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Hello Members of Thorpe Park Mania,

I know this isn't really Thorpe park related but it is theme park related. I consider myself to be probably the worlds biggest fan of Trauma Towers, however there is a significant lack of information and photos (particularly of the inside the attraction) online. This is pretty disappointing for me as you might imagine so I decided to create this forum because I would like to see the photos you guys have got of the attraction along with any information you may have of it. I am also particularly interested in the attraction previously located in it's spot 'The Haunted Hotel', there's basically no information about it online aside from one or two photos.

If you do have anything please do share it because I would much appreciate that. I have attached some photos that I took when I went in October 2017.

I am particularly looking for photos of the red eyed Gargoyle, the building at night and the werewolf head that was mounted above the stairway.
Thanks guys - Thade.

trauma towers 1.png

trauma towers gargoyle.png

trauma towers vampire.jpg

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Trauma Towers was the combination of two former standalone attractions, The Haunted Hotel and the Tagada.


I only ever went through the attraction once, but recall it being very dark in places with multiple routes, uneven flooring (I remember walking across a wooden plank over water?!) and then the Tagada, which was themed to a dining hall, was great fun.  I'm sure some of the lighting must have been broken on my walkthrough, as information online describes much more in the way of scenes than I remember seeing.


Many of the scenes from Trauma Towers are now used in the Ghost Train, particularly in the lower level towards the end of the ride.  In addition, the gargoyle located in the garden scene (on the left as you enter the scene) used to spit water over riders on the Tagada.


I don't have much in the way of photos of Trauma Towers, but this is one from Vampire Beach 2016 where the windows were illuminated;



(Could this topic form part of the main BPB thread?)

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