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  1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    This is a comment we need to retire. Clever investments are made all over the theme park industry and the thought that only Universal and Disney can maintain a ride like Valhalla is silly. The fact remains that Valhalla was an ambitious project for a park like the Pleasure Beach and that level of commitment was never going to be maintained. Blackpool, at its very heart is an amusement park with lots of rides dashed all over the place. Those pictures that Coaster posted really demonstrate that Valhalla was probably a wrong fit IMO.
  2. General Park Music

    Best Rock 'N' Tug music ever.
  3. Park Count - 2017

    Agreed, Helix is far more about the aggressive air time then any kind of intensity. I'm hoping Icon can join the Helix/Taron debate next year ie secretly hoping we can have a ride like Taron or Helix in the UK would make me beyond happy.
  4. Merlin Entertainments

    Here's the thing. People will moan, complain, get angry. But they'll still buy the pass. They should stick to their guns and just not renew when that time comes around if they truly believe Merlin are as evil as they say they are.
  5. Merlin Entertainments

    I see the outrage has already begun.
  6. The Small Parks Thread

    I don't think its a shame at all. As many people as possible should have the opportunity to get on these rides, cloned or not. It's being painted as being very easy to just hop on planes and go everywhere but that isn't the reality. I shall never ride the Dubai, China or Russian blue fire clones because of cultural and law issues (and moral but thats a discussion for a different topic) for example. If Europa Parks version hadn't opened first, I'd miss out on a fantastic ride because of it. That isn't a situation unique to just me. In conclusion, cloned rides give more people the opportunity to ride a product. If Nemesis was cloned in China, that doesn't take anything whatsoever away from the original.
  7. The Small Parks Thread

    Could have been a good discussion to be honest. Nobody here seems particularly angry or emotional about your first post, they are just debating the points you made.
  8. The Small Parks Thread

    Coming from an enthusiast. The vast majority of the public will never have even heard of the original let alone go and ride it. The snobbery around cloned rides also bothers me, if a ride is good why shouldn't the manufacturer reap the rewards by cloning it if a park wants it.
  9. The Small Parks Thread

    I'd agree if it was another park in Japan getting a Takabisha clone after all what would be the point. But a park in New Jersey? Gives more people the opportunity to ride that particular layout surely..
  10. Europa Park

    This is how you say goodbye to one of your longest serving and much loved rides.
  11. Phantasialand

    I'm not queuing that long for it no matter how good it might be.
  12. Video Games.

    I'm playing through Super Mario Odyssey at the moment and it's taken me a while but I really do believe it's one of the best games of all time. Nintendo have created a game that is so special and exciting and fully deserves all the praise its got. It's this generations Super Mario 64.
  13. SW8

    Should have gone for the 'we've built a rollercoaster that we hope you'll enjoy' instead of pretending its something more. Ah well.
  14. Europa Park

    Today is the last day of the original EuroSat. No tears. The first rollercoaster to depart Europa Park.
  15. Extra Costs To Passholders

    2003 is nearly 15 years ago now, thats the last time the annual pass was a proper annual pass without tiers or visit limits.