and was just wondering what everyone thought was the best ride to go on in the dark?Personally, I think that the best rides for the dark are:1st - Rush, because the view is amazing2rd - Stealth, because the view is also amazing3nd - Samurai, because when it is lit up in the dark, it is really fun.
  5. The Colossus music rules. The music played around Amity Cove is great too.
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