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  1. July 2016
  2. That's exactly why Thorpe uses IP's in my opinion, they no longer know how to create good attractions without them. Can't believe Platform is returning...
  3. Thorpe's online communication really is awful!
  4. But the money would be so much better spent on other things, like getting Loggers to a condition where it doesn't have to close, general park improvements; things that make a successful park, but don't directly draw people in. Sadly, it seems that they can't see past short-term, which is damaging the park(s) in the long run IMO.
  5. I wouldn't trust anything Thorpe say on Twitter! I think it's a shame that popular family rides sit rotting away whilst money is spent on things like this, which fizzle out after the first year or so. If money was better spent, I don't think Thorpe wouldn't be in the mess it's in, but that's just my opinion. In that case, why have they invested in rides/attractions that they can't run?
  6. Unbelievable. Why do they insist on throwing money away on short-term investments such as this?
  7. I *think* it still has a sponsorship, not 100% sure though! Construction 2018 photo update from this weekend just gone; Taken from Revolution's queueline; Wonder what's under these...?
  8. Nice article, it gives an interesting insight without being too in-your-face.
  9. Unfortunately it was I was less than impressed to see it being used on PMBO and Avalanche, I don't think it should have been available for those coasters bearing in mind the (understandable) lower capacity.
  10. If Thorpe was open in February with a (more-or-less) full ride lineup, I wouldn't be moaning about some of the coasters being one train. I see your point but no, the older rides require much more hefty maintenance (wood replacement on the woodies etc.), plus there's the sea salt which causes all manner of issues with the rides creating more extensive maintenance. Then there's also the fact that for some of their rides, there's no manufacturer to easily source parts for; it can't be easy to get parts for, say, a wooden Wild Mouse or an Arrow Dynamics Steeplechase. Your post; I've said Thorpe isn't relevant (in the context of your post above) because It's a completely different circumstance to Blackpool. Thorpe opens over a month later, when the main theme park season starts, so having one train operations is different - if they opened on a (near) full ride lineup in February I'd be cutting them some slack as far as capacity is concerned.
  11. Because they have 14 weeks to complete their maintenance as opposed to the 19/20 weeks that other parks leave. They had all rides apart from three open, I'd much rather that than the park not open at all. Whether it's "main season" to you or not is irrelevant, that isn't how BPB operate. Wow Weekends is between February - March, then main season starts at the end of March when the park is open every day until November. If you don't like the way Pleasure Beach operate at this time of year then wait until the main theme park season starts, it's as simple as that. I find it amusing that those moaning about one train in February will be defending Thorpe when they open in March with half the rides shut and low capacity on those open.
  12. Thorpe doesn't open until the end of March so is hardly relevant in this discussion. I'm baffled as to what you mean when you've said that it's a half term event Blackpool "hadn't tried to this level before"? They have opened at the beginning of February for years! It's not a "half term event" either, the park is open every weekend until full season starts at the end of March - but not during the week. Blackpool is far from perfect, I'll be the first to say that - just that in this case I think people are being harsh. Maybe better not to make assumptions over one discussion point?
  13. If you read the post I was responding to, you'll see that I was being called out for not being positive about Merlin. However, since the parks are closed, there's nothing for me to say about them. That's all I meant.
  14. What does previous years have to do with it? We're talking about this year! Pleasure Beach have had February weekend events for years, so I'm really not sure what your point is.
  15. As I've already said, it isn't main season yet. If Pleasure Beach were operating like this during main season it would be an entirely different kettle of fish to a cold weekend in February when all the Merlin parks are closed (or, in the case of Chessington, have three rides open). I think it's too easy to underestimate the quick turnaround the park has during the winter, in comparison to other parks which open a whole month and a half later. Of course, it would have been much better if PMBO was on two trains, but to replace a lift chain and get it up and running so early in the year is still pretty good IMO. Maybe if the Merlin parks were actually open, I'd have something positive to say about them