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  1. EC!


    It's still on the mobile website as of now so I wouldn't be too hasty in saying this has definitely gone yet although if it is the case that it had been taken down then I don't know oakwood are gunna survive the next five years when their ride line up is already so incredibly sparse, the park can be done in an hour or two on a quiet day which really isn't good...
  2. Don't get me wrong I liked it and I thought it was good and I do agree there is a lot of blah thrown towards it but, for me it was good and thats it, although I did prefer it to Dragon Khan only cos it was a lot smoother in my opinion, plus the sea serpent is really good on it And yeah the park has a strict limit, not sure why must be residential and it means literally nothing can gow over like 150ft which that did and people complained hence the change but yeah it had been broken all year it finally opened in july I got told and then was broke from around the friday we were in
  3. So after a really nice calm 40 minute drive from the airport we finally made it to a place to be fair I thought I'd never ever visit in my life! Six Flags Discovery kingdom is a surprisingly small and compact park like it is definitely the same size if not slightly smaller then Thorpe park so, finding everything wasn't too much of a hassle. Medusa is the first thing you see when entering the park with a car park that is just burdenously far away but we arrived and we were really excited to try everything the park had to offer! The rides opened at 10:30pm which was quite late whe
  4. EC!

    San Francisco 2016

    Well its only taken me about 4 months but I have finally decided to write this as I literally have nothing else to do this Christmas holiday So It was a very early morning and we set off to Heathrow, mid way through the journey from Cardiff we picked up Dean Cox from a lay by just off the M4. After a miserably dull journey, we parked the car and got the shuttle to the airport!! It finally started dawning on me that I was going to California, a place I have wanted to visit for SO long!! With theme parks I have wanted to go to since I became a big ol' goon for rides and stuff,
  5. Id love it to be an RMC woodie, although I feel like it would be more likely that it would be the topper track 75/25 woodie track rather then the Full steel IBOX track that they do. Only because literally the IBOX has only ever been used in refurbs in rides whereas the topper track has only ever been used in unique creations, doesn't mean they cant use the IBOX but I think if it were to be one or the other it would be the topper track. Although I kind of feel that knowing of Merlin's past of buying in bulk (like with the wing and dive coasters) , that the chance is quite high that Thorpe will
  6. I'm sure that won't be an issue though hopefully in terms of smoothness as Mack have done it with Pulsar which a large portion of the main track is a part of a turntable transfer track so I'm sure that Mack have sorted out the comfort issue with detachable/transfer track
  7. Nemesis Inferno (7) Tidal Wave (3) Inferno + tidal -
  8. Nemesis Inferno (11) The Swarm (1) Tidal Wave (3) Inferno +1 The Swarm -1
  9. I think it will be £12 personally but I'd like to be surprised! Also if that wasn't enough of a giveaway here is this... https://mobile.twitter.com/HjalmarSinke/status/794563201342050310
  10. 1. Stealth 2. Nemesis Inferno 3. Saw 4. Colossus 5. The Swarm 6. X 7. Flying Fish I don't think this list has changed or ever will until a new coaster comes along... Hopefully a good one...
  11. Another?! There are only 4 others in Europe. Inverts are more common in comparison. And anyway this thing is obviously meant to be more of a filler seeming that I don't think they'd want it to overshadow Helix anyway. But I'm excited, these things are big crowd pleaser and big crowd pullers, plus its the first of its kind in Scandinavia so, I think its a wise move.
  12. So... They are supposedly getting a Giant discovery called "Loke" and a B&M Dive Coaster called "Valkyria" for 2017/18 according to parkerlebnis.de Supposedly these are the pics leaked.
  13. I have decided I'm coming to this ( I know very last minute) but it will nice to see you guys plus I havent been to thorpe since the 1st august so I'm kinda desperate to get on stealth again!! Woop woop!
  14. EC!

    Top 10's

    Might as well Update my own! Top 15 cos I wanna mention a lot of things haha 1. Shambhala 2. The Joker 3. Twisted Colossus 4. Wodan Timbur Coaster 5. Nemesis 6. Blue Fire 7. Megafobia 8. Xcelerator 9. Stealth 10. Superman Escape from Krypton 11. Tatsu 12. Ghostrider (I only got on it 1 time but it was fab I thought!) 13. Manta (Seaworld San Diego) 14. The Smiler 15. Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK)
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