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  1. Thunderbolt at Coney is vile, my all-time least favourite coaster. Just a hideous, hideous ride.
  2. The Swarm's area and theming isn't that great IMO. It's really just a bunch of vehicles and theming items plonked around the ride with no cohesion, it isn't visually nice to look at either. Why is there a huge motorway billboard right next to a church? What's a helicopter doing in a lake? It's just bizarre. I do feel that it was better when the ride first opened and it had the special effects, triggered sound effects etc. As with most Merlin investments though it's been left to fall apart, had random items added and many items of theming are now missing or have been replaced w
  3. Merlin are objecting to the London Resort planning application; https://escapismproject.co.uk/news/1623419409?s=04&fbclid=IwAR10_0Tg26gWSoUVxXpB3cw7_nU2mQ7g0jdJK-ou_zD7Za4MVoncCuUaxsE My thoughts on this? Merlin need to do one. They have strangled the life out of the UK theme park industry for years; they own the monopoly yet have such low standards in their parks, with no real drive to improve anything. The Merlin short-term model of "slap an IP on it" whilst neglecting rides and basic infrastructure has killed the offering at their parks a
  4. I think you've missed the point of the post, which highlights a major issue that UK parks simply cannot cope when they are busy. Of course people expect the parks to be busy during half term, but operations need to be swift and the park should be running to maximum to reduce waiting times as much as possible, but that just doesn't happen. It's very much a case of it being how the park is running, rather than how busy it is, that causes the most issues IMO.
  5. Blackpool Pleasure Beach was atrocious on Sunday. Saturday was an excellent day helped by the 10pm close; we arrived in the morning to find Alice, Ice Blast, Nickelodeon Streak, Avalanche and Revolution on delayed opening, which wrecked our chances of riding the low capacity rides first, but fortunately things picked up later on and the rides ran excellently throughout the day. Icon was unfortunately still running very slowly once up to 3 trains, I waited earlier on 2 and the queue moved faster but some of my group ended up waiting over 90 minutes later on. Sunday howe
  6. I agree that if Thorpe really have to go down the IP route, a Black Mirror retheme to X would have worked much better, suited the ride more than Walking Dead and still kept it accessible to families (which, you know, is always a good idea for a family coaster!). X with the lighting effects etc. would have worked well, IMO.
  7. I like the Smiler and Wicker Man soundtracks, and I didn't mind ITHOTMK being used on The Smiler - it's just that when it's on too many rides, in my opinion it becomes same-y. Wicker Man's soundtrack would work better without it (and its own theme in its place), IMO. That is of course subjective though as you've said. In relation to ITHOTMK - I agree it has a unique feel about it as the park's overall theme but I'm just not a fan of themes being over-used. Imagine if theme parks like Phantasialand (for example) used the same motif on every ride, it wouldn't have the same appeal
  8. I was of the impression the bit about the ride system was common knowledge, but if I've misunderstood then I stand corrected. In relation to the space, am I correct in thinking that Gangsta Granny was built in an existing building? In which case, it again comes down to a park of Alton Towers' size and stature not being given the funds to build from the ground up. From the outside they've just repurposed old buildings again, it's a common trait in Merlin owned parks and something I find rarely achieves the same as a brand new ride or area. Whilst W&G was too a repu
  9. I don't agree with this, with stops over a minute in length and 6 seater ride vehicles (I believe), that seems to me like a recipe for low capacity. The logic of "it's not the flagship ride, so capacity doesn't matter" is nonsense. Why not run Duel on 1 car if capacity doesn't matter?!
  10. I'm criticising the ride's throughput and capacity, not the ride itself. It looks like they've done a great job with the interior.
  11. Early days I know but this doesn't look very inspiring. Chessington need a high capacity family-thrill coaster IMO, not a boomerang style ride.
  12. I watched the Gangsta Granny POV, it looks fun but I think the ride is ultimately flawed in that it has to stop multiple times for long periods of time so that it lasts more than 30 seconds. The very short layout means running as a constantly moving ride wouldn't really work - but doesn't this in turn mean that the throughput will be extremely low? Towers look to have done a great job with the ride system they have, but the issue is that it's yet another case of Merlin underfunding a project and giving them a second-hand ride system not designed for a park as busy as Alton.
  13. I don't particularly like Alton Towers having every ride using ITHOTMK, I know it's an iconic theme associated with the park but it's not very creative. It gives the rides/areas no identity and everything just blends into one IMO. Alton don't even own that music! It is in Colossus and Nemesis Inferno's IMAScore themes, and was played in the queues when I last visited (2019) from what I remember.
  14. Everything having exactly the same theme is really getting boring now. Some creativity please!!
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