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  1. Coaster

    2018 General Discussion

    Just spotted this; Anyone know if it's free for Premium MAPs? I've no interest in "love island" but was hoping to get some evening rides on Inferno in!
  2. Coaster

    Park Operations

    You mean they've finally sorted the 90 second dispatch times?
  3. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    "Do not unfasten your seatbelt" to start with, was on a huge sign which was in front of you as you waited for dispatch. There weren't any specific rules (separate to other coasters I mean), but the main issue with Mouse was people not following the basic rules that apply when riding coasters. Much like some other rides (log flumes, Steeplechase, Zodiac, bobsleighs etc) it required some common sense in terms of not standing up etc.
  4. Coaster

    Project Zero

    But doesn't Thorpe's social media using the 0s suggest they are related?
  5. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    But if all ride rules and restrictions (clearly displayed on the entrance boards) were followed, you couldn't injure yourself.
  6. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Sadly only a H&S nightmare due to guest actions, a shame we will never be able to experience such an amazing coaster again because of people who cannot behave themselves on coasters.
  7. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    Yeah, sad thing is it was due to guest actions rather than any issue with the ride itself. Gutting for people like myself who had been enjoying it (safely) for years. I probably do bring it up too much, but it's been a favourite of mine since I first rode about 10 + years ago!
  8. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    Insurance, actually.
  9. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    The issue lies with poor communication regarding its closure, IMO. That said, I'm not sure which is worse - leaving it sat there rotting away (like Loggers, Slammer etc) or tearing it down without even giving it a second thought (as BPB did with the Mouse).
  10. Coaster

    Project Zero

    If this is the return of a maze of a similar style and quality to The Asylum, I'll be very excited. (Please can we have that queue music back as well?)
  11. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    A shame, I was looking forward to it making a splashback soon following the rennovation work.
  12. Coaster

    Logger's Leap

    Oh, has it been taken down since I last visited then? Technically it is still a ride, at Thorpe Park if it is still standing.
  13. Coaster

    Park Music

    No sense at all. Thorpe Park used to be such a fun, vibrant place where each area had its own unique atmosphere. From the dramatic scores for Colossus and Nemesis Inferno, you had the western Canada Creek Playlist, WWTP Radio (back when it played properly), and so many fun pieces of music which added so much to the park's atmosphere. Fast forward to 2018, and the park has no atmosphere at all. Every area has had its vibe washed out with the same corporate IMAScore tripe, stripping it back of all the fun and atmosphere that a theme park should have. Rumba's fun catchy theme? Nope, let's have some nondescript "Zufari" music that people will have forgotten by the time they leave the ride. Also, who remembers this gem? I remember it playing across the bridges out of the dome, around the beach area etc. Now just the same music as everywhere else in the park. They'd be better off with chart music than the current rubbish, at least that is varied!
  14. Coaster

    Park Music

    NOOOOOOOOOO! You've got to be joking. Idiots. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fabulous THE Nemesis Inferno theme is? Those chords, the bass, the melody... sheer brilliance.
  15. Coaster

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Grand National is fine, the heavier trains are the issue - a shame it doesn't still run the old ones (which were same as Dipper's with one less row per carriage).