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  1. Man, if 'typical average theme park' had things like Everest, Galaxys Edge and Pandora, how awesome would theme park enthusiasts truly have it!
  2. Technically no. Because that's a Chinese themed area... But yes, a lot of European parks go all in on theming and immersion. Phantasialand is one of the best.
  3. The Capybara understandably, hates all the children judging by that image.
  4. Disneyland Paris for Pride Disneyland California and Californias Great America for Honeymoon. I'll end up at Paultons at some point. I should go to Alton Towers and Thorpe Park because I need to remember how low the bar does go.
  5. Haha, long awaited. They'll be announcing their next giant rollercoaster before this one even gets finished.
  6. I'm assuming Anderson are throwing enough money at Merlin to make this worthwhile. The ride is moving anyway, may as well make a bit of money out of it.
  7. He does now. I also appreciate the last post before Josh C was 10 and a half years ago.
  8. I remember a time when they didn't do the seat belts up on empty seats. I don't remember them doing seat belts up on empty seats on Inferno back in October or come to think of it, Nemesis or Oblivion when I last went to Towers..
  9. I adore the 2010's. The theme park industry went away from the horrible height/speed records and started focusing on experiences. From Taron to Helix, Alpina Blitz to Wodan, Pandora & Galaxy's Edge, Untamed and Steel Vengeance. I love them all. Yeah the UK kind of crashed hard but even then we got The Smiler, Icon, Wicker Man, Thirteen and The Swarm. I like these rides.
  10. Joint first in the Quality Posts award, That actually means a lot. 😀
  11. Mark9


    I mean, Stealth was out-dated even when it first opened. There was already longer, higher, faster, ones with more inversions & ones with more air time. The park icon. The only reason we in the UK were kind to it was because very few rides like it could open on these shores. A fact still true today. Ironically, the rides loved by the GP and enthusiasts today are the smaller, intricate rides like Taron, Taiga & Helix. Right up my alley.
  12. Mark9


    No I didn't contradict myself. You said they wonder why they aren't on the international stage, it's not the case as they think they are on the international stage.
  13. Mark9


    The park doesn't wonder that. They think they are on the international stage when in actual fact they are a local regional theme park. And that's pretty irrelevant to the rules they choose to enforce.
  14. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I was obviously joking.
  15. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Mate, I need to know what plane you're catching to do that.
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