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  1. Following the 28,000 job cuts across US Disney resorts, yesterday large amount of entertainment cast members have now been let go from Disney World. Just to name a few this includes Festival of fantasy Parade, the castle show, Hoop de doo revue, majority of the entertainment around EPCOT, Indianna Jones Stunt show, any main street entertainers, Beauty and the Beat stage Show, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo at Animal Kingdom. Of course there's far more under the radar entertainment cut across the resorts such as the Grand Floridian band.
  2. As they don't even bother to check if you're pre-booked to visit, do we know if they are even bothering to cap the numbers. They say they are but they also say you need to pre-book to visit.
  3. Furius baco screams 2020 to me. Nice monkey, lots of alcohol. Then an absolute car crash and the only redeeming feature being a wine shop at the exit.
  4. I know its not because Tiger Rock and Wild Asia are ride reliability, I know exactly that its cost cutting, because I used to work there. The problem is, when I went, it wasn't a quiet day. And they knew this because they have direct access to gate figures through having to pre-book.. These cost cutting days are nothing new at all. They've been pulling this nonsense since way back when. Is a 60 minute queue for Dragons Fury considered short in the days of covid? When you say these areas don't have many rides, Wild Asia has the most rides of any area in the park and Tiger Rock is th
  5. Went two days ago, vastly different trip to other parks I've been to this year. I'll start with the negatives. - Park reliability. Deary me. Closed all day were Scorpion Express, Seastorm and Jungle Rangers (what was Toadies). Add in that Dragons Fury opened at 12. - Couple that last point with the fact that Wild Asia and Tiger Rock opened at 1pm. Not even 12pm but 1pm. Tiger Rock didn't open at that time either. I'm not that plugged into the matrix anymore so I didn't know that a quarter of the park doesn't open till further into the day. There was no signage to indicate that
  6. Taken me a week to process my thoughts on my trip. As it was supposed to be my honey moon, we decided to make money no object and just kind of went for it. - Virtual queuing. I guess they must have changed it as both virtual queuing and stand by queues were in use. I can see this being a precursor to some kind of fastrack system becoming permanent as that is essentially what we used it for. The numbers using the system were incredibly low though, the only ride it went quickly for is Wodan. Wodan in particular was the busiest ride on park everyday with 40 minute queues a regular fe
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54350423 All the while, the top managers at Disney returned to full salary a month ago. A lot of long term workers getting the boot. Several entertainers across the Disney World resorts have been made redundant such as the Grand Floridian band who have performed at the hotel for 32 years. The heart of Disney, the people, being thrown to the bin.
  8. I'm already drooling with anticipation over the facebook complaints.
  9. Agreed on most of your review. Phantasialand has moments of class mixed with areas of complete rubbish. For every Taron there's three rides begging to be destroyed. I can't say the same for Europa Park where every ride has a purpose and is looked after to the highest degree. Yes even snow bench the ride. I value capacity highly and I could rip my hair out waiting for either of the Winja brothers.
  10. How do you alleviate that problem exactly? We don't live in a normal circumstances world right now.
  11. Very interesting insight into your wants and needs here gents.
  12. And it was unprofitable.
  13. I'd say its the only one where the park is large enough and the rides have high enough capacity to deal with the covid measures. Chessington getting mullered right now.
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