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  1. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Flying Fish is a kiddie coaster rather than a "for all the family" coaster. But regardless of who the park is targeting, X just isn't a thrill coaster. It's a family coaster and marketing it as anything more will only lead to disappointment from thrill seekers expecting a thrill ride, and families who cannot ride a coaster designed for them in mind. It's madness really considering the trains were redesigned just a few years ago to make the ride accessible to a wider range of people. If Thorpe are aiming to be the "thrill park" then why did they install Angry Birds Land, I'm a Celebrity, the tacky flats near Loggers etc... They literally have no sense of long-term investments and seem to decide everything on a whim whilst completely neglecting customer experience. In addition, thrilling does not mean that everything has to be a dark, drab grey theme. There are plenty of thrill rides with much nicer and more creative themes than just giving everything the same old boring "scariest ride ever" tosh. Thorpe is such a depressing place these days with Saw, Derren Brown, Swarm and now this all with horror themes. They market themselves as "the island like no other" but it looks like a derelict wasteland. 100% agree. There are so many better things Thorpe could invest in which would benefit the park in the long run, and would have been far more beneficial than throwing money at flash-in-the-pan stuff like this.
  2. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Stupid decision to make the only family friendly coaster inaccessible to families. Seriously, what on earth were they drinking when they thought of this?! Thorpe Park is in such a mess, it seems that nobody has any sense of direction for the park and the short term decisions like this show that all too well.
  3. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    I actually really like the aesthetic of Wicker Man going by those photos, fits in with the nature of the coaster perfectly and looks well finished.
  4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    The other rides at BPB are Grade 2 listed, but if they want to remove them they'll most likely be able to find a way around it.
  5. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I don't think they care really, their statement said as much - whilst Icon is a promising sign of things to come, I do think it's a shame that the park is losing its most unique asset - the heritage rides.
  6. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    That is true, but I would suggest that Wild Mouse took up a tiny amount of space for how thrilling it was, and BPB would be very hard pressed to fit a suitable replacement into such a small area.
  7. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It really sucks that Wild Mouse went. BPB would have had an incredible coaster lineup to claim this year if Mouse was still there, with the five wooden coasters and six steel. It does feel like there's something missing from the park even with Icon looking so fantastic. Icon is a huge step forward for the UK industry but in terms of BPB, I don't really see the "one in, one out" ideal as progress, especially considering they had in excess of 12 coasters back in the 90's.
  8. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    The claim "first wooden coaster built in the UK for 21 years" isn't even that true, seeing as the Scenic Railway at Dreamland was re-built a couple of years ago. The Wicker Man structure looks good in those photos but as people have mentioned, it's probably only for the photo shoot - much like how the interior of Derren Brown's Ghost Train looks with the fog in promo pictures despite the fact it has never had that when operating to guests.
  9. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It certainly won't be heavily themed, particuarly the first half as it wouldn't really work given it passes over rides, pathways etc - but I'm hopeful it'll be styled well to match the Japanese branding - Amanda hinted at a garden a while ago so maybe they'll do something along these lines?
  10. Next Roller Coaster

    The last thing Thorpe needs is another horror or dull/drab theme.
  11. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    An interesting interview posted by Pleasure Beach Experience. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with certain points raised in the interview (seemingly disregarding the "old rides"), it's fantastic to see such genuine passion and enthusiasm for a new coaster from the park owners. It's interesting that Amanda mentions theming, if the concept art is anything to go by I'm hopeful we might see something special; If you're visiting BPB over the next few weekends I'd recommend picking up a park map, this poster is on the back but is limited edition!
  12. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    A cold weekend in February means only one thing, opening weekend at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the first chance to see Icon in person (and cry about Wild Mouse of course)! The day started with a perimeter walk around the park in the rain; A very sad sight for any Pleasure Beach fan; The weather was quite nice on Sunday morning; River Caves still looks as mouldy as ever, most of the dark rides felt very neglected this weekend; The space formerly occupied by Trauma Towers; Icon is something else. Seeing it in person, it looks absolutely incredible and it's surreal standing underneath it. Crazy! The park was running fairly well for February, reliability was decent overall with only a few rides down all weekend (Flying Machines, PBE and Grand Prix) and a few breakdowns. The Big One didn't move at all due to wind on Sunday but was open on Saturday, Infusion late opening on Sunday and Avalanche had a breakdown later on in the day. Dark rides were atrocious, nothing working in Ghost Train and theming ripped out, Valhalla worse than ever (disco lights on the first lifthill?!) and the less said about River Caves the better. It's clear the park has no care for maintaining the themed experience their dark rides should offer, a shame. Grand National was running really well for early season, as were Dipper and Streak. Amazing to get back on and was hilarious riding Dipper and Streak in the snow/hail! Coasters is being redone with a balcony overlooking Icon, will be great once it's done. I have very mixed thoughts regarding BPB this year but one thing is for certain... Icon looks outstanding.
  13. Duel!

    I hope they don't ruin it, like warehouse blaster.
  14. Liseberg

    Called it! Incidentally I'm hoping to visit Liseberg this year, does anyone know if the park operates a staggered opening policy on the rides?