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  1. Purely out of interest, did Toverland have different music before the IMAScore stuff? I know Troy had a different soundtrack, but the entire park has IMAScore music that seems to fit in perfectly, but isn't that just a recent thing? Did the park have different music before or was everything silent?
  2. They should refund at guest services if you can't use it. Can't sell a product and then not let people use it.
  3. Wait, so they're selling a product you can't use? Contact the ASA.
  4. Absolutely love Toverland. I had a return visit on Wednesday and wow, it really is one of the nicest theme parks I've ever visited. Troy is incredible, there's a fair amount of unique attractions, not one bad ride and the entire park just has such a lovely feel that resonates well with me. A combination of the charming music, stunning landscaping/theming and quality of every single attraction and area... I can't quite put a finger on it, but there's something really special about the place.
  5. Saw this in person today, looks impressive though maybe not as tall as I expected. Wasn't a huge fan of Walibi, didn't really rate any of the coasters or "get" the atmosphere they were going for. Quite a few rides closed, and a few closed at 4 (planned not tech issue - park was on a 5pm close).
  6. I'm certain I've ridden Inferno in the rain before? Not recently but I remember it being fairly normal a few years back.
  7. Bob is amazing. Very happy to have had the chance to ride it today, it's such a unique (and terrifying!) coaster and by far the best "bobsleigh" style ride I've ever ridden. A shame it's being removed really, the replacement doesn't look very inspiring either.
  8. I'm sure it'll make a splashback soon. Oh wait...
  9. I know it's only small in the grand scheme of things, but the new Chiapas tower looks hideous IMO. The previous one fit perfectly into the style of the area, if you look at the overall area-shot with the new roof in it stands out like a sore thumb because it's essentially a warehouse-style material used where everything else blends so perfectly. A shame. As for turning Nighthawk into a VR attraction, why?! It had a decent throughput before and just needed some effects.
  10. Yuck. That ride had a decent throughput, just needed a few effects.
  11. Coaster

    Paultons Park

    I really like the way Paultons are marketing this, very refreshing to see clues given away in a fun, but not irritating or self-indulgent way. Fingers crossed the park can scale up the marketing successfully when the time's right and get this project in the limelight.
  12. I can't blame people for taking hotdogs in flasks when Thorpe now charge obscene prices for them. £12 for a hotdog and chips now. In the same venue that used to sell an entire (amazing) BBQ meal for about £7.50. And they had music. A hotdog on its own was £7.00 and people wonder why they're considered a rip off. On the whole my issues with Merlin aren't the frequency of the investments, but the overall quality that goes into the parks in terms of customer experience. Also, many of the investments that have been made were (IMO) not where the priorities should have been in terms of ensuring the parks offer a well rounded day out for visitors. Wicker Man is an exception and it has clearly done very well for Alton, which is fantastic.
  13. Yeah Swarm's station looked horrendous. No ambient audio either, just the poor announcement that was recently added. Actually I'd say that the whole Swarm area was a bit of a mess in all honesty.
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