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  1. I'd rather the deconstruction was happening on that ride to be honest.
  2. I mean it could be better than Phantom Manor but basing it on marketing alone is a bit odd. We know what Phantom is about, we've had four years since it reopened. We don't actually know anything concrete about the new attraction.
  3. So where are you going this year. The world is essentially back to normal (lets avoid talking China) so rollercoaster season is back on the menu boys/girls/everything in-between. For me May - Poland for Energylandia and the other one with Lech coaster June - East coast trip for Kings Dominion, Busch Williamsburg, SF America, Hershey, Dorney, SF Great Adventure & the big Mall place in new Jersey. I've tried pushing for SF New England but I don't think I'm going to win my corner as it takes us way past New York and the Hubby is resisting my need for Batman. August - Back to Florida to get on Tron, Guardians, Pipeline, Ice Breaker, Tigris and Iron Gwazi Somewhere in-between, money dependant, I'd like to out to Parc Asterix for Toutatis, Madrid for Batman, Finland for Taiga, Germany for Mythica Coaster & Norway for Speed Monster and the new Gerstlauer. And naturally my sights are fully on Mandrill Mayhem at Chessington. I wont be going to Towers, without Nemesis it's almost completely pointless and Thorpe I'll go because I might finally get a second ride on whatever becomes of the Ghost Train. So how about y'all?
  4. How will I found Sj95's instagram now?
  5. Alton Towers and Thorpe in competition to make the most misersable theme parks in Europe. Looks intriguing. Let's see if it retains the reridability of its previous incarnation. Duel famously would be walk on when the rest of the park was rammed soo.....
  6. It will be horror themed, people love doing horror film rides over and over and over and over and over and over again.
  7. I can't believe that most parks are making really amazingly paced rides with interesting layouts and Thorpe were like 'lets go really high' 😅😉
  8. Mark9

    Rocky Express

    My favourite memory of Rocky Express is a South Park meet in I think 2005 where 38 adults attempted to get on the ride. Good times. Surprised the thing moved.
  9. Along with the Loggers Leap destruction, Nemesis track being scrapped and now this, it's been a really eventful closed season. I can't help feeling a little sad. And old. But mostly sad.
  10. What flat rides should Thorpe bring to the table? I'd argue Thorpe's flat ride collection is only second to Canadas Wonderland so I'd be interested in what the hole in Thorpe's line up is (breakdance). Dark rides yes. It's silly that there's one dark ride that isn't really to me a proper dark ride.
  11. I'm very excited for this ride despite all the obvious problems it's going to have with capacity and (probably) reliability this year. It just feels like Chessington is making a statement with first this and then the water park expansion.
  12. 'Here we have this huge warehouse space, right in the centre of the park. Prime real estate. Let's only utilise it for 20 days in the year'
  13. I love all of it. There's only the backwards spike left to build (and hasn't been because it's in the way of the access road) so my hype is pretty high right now. Thanks to Chessington Buzz. This is going to ride so weirdly and dare I say it, uncomfortably?
  14. Mark9


    Thats actually a fantastic name for a kiddy ride in Forbidden Valley. Snowy and Emily built Mandrill mayhem as they loved going to the Zoo and seeing the Mandrills.
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