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  1. I quite liked 2001, the park felt full of energy, at the start of its development cycle. Such an exciting time to visit.
  2. I think I made a logo like that for my A level graphic design project in 2008.
  3. I don't think anyone on this forum cares to be honest.
  4. I'd say reporting posts you don't like should see a result such as that members spam but...
  5. I blame Taron for all this anti trim behaviour.
  6. The Smiler air time hills hate you right now.
  7. Mark9


    They'll call it Nemesis Inferno Reborn Vengeance just to really screw with us.
  8. Mark9


    I'll be calling it Reborn just like how I call Nemesis Inferno, Inferno.
  9. I'd rather it opened later in the season and not rushed for opening day.
  10. Ooh that's good, it's been a major bug bear of mine for years.
  11. Hyperias will be more a sea of vloggers and people talking about lateral G's and whip.
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