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EC The Ride!!!

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Europa Park Trip Part 1



Hi guys so I said I would start this eventually and now I am !! Yes! Finally I am doing this. I have to say before I start I did not go on Eurosat (it had an 80 minute queue most of the day, don't ask me why I have no clue, maybe it broke??) Pegasus (looked ok but wasnt prepared to wait 30 minutes) and Alpen express (was closed all day) for the reasons I have specified haha!

Right lets start!


Entered the park to a nice greeting by Silver Star!


I was then kindly greeted by that mouse mascot thing, by this point I couldn't see because the sun got Florida strong and I'm not kidding!!


My good ol' I don't want to be in this photo pose :P Plus the sun started to burn at this point! :blink:

555576_501146306641065_1461899061_n.jpgFrom this point I could see why people preferred it to Thorpe,its so clean and pretty :wub:


The Jazz Band unfortunately weren't playing when I walked past :(


This is about as close as I got to this Ball of fun, STUPID QUEUES :angry2:


First Coaster!


This was a great little ride to start with and I loved the slow but odd lift thing, the ride its self was good and I loved the drop but then I have never been the biggest fan of wild mouses although this is the best of bunch I have been on. EC! Rating: 6/10


I'm so goos with the high speed shots... NOT :P


Next Up

SCHWEIZER BOBBAHN (I think thats it!)

This I really enjoyed I thought it looked a bit slow and boring from the videos on the Youtube but I enjoyed my self very much and was very twisty which is a bonus, the only drawback was how much it vibrated... It was like sitting on a washing machine on full pelt haha but apart from that it was great EC! RATING: 7/10


Look at my happy face :P


My gramps enjoyed it alot too :P

This is where I will leave you lot for now ! Part 2 will be tomorrow! Some of the images won't be mine because I whored Wodan a bit too much to realise I only took 2 photos of poseidon :blink: Oh well till tomorrow toodle pip ! :P


Recommended Comments

Shame.. you shouldn't have bothered with Matterhorn Blitz and ridden Eurosat instead. Out of the two, Eurosat is a far superior ride. Hey de ho.

Ahhh I know but its hard to wait 80 minutes for that ride when most other rides had 50-60 minute queues. I will make it number 1 priority next time I go. I will have to go with some of you lot next time as most of the school mates haven't heard of the place haha.

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