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    Cloud Cuckoo Land. Which just shows how impactful that area was.
  2. I remember when Chessington had one of the best dark rides in Europe then they decided they didn't want to anymore and completely wrecked it. Good times.
  3. I thought we were going to get Epcots cancelled Mary Poppins expansion based on that 'clue'. I'm going for RMC in 2023. I've got nothing to lose by saying this.
  4. I've been to too many parks with hyper and giga coasters to know that this isn't an issue.
  5. Welcome to the forum Matt. I'm loving your discussion points at the moment, thank you for teaching this old man something. I had no idea a B&M hyper was once considered where The Swarm is. And I've been on Thorpe Park forums for nigh on 18 years.
  6. I don't think it will be a family rollercoaster either. Even though that would be a very logical choice based on Flying Fish being the only entry level ride there, Thorpe won't be able to market family like they could an RMC or a B&M hyper. To be honest though, as much as I think a B&M hyper would be the right choice for Thorpe (the only park that can realistically do height, the only ride really that could have the capacity and reliability Thorpe needs), I think they would go the RMC route, simply for the selling point. Which IMO is a shame, as we have seen Inferno and The Swarm becoming more and more popular at Thorpe over the last few seasons whilst the Intamins have fallen slightly from favour (IMO )
  7. Had a great time at Efteling this past week. It's funny reading the Max and Moritz conversation, 18 months on as I liked the ride. The green was definitely the better side but to be honest, with zero queues and multiple re-rides, it ticks the correct boxes that Bob never could. Lets face it, beyond history, Bob was a tired old ride with a terrible throughput and could not shift the numbers that a park like Efteling needs. Max and Moritz go way beyond that, introducing an entry level coaster that can get through close to 2000 people an hour. It's not perfect, but it does a lot right. On another note, even with the pre-show not working properly, Baron 1898 has jumped into my top five. Whilst on a ride level, its as near basic as they come, but there's just something about it that brings me untold levels of joy. It has drama, and attention to detail and so much that I personally appreciate about theme parks.
  8. Didn't you make this post in the last closed season? Anyway, excellent trolling sir.
  9. Not enough of you have been to Port Aventura.
  10. You're in luck, we're getting the worlds first Transformers themed top-scan waltzer.
  11. Mark9


    After 6127 posts on Thorpe Park Mania, I have finally made it to rookie rank. I'd like to thank my coaster hating parents who always believed in me.
  12. So what you are saying is Thorpe needs some work.
  13. I envy you. I did Towers three times this year and it got worse and worse on each subsequent visit. There's only so many excuses you can give to a theme park having loads of rides closed but its one thing when in the pouring rain, none of your indoor rides are open, neither are over half the main rollercoaster line up. Merlin have had a shocking year frankly.
  14. Not my fault if the people you talk to are talking rubbish 😉
  15. See, this is why people should never post the things they've heard from managers or friends from the park. The 'rumour' is bang on though. Why we have to be secretive about a rocking tug, a frog hopper and a way past it Mack carousel I don't know.
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