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  1. Mark9


    Could depend on when you rode. I seem to remember that you get far longer rides in the morning as the ride hasn't 'warmed' up yet. Of course that could be a decade old information as I haven't had a morning ride on Vortex since 2005 😂
  2. Mark9


    FURY. Also, new ride breaks down creating obligatory anger headline.
  3. Because accommodation makes more money than a theme park ride does. Not only because they can charge £200 a night somehow, but the guests end up spending more on food & drink. I'm still amused by the comments on these things though. I'd aim my.. feedback at Splash Landing hotel still being closed which is just crazy to me.
  4. Nobody is too important to take a little bit of commentary.
  5. Yeah, I remember everybody slagging off the Wicker Man before that opened to.
  6. From what I've heard, Buccaneer could be at the end of its life and may not come back at all. We don't have to make little digs at Merlin at every opportunity, sometimes we can just resist that urge, that feeling that we must criticise something, especially in the *checks notes* Adventure Island thread.
  7. Mark9

    2019 Season

    Spoilers. 2020 won't have a big investment.
  8. Mark9

    2019 Season

    It sounds like INFERNO has not really had any cleaning attention this year as you're not the first person who has spoken about all the chewing gum.
  9. Pirates in Batavia due to reopen next year. I just...
  10. It's not even a theme park fatigue. You've just grown out of theme parks. Thats the rose tinted glasses. Back when Dragons Fury opened, the period between 2005-2009 was its darkest days. The only new addition being Peeking Heights but we had Bubbleworks trashed, theming ripped off Dragon Falls and minimal investment across the Zoo. Whilst you say a handful of re-themes, we've seen refurbishments of Flying Jumbos and the Berry Bouncers, Runaway Train into Scorpion, Bubbleworks into the vastly superior Gruffalo, Buccaneer refurbished, Dragon Falls refurbished, re-themed and new systems in place this year, Room on the Broom and the Zoo area significantly expanded and improved. Wanyama Village is one of my Chessington guilty pleasures. And finally, I didn't realise this that Chessington has the longest season openings of them all with Winter offerings (Xmas 2018 had Vampire, Seastorm, Gruffalo and Buccaneer available).
  11. Copperhead Strike looks excellent. When Mack get their pacing right, they are unstoppable.
  12. Mark9


    Happy 25th to the UK's most well loved and admired rollercoaster. To think on this day in 1994 a coaster that would come to define a generation of fans was opening for the first time. And in all this time, for me at least, nothing built since can match this iconic ride.
  13. Mark9


    When you say try do you actually mean 'hides show building completely'?
  14. Air's theme was non existent so I mean we've gained a bit of theming. I think this is great news personally, I'd always liked Air but the VR really stopped me riding as the queue was just way too damn long. Welcome back great operations and shorter queue times.
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