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  1. Coaster

    Your Trip Plans 2019

    It's of my bucket list coasters due to it being the original hypercoaster and the inspiration for The Big One.
  2. Coaster

    Pleasurewood Hills

    Excellent move by the park.
  3. Coaster


  4. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    That's a disgrace. The only reason it lost its magic is because they left it to rot and didn't maintain it properly! Even now they still show complete disrespect to their customers by saying things like this.
  5. Coaster

    Your Trip Plans 2019

    Bit of a hectic year for me; Definitely Cedar Point King's Island Six Flags Great Adventure Kennywood Coney Island Efteling Toverland Walibi Holland (before Untamed opens... grr!) Duinrell Blackpool Pleasure Beach Alton Towers Thorpe Park Adventure Island Maybe Phantasialand Parc Asterix Oakwood Adventure Island Chessington Expect there'll be a few other UK parks joining the list.
  6. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    A terrible decision. Loggers Leap was, as has been said previously, a very popular family ride which filled a much-needed gap at Thorpe. It was of a far superior quality to the likes of Storm Surge and had a much higher throughput to match. The loss of this ride further displays Thorpe's absolute lack of direction, when they prioritise IP attractions over maintaining key staple attractions you know there is something wrong. Furthermore, the communication on social media regarding this over the last 3 years has been absolutely unacceptable. Saying it's closed for maintenance (at the very first stage), then that it'll make a splashback, saying the area was under redevelopment (looks like that's gone well... 3 years?!). It's a joke. Thorpe is in a dire state and this further highlights that. 3 years to announce that it'll never return, that's 3 years that they could've been refurbishing it or rebuilding its replacement. Also, remind me why we have to have one-in, one-out with things like this? Like, Wicker Man at Alton is great but now the park only has two water rides (one of which is broken, the other has only worth doing on the hottest of days). Why not build a new coaster, and keep the water ride? -- In other news, Pleasurewood Hills have announced today that their Rattlesnake roller coaster (closed in 2016) will reopen this year. Isn't that nice.
  7. Can someone edit the title of this topic please, as it is not technically a completely "new" attraction as it uses the old Hocus Pocus Hall building. #petty
  8. Coaster

    2019 Season

    Any season includes 2019 though so...
  9. Coaster

    simply Tiger Rock

    What a nightmare
  10. Coaster

    What was X:/ No Way Out like pre-2007?

    Ah I remember those dusty old TV's, they were in the queue for years but I never saw them working!
  11. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    The Big One is one of the worst, it's lost all its team from two/three years ago and the operations have plummeted to absolutely unbelievable low standards as a result.
  12. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    One of the biggest issues with ride operations is that they've lost virtually all the experienced staff who had been at the park for years, mainly due to awful, awful management who treat both their staff and guests with disdain. The Big One for example, a very complex ride to run and with no-one there who knows what they're doing now it's a complete shambles. Compare that to three/four years ago when they'd have it running two trains in 40 mph winds because they knew exactly what the operating limits and optimum wind directions were! The second issue is the engineering department, the team themselves are fantastic and dedicated people but when their hours are being cut a week before opening when the park is nowhere near ready, their job becomes impossible. Good old Amanda eh? The staffing at the park is an absolute mess and turning away staff with experience whilst keeping certain members of management on is, quite simply, lunacy.
  13. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Icon being closed was, from what I've seen and been told, the tip of the iceberg. Coasters and flats/other rides were going down left right and centre, the only coaster on full capacity was Dipper, catering sounds like it was a nightmare and a staff member in a managerial position was heard telling guests to "deal with it" and calling them "tits" due to them complaining about being evacuated out of Icon's queue, just after it had opened (mid afternoon!) It sounds like one of the worst weekends in the park's history, and due to many more factors than just Icon being down for the majority of the time.
  14. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Not really, last year's opening weekend was decent enough with a few breakdowns (but in most cases the rides reopened shortly after) and some rides on low capacity; about what I'd expect from BPB in February. The weather affects The Big One, it can't run in high winds otherwise it would stall. With that said, the operating limits to seem to be getting lower and lower and often they just send the staff home now whereas they always used to keep the staff on to do cleaning around the ride until such time as the winds lowered; even if the forecast suggested that they wouldn't. But that's a whole different debate. Today sounds much, much worse than last year. The number of rides closed, breaking down and/or on low capacity far surpasses that of last year, plus Icon which closed at lunchtime today and failed to reopen. Ultimately operations at PB have, in recent years, been very hit-and-miss. But in the second half of 2018, they got worse and worse (there were reasons for this which I won't go into but ultimately the operations are in a mess behind the scenes). I see today as a combination of early-season teething troubles, but also, far more worryingly, a continuation of the downturn we saw towards the end of 2018. As for why enthusiasts rush to go to opening weekend, I can't answer that one.