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  1. Park Music

    The audio upgrades around the park are great, but if something "works" and is popular, it's best left as it is. Colossus's theme was one of these examples IMO. As nice as some of the new audio is (love the island theme!), a theme park has to have different areas of contrast rather than the same or similar audio throughout IMO - something Thorpe used to do very well. If they ruin Inferno's soundtrack I'll be gutted
  2. Park Operations

    Go on Speed at Oakwood during an After Dark to see what one car Saw would be like Rumba's closure is a budget cut regardless of how the park try to dress it up IMO, it makes for a very bland park when rides that aren't seen as the "stand-out" ones are just not bothered with.
  3. SW8

    Random thought, but is anyone else confused by the seemingly unbanked corner part-way around the layout? It can be seen in construction updates and seems to be located here on the layout plan;
  4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Amanda Thompson (MD of Blackpool Pleasure Beach) will chair IAAPA in 2020; http://www.leisureopportunities.co.uk/news/latest-news/334500
  5. Fright Nights 2017

    What a ridiculous post.
  6. SW8

    Fair enough, I think it's great when parks sell parts/wood that has actually been used on the ride(s), but I guess it's a good marketing tool for SW8 if people are willing to pay £25! BPB sell wood from their wooden coasters for £5
  7. SW8

    Seems a bit strange to be selling parts of a wooden coaster that haven't actually been on the wooden coaster, but maybe that's just me.
  8. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    Visited Tulleys yesterday for the second ever time, definitely the UK's best Halloween event IMO, the overall atmosphere of the "scare-park" is fantastic with the live bands and a huge number of roaming actors. Maze reviews below (in the order we did them in); Creepy Cottage I'm a huge fan of classic old-school ghost trains, so Creepy Cottage appeals to me with the use of props and some simple animated scenes as well as a few actors along the way. Theming was really good, the maze lasts for a good amount of time - just a shame the coffin effect wasn't working. 6/10 VIXI Unpopular opinion, but I really enjoyed this! The walk was disorientating with sight removed, and there were a number of effects which added to the experience. I really liked the ending with the barrels, however thought the fire effect was executed much better last year. 6/10 Coven of 13 Great contrast within the maze, the first half with the lasers is fantastic and so cleverly done, the outside sections are effective as is the "haunted house" section. I did miss the falling chair effect from last year within the laser section, however that's a minor niggle considering the rest of the maze was very creative and enjoyable. 6/10 Twisted Clowns 3D Fun maze, and I quite like the 3D element even though trying to keep the cardboard glasses on is a nuisance! Actors made good use of the props to startle us, and the use of humour is present throughout. 6/10 The Colony WOW! I was absolutely blown away by this, I remember enjoying it last year but the scares were on another level yesterday! The maze lasts for around 15 minutes, during which there is a stark contrast between quiet, dark sections and full on jump-scares. Theming is fantastic and the actors were going all-out. 9/10 The Cellar What happened? Last year this was my favourite maze but it was in poor form on my run-through yesterday with a lack of actors, a number of sections where nothing happened and some effects failing to work. Also, the ending of last year was gone and instead we just walked out with no actors anywhere to be seen. On a more positive note, theming was really good throughout the maze and there were a number of obstacles to navigate through, adding a level of interactivity. 5/10 Horrorwood Haunted Hayride Such a fun attraction and my definite highlight of the evening, so much creativity has gone into this and it's just general hilarity from start to finish. Some of the effects used are very impressive, as are the jump scares and the swing scene is terrifying! 9/10 Chop Shop A maze of two halves, from the scenic detail in the first half to the utter chaos in the second. I really enjoy this maze however feel the use of so many chainsaws does somewhat lessen the fear factor, as instead of running away from it you're forced to carry on walking at a calm pace and therefore get used to them. With that said, it's still an impressive feat for a horror maze and overall we really enjoyed it! 7/10 Finally, the new 3D Cinema is worth a mention, it's included in an X-Scream ticket well worth doing in my opinion.
  9. Park Music

    The fact they're encouraging (paid) queue jumping?
  10. Merlin Entertainments

    Why buy another park when the ones they already own are in a state of neglect and decline?
  11. SW8

    The more I see of it, the more convinced I am that SW8 is actually going to be a really decent coaster. Some of the low-to-ground turns look fantastic, as well as the moments of potential-airtime dotted throughout the layout, it might not be the biggest coaster ever but it appears to be a gimmick-free, fun layout - and as the first brand-new woodie in the UK for years, that's very important and surely a step forward in terms of recent UK investments? In addition, the landscaping looks really nice with the rockwork around the station, the station itself looks neat and I can see the overall ride area looking fantastic once it's finished. Whilst I'm not one to judge a ride before it's finished, it already looks set to be a huge improvement from the concrete mess of The Smiler! I think it's unfortunate that the development has suffered from a lack of any proper marketing, with the park instead choosing to post YouTube videos in a desperate attempt to stay "current" with as many 'not-quite-world-first' taglines as they can - and I'd put the lack of enthusiasm partly down to this. I wish they'd just advertise the fact that they are building a (seemingly) decent coaster.
  12. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    Yeah, I mean the focus is on getting the IP's and as such the quality of the mazes isn't as good - which surely correlates with my favourite mazes being the original concept ones? (Not that it's a bias - I just happened to feel that they were the strongest mazes this weekend).
  13. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    A few more thoughts from yesterday. The Big Top and Platform (!) are the strongest mazes this year IMO, actors seemed much better across all mazes than on Saturday and Platform is definitely the most improved maze. Walking Dead Living Nightmare just doesn't have the effect it should IMO, and having two attractions with the same theme gives the whole event a very "same-y" feel. Parkwide audio is really poor this year, which is odd when it's something the park have focused on this year elsewhere - it seems to be just a mishmash of old FN themes and the director from 2013 despite the character having no relevance to this year's event. In addition the maze queues don't have any audio (apart from Saw Alive), where has that fab music from outside The Big Top gone? Fright Nights just isn't the same event anymore IMO, it seems the focus is put on obtaining the IPs rather than putting the quality into the mazes and parkwide. Can we go back in time to 2011?
  14. Fright Nights 2017 - Spoilers!

    Living Nightmare and Sanctum both lacked a proper ending, personally speaking I think the chainsaw finale would suit Living Nightmare more than The Big Top, however a new effective ending would need to be introduced for TBT.
  15. SAW: Alive

    It needs scene upgrades in my opinion, as the maze has been exactly the same since it opened and has gotten stale. In addition the lighting in the carosuel trap room could be a bit brighter, as it's impossible to see the trap at present.