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  1. Park Operations

    It's very strange to have flats closed as there's no risk of those stalling, which I was under the impression is the danger with operating tall coasters in the wind.
  2. The Swarm

    I don't rate The Swarm too highly as a coaster and find the theme poor, but all things considered it's very reliable and runs efficiently with a high throughput. Please don't say they're going to "do a Galactica" and ruin a coaster that has served the park extremely well over the past 5 and a half seasons.
  3. Scarefest

    Clearly cashing in on people wanting to "find out more" about SW8... sad thing is it'll probably work as well.
  4. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    I found the mazes at Tulleys far superior to the current ones at Thorpe on my first visit last year, however The Asylum and E10 (in its first year only) still remain my two favourite ever scare attractions.
  5. Scarefest

    Wait, so an £8 charge on top of the £20 maze ticket for the other three? It'll have to be outstanding to justify that!
  6. Fright Nights 2017

    Dead End Terror Zone was better than Platform in fairness! Interested to see what this year holds for Fright Nights, the event needs improvements in a lot of areas IMO.
  7. The Swarm

    Please don't say the AR stands for Augmented Reality?
  8. Park Operations

    I completely agree the searches are necessary, just that I think the implementation is awful and makes a terrible first impression on people's day.
  9. Park Operations

    ^ The security bag searches are horrendously disorganised and I can't believe the park deems it okay to have queues stretching across the plaza, a more permanent installation is required in my opinion like the setup at BPB with 6 - 10 scanners in use.
  10. SW8

    Is this still a thing? I joke, but it just seems like such an unambitious coaster and a pre-show won't change that. A new woodie in the UK needed to be amazing and impressive and whilst SW8 looks good enough, it doesn't look spectacular. On the plus side though, at least it's moving away from the "world's first" gimmicky rubbish - so a possible step in the right direction.
  11. Vampire

    Laughable and proves the complete lack of care, knowledge and understanding of theme parks the park has. So unprofessional!
  12. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    Is it just me who doesn't see the appeal in electric shocks being used? Scare attractions are supposed to be fun!
  13. Oakwood

    They first started advertising a new ride/coaster in 2014 (as "opening this year" on the maps) so I'd class that as a 3 year delay. Still, at least it's finally open!
  14. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Unless I'm missing something, what happened to the "world's first attraction" that was due to open for summer? Also, what is "The Transformers Tour" and has it materialised?
  15. Park Music

    I think it makes even less sense that there's a huge motorway billboard next to a church, next to a load of random vehicles dumped around the area - but it doesn't really matter I suppose.