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  1. Coaster

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I'm sure the director's voice was used for the Do or Die before-maze announcement, albeit without announcing itself as "the director."
  2. Coaster

    Rumba Rapids

    What relevance does this have to Thorpe Park or Rumba Rapids?
  3. Coaster

    Efteling Review - October 2018

    I did Carnival, unfortunately Fata Morgana and Villa Volta were closed for maintenance.
  4. Day 1 of a three-day event with Pleasure Beach Experience took place at Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands, where we had an hour’s ERT on Joris en de Draak before park opening as well as a full day at the park. First and foremost, the park was very accommodating to us, and the staff were all excellent and friendly. With it being my first visit to Efteling I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I’d probably describe the park as very quirky and unusual. There are a lot of nicely themed attractions and some fun coasters, and I really liked the large spanning lakes, exceptional use of audio and some weird and wacky features around the park. Operations seemed very good aside from Baron, with multiple trains running and queues moving fast. Unfortunately, on my visit Bob was closed (to then open a week later – spite!) as were Fata Morgana and Villa Volta. Ride Count: Joris en de Draak x17 (ERT & a few afternoon rides) Flying Dutchman x3 Python x2 Rapids x2 Baron 1898 x1 Rogel Vok x1 Carnival Festival x1 Droomvlucht x1 Symbolica x1 TOTAL: 29 Onto the rides! Joris en de Draak Joris en de Draak is a fantastic racing wooden coaster with some incredible moments of airtime, strange banking and a very fun layout. Similar to Wicker Man, the ride’s queue line is landscaped around the ride well with some good viewpoints of the ride and interaction over the lake. I really enjoyed the racing element of the ride, with the trains breaking off from each other and then joining back side-by-side for the final section of the race. There were some fun interactions throughout the layout, too. The sweeping turns at both ends of the ride’s layout were great fun and felt very forceful, especially the first one where you dive suddenly to the right-hand-side – brilliant! Whilst both sides were brilliant I marginally preferred the blue one, due to an insanely brutal airtime hill that seems to appear out of nowhere… absolutely fantastic. I liked the features the ride has such as the flag announcing the winner, cheering/booing in the station and the flags being draped for the winning train; fun little extras which the park didn’t have to do, but they make the experience better. Baron 1898 Having enjoyed Valkyria I was fairly confident that Baron would at least be a fun coaster, but unfortunately, I just didn’t enjoy it. The theming is excellent. The way the music outside differs to that inside, the station building, pre-shows and everything else are just incredible, and it’s clear that a lot of detail has been put into the attraction. Ascending the (incredibly well themed) lift hill with the ghostly singing ringing in your ears, you approach the top. I found the drop was too small to achieve the freefall sensation, and the ride that followed fairly weak; the inversions didn’t feel overly forceful, the helix felt a bit awkward and the airtime hill didn’t produce any airtime. Baron 1898 is a visually impressive ride and a good themed experience, but that’s as far as it goes for me. Flying Dutchman Wow! What a brilliant attraction. From the incredible theming in the queue to the highly detailed station, the presentation of this ride is superb both internally and externally. Giving a false sense of security, you deport the harbour and things soon take a turn for the worse… I really liked the use of atmospheric lighting and audio here, and the mist screen effect is so well executed. The indoor section had a few surprises, and the outdoor section was good fun too. Python Really enjoyed this, despite it being a fairly short coaster. The inversions were forceful, as were the helix’s, and the entire ride was very smooth (I’m guessing due to the recent re-track). I wasn’t a fan of the vest restraints though, they felt very restrictive when compared with B&M’s version. Vogel Rok was awesome, a really fun indoor coaster with some interesting visual effects, fun audio and a really good sensation of speed. Symbolica has a really clever ride system and I enjoyed it, even if I didn’t fully understand what it was about! External presentation is fantastic here also. Other attractions included Droomvlucht and the Rapids, both of which were done to a very high standard with some surprises. Also, that rapids music is so catchy! Overall, I really enjoyed Efteling. It’s a big contrast to parks in the UK, and offers something different to any other park I’ve visited. I did feel that one day wasn’t enough to take everything in, as there were a few other attractions I’d have liked to experience. A few more photos below Thanks for reading
  5. When you think back to the effort that has gone into FN even in recent years (considering things such as the different characters each week in Cabin, actors doing the "charge" thing around Stealth back in 2014, and of course the quality of the mazes), this year really is a disgrace. Lighting in particular... what on earth happened? Small touches such as under-lighting the Blair Witch sign were great in previous years, yet Dead Creek Woods has a floodlight pointing at you meaning you can't even see the sign, and the atmosphere is completely lost. Also, what's with the UV "disco lights" - how is that scary/spooky?! I mean, even thinking back to the introduction of the horror film mazes in 2013, think how good that year was compared to now.
  6. Coaster

