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  1. Legendary composer Alan Menken donated 100 dollars to this according to the comments. I want this to be true. I think its a great thing to bring people together for a charity too help others. The pandemic has been hard on all of us, the effects of this may be seen for years and anything people can do to bring joy should be applauded, not derided.
  2. Can't wait to go through passport control and get my Belgium stamp to ride this.
  3. MaP owners are hilarious. They seem to think loyalty is owning an annual pass. The reality is the 'sell em cheap, pack em in;' worked pre covid but with this year, that philosophy backfired.
  4. Can't we all pretend for a little bit longer that Forbidden Tomb is coming back. it's such a wildly crazy lie, but at least its given people something to talk about in the doldrums of closed season.
  5. Merlins strength with rides is always imagery. I suppose it goes hand in hand with USP and what not. But I like it a lot. Going to look great in promo.
  6. Still 9 rows but the ends look slightly smaller. I imagine a maximum of three at the ends, four in the middle rows.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me if the price increase was to put people off buying one. It's likely capacity reductions will still be in place in 2021 and the annual pass complaints this year were farcical (if highly amusing). I'd side with caution on the loyalty thing, annual pass holders are pretty entitled and seem to think the park owes them a favour.
  8. I've been in this game for a long time. I know how this all works.
  9. They'll hate the refurbishment anyway. Thats how enthusiast circles work anyway, decry something for becoming run down, get their hopes up when it closes to be redone then hate the new version. It's Enthusiast 101.
  10. Yeah just to clarify, I imagine Thorpes target audience of up for it families will be the last to really be vaccinated (thats if the vaccine pasts its test). So that won't have anything to do with it. I also don't think a negative test result will be enough as the NHS still recommends that you only get a test if you are showing any symptoms. The system as Josh says isn't robust enough. I can see Thorpe opening in March however with similar conditions to this years season.
  11. Which is really interesting because Epcot was never designed to be a traditional theme park, more about the relationship between humanity and the world, technology etc. It's been throwing away its identity for over a decade now.
  12. I literally hate everything about this ride, this logo, everything. Why can't they build things that cater solely around me and what I like.
  13. All mine post-lockdown Alton Towers - 4 days Europa Park - 3 days Chessington - 1 day Disneyland Paris - 3 days This year, was supposed to feature Disneyland California, Californias Great America and the Florida Disney parks. It's also the first time since 2000 that I haven't been to Thorpe Park.
  14. Following the 28,000 job cuts across US Disney resorts, yesterday large amount of entertainment cast members have now been let go from Disney World. Just to name a few this includes Festival of fantasy Parade, the castle show, Hoop de doo revue, majority of the entertainment around EPCOT, Indianna Jones Stunt show, any main street entertainers, Beauty and the Beat stage Show, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom. Of course there's far more under the radar entertainment cut across the resorts such as the Grand Floridian band.
  15. As they don't even bother to check if you're pre-booked to visit, do we know if they are even bothering to cap the numbers. They say they are but they also say you need to pre-book to visit.
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