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  1. I think it'd be a huge shame to lose some of the better themes in the park, I'm all for progression but there's absolutely no point in replacing entertaining quality themes with processed corporate music. Colossus and Inferno in particular have an identity with the current music.
  2. It has become impossible to get on even half the rides you want to in a day, we managed six rides all day on Sunday! Dragon's Fury, Tomb Blaster and Zufari were running in such a way that they probably weren't even getting a third of their maximum throughput, and from watching Rattlesnake I'd guess the same for that - I've never known queues move so slow, it made Flamingo Land's operations look positively fast in comparision! Vampire and Gruffalo were the only saving graces, the queues were moving fairly quickly on these which was good. I think Chessington need to consider the quality of day they're offering, there's no point opening a new/refurbished ride if the operations across the park are as slack as they were on Sunday. It's just no fun standing in queues that move slower than watching paint dry, especially when all you have to look at is peeling paint and tired surroundings; and we missed out on several rides purely due to the terrible capacity on those we went on. Weighing up the cost of admission compared with number of rides ridden, and the standard (all except for Gruffalo were in poor condition), it represents awful value for money.
  3. I completely agree, what it needs is a complete restoration IMO - but I think it's nice that the in house teams have done what they can do on a shoestring budget at least.
  4. Good operations on Vampire today, the queue moved much faster than I've known it to in recent years! Louder audio and some additional theming items in the queueline were a plus, but it's still looking very tired and in need of refurbishing; I just hope this happens rather than a retheme.
  5. Operations were beyond belief on this today, seven cars running but six stacked in the station with 90 second dispatch times! The amount of times I saw cars dispatched with only two riders was unbelievable, and the Fastrack queue was huge - we spoke to someone who said they'd waited 45 minutes! We queued 90 minutes from halfway through the cattlepen after the queueline shop - it used to take 25 mins from there!
  6. Despite having doubts about The Gruffalo, I decided to give it a go in the hope that it would surprise me. The ride has a very calm and serene feel, a stark contrast to its predecessor. This is present in the station, which is wonderfully decorated with low level lighting, and some nice changes in moods as you queue; a theme continued in the rest of the ride. The mood lighting is extremely well done throughout, with a nice amount of darkness and scenes unfolding in front of you. The projected waterfall was my favourite scene; it's very effective and a new idea. I also liked the mist screen at the end - a nice touch! I found the ride doesn't quite feel "complete" - whilst some of the scenes are well finished, others feature whitewash walls and are devoid of anything of note; for example the very first scene and the one replacing the jacuzzi scene. I didn't like the use of TV screens at various points throughout the ride, nor the circular 'light-up pictures', IMO they become repetitive and cheapen the overall feel of the attraction. There is little in the way of animation, though some of the props do move slightly. The final has kept some of the fountains but also introduced some theming, the lighting is much darker in here as well. Where the fountains were the focal point of the room in IL Bubbleworks, they're simply additions to the rest of the room here and don't play a key part. It doesn't really feel like a "finale" now, more just "another scene." Audio is unremarkable, the voice overs work well at points but I think it was always going to be difficult to follow the iconic soundtrack of Bubbleworks! Overall, I'd say it's "good" - nothing more, nothing less. It doesn't really have a sense of "fun," but is very different and surpassed my expectations by a long way. I hope it'll be a success, but is it as good as Bubbleworks? Not for me. The exterior doesn't blend in well at all; Fortunately, the station looks fantastic!
  7. ^ So the redevelopment is progressing well then...
  8. Can't believe they've changed the music for Rumba! Why remove a quirky, fun piece of music for the generic theme that's playing there now? (Video on TPM Facebook)
  9. My views so far? Exterior looks awful, station looks good. Will reserve judgement on the ride until I've actually been on it.
  10. Refurbished entrance area looks great!
  11. Yuck! They've ruined the look of the exterior.
  12. I'll be gutted if that is replacing the incredible Bubbleworks score.
  13. People will care, it's the difference between "wow that's incredible" an "meh, that was okay." Every tiny detail goes so far in terms of the overall experience.
  14. The theming element is tall, but the carousel itself is small is what I meant.