    Rumba Rapids

    I remember the days when Rumba had Halloween decorations and horror audio around the entire layout, and actually operated into the night (closing at 10 along with the rest of the park).
  7. Coaster

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    My thoughts based on this evening unfortunately echo the above, parkwide atmosphere felt poor (apart from some decent audio in places) with flood lights completely killing the atmosphere, no attempt made to disguise mazes from the queuelines, the entire event felt very rushed, last minute and lazy. Dead Creek Woods A few actors here and there doing a decent job, not much in the way in the theming aside from some old toilets. Ehh. 1/10 Vulcan Peak What. The. Hell. This has to be the laziest most poorly executed scare attraction I've ever come across, there were no actors (apart from a Thorpe Park staff member holding some noisy box thing) and it was just generally an uneventful walk through IAC without being able to see the theming. 1/10 Blair Witch Much shorter than previous years, and lit up far too much meaning that the previous ambience and element of surprise was completely lost. 2/10 Platform 15 Sadly we were ushered through the first section without being told any of the storyline, the only dialogue we got from the actor was "stay together" - extremely poor when in previous years there's been the storyline told, a short walk followed by another stop before completing the rest of the maze. A few actors in the last section, house section was still good. 3/10 Living Nightmare Some nice theming but felt very dull and not many actors, the ending seemed to not work properly (it was clear the actor went to try to set something off, but alas nothing happened). 3/10 Walking Dead Do or Die If the brief was to use the shipping containers from MBV/E10 but strip the theming out first, they're onto a winner. The section where you were forced to push through the hanging meat was well executed and there were some decent props here and there, but overall it felt very lazy with the majority of the maze being made up of black hanging cloths and floodlights illuminating everything way before you approached. Also what is "do or die" actually referring to? What does it mean? 3/10 Sadly I'd have to say it's probably the worst year I can remember, we're talking about an event that has produced gems such as Asylum, E10, Cabin and Big Top (the latter version) yet this year felt like the laziest most ill-thought out scare event ever. Everything feels like it's been done on a shoe-string budget with no effort put into making sure actors know their lines, awfully "thin" sets and just a general lack of care. How have standards been allowed to fall this far? On a completely separate note it was also a shame that night rides weren't possible as almost everything was closed for the majority of the evening due to weather; this also created a backlog of people meaning the maze queues were much longer than they would have otherwise been. Didn't get time to do Saw Alive unfortunately.
  8. Coaster

    Rumba Rapids

    Indeed, because closing another ride is a definitely the way to attract more guests and spread good word of mouth.
  9. Coaster

    Rumba Rapids

    It's absolutely naff to just close it to save on costs, there's no logical reason a rapids ride can't operate in October. If it was having a huge refurb then fair enough, but last year it closed before Fright Nights then opened in exactly the same state the year after.
  10. Coaster


    Missed Bob by a week
  11. Coaster

    Drayton Manor

    It seems G Force's future may be in question, but I've no idea what's true and what isn't.
  12. Coaster

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    PB is very hit and miss, I've had both amazing and atrocious days there this year in terms of ride operations. I struggle to get more than 10 rides in a day at Alton due to early closing times/lack of SRQ's etc - WM seems to be running more efficiently now though.
  13. Coaster

    Rumba Rapids

    Rumba closed until next year supposedly?
  14. Coaster

    2018 General Discussion

    Oh, they only offer the buffet on rare occasions?
  15. Coaster

    2018 General Discussion

    That actually sounds amazing! I assume you can't gain access until the park/rides open though?