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  1. Mark9

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    When did going to Blackpool for February half term and getting smashed in Wetherspoons become a thing? Has that just completely passed me by and I'm only becoming aware of it because of Icon..
  2. Mark9

    Top 5 Coaster Manufacturers

    5. GCI. I think they're a great company, although a little one-note. Wodan is the best example of their rides IMO. 4. Vekoma. Yeah, Yeah. But, these guys really are your go to for a lot of parks for being able to add affordable rides for parks getting off the ground or are able to innovate to meet whatever the customer needs. I personally really like some of their loopers despite their reputation and some of their Disney work is out of this world. 3. Gerstlauer. Weird one this. I have a real soft spot for them because of The Smiler, Karnen and their bobsleds. They push the boundaries in ways that I really like. 2. Mack. Blue Fire, Helix, Icon, Alpina Blitz. Not to mention when I worked at Chessington it was Runaway Train and Safari Skyway that were my favourites to work on. The ride industry would be a sorry place without these passionate and dedicated ride manufacturers. 1. B&M. Majority of my favourite rides are from these guys. Smooth, efficient, reliable rides that are massive crowd pleasers and when I was a young lad, their track was my favourite look. I haven't ridden enough RMC's to really rate them fairly and I think Intamin hide behind their bigger hits as they have some absolute duds which are some of the worst things I have ever ridden.
  3. Mark9

    Your OWN favourite park pictures!

    Frontierland at DLP in the fog.
  4. Mark9

    Paultons Park

    I mean, its already the best park in the country. If this was a Mack, that would really be a statement of intent.
  5. Mark9

    General Discussion

    I mean, I'm sold. Rodeo being Chessingtons must under rated ride and Skyway was one of my personal favourites to work on 😍
  6. Mark9

    The Small Parks Thread

    Its curtains for Volcano: The Blast coaster as it is being removed from Kings Dominion. http://coasterforce.com/volcano-kings-dominion-removed/?fbclid=IwAR39aineHWp7cR7T3FrKIWjCjLDdgfihPfcasSwaRDpdxLkp9jl_vdpuLIU
  7. Mark9

    2019 Season

    Are you saying we should leave because we don't just praise everything Thorpe does? I literally called Quantum a god tier ride the other day. What more do you want from me?
  8. Mark9

    2019 Season

    I don't think broken, worn out rides is a good selling point for a brand though.
  9. Mark9

    Complaints, complaints and complaints.

    Positive Two decent B&M's. Amity Cove (or at least the pre 2005 version) Detonator being the best drop tower out there. I like the view when walking out of the dome God tier ride Quantum. Negative The place is soulless and lacks in any pleasant atmosphere. No mix of family with thrill. Just relentless thrill rides with only Flying Fish proving a distraction. The place thinks and sells itself as a world class resort. It's not. It's an above average regional theme park with ideas above its station. The sooner it realises this the better. I despise what they've done to Formerly named Canada Creek. It used to be an area to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park and ride a pretty good log flume. It's now just a dump for old kids rides and completely derelict.
  10. Mark9

    Next Roller Coaster

    The humour never ends at Thorpe Park HQ does it.
  11. People who call Nemesis Inferno, Nemesis. IF YOU'RE GOING TO USE ONE WORD, CALL IT INFERNO.
  12. Mark9

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    I feel like I can reply to this now (because I'm going to talk about the much loved Disney brand here as it seems oddly relevant). The reason I am okay with IP's is because in general, Merlin don't actually do a bad job with this. Gruffalo, Peppa Pig World at Garda and Heide, Cbeebies land, How to train your dragon to name but a few are high quality rides/areas and IMO are good*. I'm going to couple that with the fact that Merlin are still very much about originality. Look at The Wicker Man or The Swarm and I'll thrown in the recent refurbishments of Runaway Train into Scorpion Express and Dragon Falls into Tiger Rock as examples of where Merlin actually on the whole get things pretty right when it comes to rides and attractions. *Thorpe is the exception, here is an example of absolute disaster but then the original attractions like Derren Brown also get this disastrously wrong. Now the reason I bring up Disney is because the CEO recently came in for a bit of stick for a certain quote. Now Disney fans got themselves into a right rut about the apparent Expedition Everest put down implied here for Bob Iger and I got a bit annoyed too. The idea that Toy Story Land or Frozen Ever After has the same integrity, narrative strength and artistry as a ride as thought out and cared for as Everest is almost insulting. But here's the thing, I understand the perspective. What I dislike about modern Disney is that the days of Phantom Manor or Mystic Manor seem to be over. IP's are all we get. So far, Merlin aren't doing this and seem to be adding IP's where its relevant or where an improvement can be seen. TLDR, IP's shouldn't be feared or seen as death of originality in theme parks.
  13. Mark9

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Impressive that a ride not at Thorpe Park won the Thorpe Park ride game. (I'll be a retiring pensioner and I will still point out when people say Nemesis instead of Nemesis Inferno)
  14. Mark9

    Thorpe Park Rides & Attractions Game 2018

    Because you're the minority and the majority enjoy Inferno more than the others.
  15. Mark9

    Tokyo Disneysea

    I mean, its literally the most pointless comparison to make.