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  1. As we know, this park has had a massive amount of EU investment over the past five years and that development plan looks to not be slowing down. Or is it? Over the last two years Poland has become increasingly homophobic and bigoted with several regions in the country declaring themselves as LGBT free. The EU commission has threatened to cut off investment in the country as Polands increasing rhetoric towards the minority is in breech of Article 2 of the treaty of the European Union. Now, Poland has been diverting funds towards anti LGBT and human rights rhetoric so its unclear whether infrastructure investments such as Energylandia would be effected.
  2. 🧐 Forums like this would not exist if the only reason we post was for important people to see. I actually find the defending of his actions fascinating as a lot of the things stated is that any parent would have done the same. But the point really is that a lot of parents didn't. They stayed put, fighting their own instincts, emotions, judgement because the government advice was to stay at home. Frankly, he isn't supposed to be a public figure. He isn't supposed to be the story, the person holding press conferences in the cherry Garden at number 10. But he is. He's put himself out there. I don't like that people are hounding him in the streets or his family and realistically if he'd just apologised and taken responsibility, this would have all blown over already.
  3. Walt Disney World intend to open Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on July 11th and Epcot - Hollywood Studios on July 15th. They've announced today that fastpass+ and dining reservations will not be in operation as well. So for the first time in over twenty years the Florida resort will be free for all. People who hate to plan things will have a grand old time.
  4. Alright, so I am kind of angry. Back when this pandemic was flaring up we were all instructed to stay at home. The NHS must be protected. We can save lives. The vast majority of us did this, arguably too late to save thousands of lives but we did it. I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't live alone, I'm an essential worker so I've still been going to work and serving to help the country. I'm definitely in a fortunate position. Outside of that, I haven't seen any friends, family, have not socialised, have shopped alone to ensure I follow all guidelines. My friends have done the same. My mum and dad who are both high risk have not had human contact with the exception of my brother for two months. It absolute galls me what this unelected advisor has done and the hoops jumped through to protect him. It actually sickens me that we left the EU because of apparent unelected officials and yet this person gets away with this. We didn't vote for him, we can't get rid of him, he just exists. How many extra deaths have occurred because of his negligence? How many people will now die because members of this population will say 'well he can do it, why can't I?' Earlier, Pluk said it's just easy to blame the Tories for everything. This isn't a left or right issue. This is about honesty, decency and integrity. How can we trust this government when they declare its legal to drive 30 miles if you're worried about your eye-sight, that their initial instructions were advisory and open to interpretation and that ministers are falling over themselves to protect someone who is completely undermining their own health messaging. How can we trust this government when they call Durham police liars or completely dismiss concerns from the church? At some point this country needs to find its moral centre because it's heading into this dangerous area where the people who are supposed to look after us do not care and the ones that I find myself siding with now are Piers Morgan and the bloody Daily Mail. It's ridiculous.
  5. You just don't love your family enough to break lockdown, that's all Benin.
  6. I have massive respect for his honesty here. Theme parks are to escape reality but as all those pictures show, everything around you just reminds you of what is happening.
  7. I'm no good at 2D Marios (he lacks the weight that I love in the Donkey Kong Country series) so I'll just say I pretty much agree with your 3D listing. My problem with Super Mario Odyssey is similar to yours. I love the story in the game and love the missions through each world. But then it descends to the same challenges in every world and lacks that edge. Getting all those pointless moons from Toadette also really knocks the game for me. The Galaxy games though, I mean they are amazing. Perfect mission structure and each star feels like a challenge and focused. Super Mario 64 really is a game of its time. In my youth I was more a Playstation boy so missed the N64 wave. When I did get SM64 in 2001, I enjoyed the game but missed what made it special. It was only replaying in 2015 that I realised what people saw in it. Some of it is nostalgia, but some of it is the enjoyment of 360 controls and being able to go where ever you wanted. The Galaxy games lack that but in some ways, I prefer the linear approach. What did Super Mario Sunshine do to you btw. I admit its controls are stupidly slides and Mario's momentum is all over the place but its still great.
  8. In a country that uses logic and understanding, yes. In this country, no.
  9. We could have been Japan. We're less densly populated than them and a separate Island(s). We could have been Germany one of the highest populated countries in Europe and one of the richest. We could have been South Korea who clamped down quickly and managed to contain two outbreaks and are working hard to contain a third. But we aren't. This is why we need the average person to understand what is being asked of them. If there has to be an 8 tweet answer to the new guidance, when the initial message of 'stay home, save lives, protect the NHS' was perfect then yes we do need more clarity from them. Nothing to do with evil tories (although they are pretty evil, anyone seen what Liz Truss is up to these days..)
  10. I hope the people who voted in this conservative government based on getting Brexit done are enjoying the absolute mess and lack of clarity.
  11. Europa Park reopening on the 29th May. Heide Park remains unsure although they've posted a date on when they would be allowed to reopen as the 25th.
  12. The American enthusiast phrase book is, 'it's hauling ass, those turns are insane, let's hope it can be RMCed in a few years'
  13. Mark9

    Logger's Leap

    You mean fricking Ripsaw and Rameses Revenge got one but the once tallest log flume doesn't even get a passing comment. What kind of Thorpe Park forum is this anyway.
  14. Mark9

    Logger's Leap

    Please god no. It would be two days long. Just get the Expedition guy to do it.
  15. Will be the more public friendly alternative to Skyrush. I personally find it interesting that whilst Intamin mega/hypers are far better received by coaster fans, the sales have pretty much stopped whereas twenty years later, the B&M equivalent continues to sell so well.
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