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  1. Fantastic video, something to refer to when people claim it's "dangerous" when a ride has stopped on a lift etc.
  2. Rotation happens at several parks however it's usually signposted, I don't think it's that ridiculous of a suggestion.
  3. "Watch this space" What, watch yet another SBNO ride collect dust for a year?
  4. Finally experienced the improved Ghost Train today, much better than last year! The ending was really clever (and nice to see an anamatronic!) but the overall concept of the attraction still doesn't appeal to me personally. Too much waiting around and I just don't find it entertaining - would have much rather seen a high-budget actual ghost train.
  5. Not a great day in honesty, ended up leaving at 2pm. A few late openings is sometimes unavoidable, I get that, but it seems that Thorpe were very unprepared with several rides down in the morning, then when they opened others went down, it appeared to be unadvertised rotation however may have been coincidence. It feels like a half-open park at the moment with the SBNO's, late openings and "new" rides for this year still not open. Genuinely had a great day at Thorpe back in March but today just wasn't enjoyable. Nemesis Inferno's operations were slack, what happened to the days of seeing a train on the lift as the other entered the brake run?
  6. Stealth, Ghost Train, Slammer, Rumba all closed, and terrible operations on Nemesis Inferno - stacking on every train and Fastrack oversold. Also, what happened to the two "new" rides in Old Town opening at Easter?! They're both sat there shut! Awful...
  7. ^ Amazing that Merlin refer to their parks as "magical" and "spellbinding" when in reality this is what they look like.
  8. Any airtime it would have is ruined by the trim brakes on almost every drop.
  9. Probably knackered like most of Thorpe's flats.
  10. I hate to say this but I'm not a fan of the name, it sounds like it's for a new corporate building not a roller coaster, and doesn't really make sense as things become "icons" over time rather than when they're new IMO. In a park which already has so many iconic rides this feels a bit forced, and it doesn't really do the low-to-ground layout of the ride justice. With that said, maybe the name will grow on me over time. However, "dare to ride" is frankly the laziest slogan I have ever seen. I like the logo however in my opinion it looks too busy, with "dare to ride" encroaching on the "ICON" letters and spoiling the effect. All that said, I'm very thankful it's not an IP, and as said above hopefully the name will grow on me. I'm still extremely excited for this!
  11. Seriously? That's shocking!
  12. The best way to react would be to learn from it, terrible days such as this happen at Thorpe far too often and the fact that they "handed out free returns" isn't good enough when the same problem keeps arising. Of course the way they use social media is up to them, but IMO it looks poor that the reviews section was removed following the Fright Nights 1 star reviews.
  13. None of those are "good" though and I don't see an extension to 6:30pm as a positive either. These ridiculous situations occur too often at Thorpe, and any positive out of the past few days was "reactive" rather than "proactive" which is not how it should be. Proper planning would avoid this. The fact they removed their reviews section at Fright Nights speaks volumes about how little they value guest experience or feedback.
  14. The fact they "extended" opening hours and handed out free returns is good but ultimately they shouldn't have to be in such a situation, especially not as regularly as it happens at Thorpe. Fright Nights last year was so terribly managed they actually removed the review section from their Facebook page, have they not learnt from that?! I remember when I first started visiting Thorpe, it was possible to get on all the major coasters within the first hour, this has become impossible now due to so many opening late on a regular basis, and when they do open they're often on one train until 11-12ish. It seems to have become "the norm" for several of the major rides to open late, I can't remember a visit in the last two/three years where the major rides have all opened on time. As for the staffing issues, words fail me, how can such a well established park let themselves get into such a terrible state? Ultimately it shows they don't give a jot about guest experience, operations have declined to the point where they are farcical and the park is only enjoyable when it's quiet.
  15. Thorpe in terrible operations and free ticket handout shocker... Nice to see some things never change