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  1. Fear Island was very good (aside from Millennium being down) on the Friday just gone. Would highly recommend!
  2. I thought Tomb Blaster was meant to have had a refurb?! I rode it on Sunday and... - Axe alley was just pitch black, couldn't see anything - Boulder totally broken and not even spinning - Half the scenes just pitch dark - Voiced audio was overdone and inaudible for the most part The only improvement was uplighting in the very first scene and decent new lighting on the mummy scare at the end. Everything else just felt broken and disjointed.
  3. I guess it is similar to indoor queue lines, but many of those are unavoidable in getting to the ride and most have more space than that tunnel, which is very narrow. Also ironic is the fact that (to my knowledge) Walking Dead: The Ride is closed this year because of the indoor queue-line and exit not being deemed safe for COVID? In which case, how is this different? It seems strange that a scare attraction which has been redesigned supposedly with COVID safety in mind is using a very narrow tunnel for guests to queue in. I mean, surely that's more unsafe than using the tunnel i
  4. I find it unbelievable that an event which didn't run indoor mazes due to COVID safety, lets a lot of people pack into a small claustrophobic tunnel to queue?
  5. I can't remember all of mine, but here's a few; Ghost Trains - At a very young age, I broke down on the Ghost Train at Folly Farm (back in the days when it was pretty scary) next to a skeleton, we were sat there for ages before they put the lights on and came and pushed us out. I was terrified! - Terror Castle at Brean - breakdown and evacuation, enjoyed it! Valhalla - Breakdown before lift 1 and evacuation - Boat failed to engage lift 1, staff pushed it and continued ride as normal - Block breakdown in waterfall room before turntable, blocks h
  6. Plenty of attractions of different types operate free (admission included) timed ticket slots on a first-come-first-served basis, so let's not pretend that charging £10 per maze was Thorpe's only option here. I understand that the parks have suffered a lot financially this year, but nevertheless I don't think it's right that Thorpe have introduced such a hefty fee for these mazes when they are essentially one that has been around for years and Blair Witch without the IP. Ultimately I do not believe it represents good value for money and it feels as though Thorpe are exploiting the
  7. So we've got Icon's track, Big One's trains and Colossus's layout? Flamingo Land are king of original ideas here!
  8. Thorpe introduced security measures a few years back so clearly there is a need for them and they realise that; initially it was set up mid-way through a season (I think?) hence the temporary setup, however it's strange that they didn't redesign the entrance with a more permanent solution over the following closed season. The park handles thousands of guests daily, they can't expect two search huts to cater for that many people. Having a queue that size to get into the park is ridiculous and this has been an issue for a few years now, it also means that the thoroughness of the che
  9. The lack of facilities is exactly my point - Thorpe should have a facility similar to Pleasure Beach where everyone gets searched IMO. In relation to antisocial behaviour, it occurred at Pleasure Beach back when it was free entry however since introducing the security measures it's a very rare occurrence in my experience. Thorpe Park on the other hand has a lot of antisocial behaviour, more than I've ever seen in Pleasure Beach, and yet their security measures are nowhere near up to the same level. You mentioned about PB upping security due to antisocial behaviour, yes
  10. I think that given that Thorpe has a lot of security incidents and seems to have a higher number of poor guest behaviour than other UK parks, it should have higher security levels. BPB for example have scanners which all guests must walk through. I don't feel that they do though, because they don't have the capacity to search every guest thoroughly enough to make it safe. They either have to not search all guests completely or cause 2 hour queues; this has been an issue for years and they have had plenty of closed seasons to address the issue with a new entrance but it hasn't
  11. Would anyone be able to remind me how to change my signature? I can't seem to find the option anywhere.
  12. I was very saddened to hear about the incident yesterday. Truly a horrible event for the victim, staff, and guests. This shouldn’t happen anywhere; let alone a theme park and I hope that everyone is safe and that the victim recovers. Sadly, I feel that this emphasises the absolute failure Thorpe Park have made in terms of security. For years, the park has needed a purpose-built entrance with a much higher number of security scanners and more thorough checks. Even after the tightened security measures introduced around the UK a few years back, they are still relying on waving pe
  13. It looks like some dodgy back alleyway not a theme park!
  14. The rides are always heaving though? Particularly in the evenings.
  15. In fairness though, Joris has a much better queueline which showcases the ride well, and also goes across a lake, it's much more interesting and I don't remember it having much (if any) cattlepen? There's also the dragon, albeit broken now.
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