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  1. If you like rollercoasters Cedar Point. If you like everything else Europa Park. I chose Europa but will happily say both are fantastic places to visit. I just value immersion to loads of rollercoasters.
  2. 1. Loggers Leap 51 times. Sure this could be cheating as we were doing it for charity and didn't have to get off the ride but I think it still counts. 2. Nemesis Inferno 48 times. Back when Single rider was a thing and you could notch up loads of goes back to back in the first couple of hours. 3. Rameses Revenge 15 times. But I think this was back when you automatically got a second ride after the first and it didn't require a minimum amount of riders. This was all back when I was a youth though, There's very few rides that I could be bothered to ride more than a handful of times. Driwvelwind & Velocicoaster for example. Everything else is a one and move on.
  3. I went on Tuesday and had a fantastic day. I'm so biased towards Chessington though. I completely wear the rose tinted glasses. There's clearly issues across the park but sometimes, just sitting back and enjoying the day means more. + Four laps on Scorpion. Why did I love it so much?! I have no idea + Mexicana looks great with all the new little props in the area + I love Grufflalo so much. It stands tall with Wallace and Gromit and Hex as one of the best dark rides in the country + Dragons Fury now sits in the under-rated category. What a fantastic rollercoaster + Great to see the investment in the park. New rides, more announcements on rides, new music. + Croc Drop is fine but doesn't spin anymore. + Bought loads of merchandise because it was the original 1987 logo. Shameless + Free food for the Lorikeets now. - Blue Barnacle was almost as good Black Buccaneer. Surprised how high it went actually. - Very few boats on Tiger Rock. Park needs to invest in new boats now, it's going to be awful in Summer - Tomb Blaster was rough. I don't like the new story or the guns it uses. - Queue boards inaccuracy. Said 40 for Fury, was on the stairs, Said 40 at Vampire, was 5 minutes. - Lots of the Zoo area closed for refurbishment. Pirates Cove was very loud from construction. - Maybe its my Disney exposure, but how thin are the queues. Vampire can only be walked single file for examples. it's so tiny!
  4. I'd have preferred a B&M hyper too. Frankly, whatever park they get added to, they are an incredible crowd pleaser and would have really hit a market not really catered for at Thorpe or indeed the UK. As marketable as Exodus will be, I personally think it's a shame that something a little more 'safe' wasn't chosen.
  5. Who has time to stop and watch the people dancing on these stages? When you lose an hour to the Smiler or the Wicker Man, you aren't left with long to get on everything especially with the size of the place. There's not enough filler to spread people around. I felt the same as Madi Gras last year. There's just not enough hours open in the day to spend watching the stage. I just do not understand why the golf or the water park have the same opening times as the theme park. They've done that for years and its stupid. As I said in my trip report, there's no point visiting in 2023 with Nemesis closed. The park is just thread bare in attractions at the moment.
  6. Sure we love rides but lets face it, the music is the best part of the theme park experience. Rides make up ten or so minutes of the day, music is all round you, encompassing you, selling you the experience. No one has been in that Baron 1898 queue and not hummed along to the tune.
  7. The Extra special, lock down rollercoaster, pandemic 2020 - February 2022 top rollercoaster list that I forgot to do last year because there was barely anything new ridden. 1. Velocicoaster - I'm shameless. This is the stand out rollercoaster from the past two years of coaster desert. If you like your Taron's but you also like your Helix then this is the perfect in between. 2. F.L.Y. - I think the biggest part that makes this a stand out ride is how it weaves between Rookburgh. This is a ride that I would point to if I was to explain why European parks are miles better then American ones. From its 10/10 soundtrack to its extra special details all across the area, the beautiful surroundings and surrounding hotel make this an absolute must do. 3. Hagrids Motorbike ride thing. - I didn't think this was a stand out ride really but in the middle of a coaster drought, things like this will rate highly. I remain amazed that it works at all. 4. Storm Chaser - Whilst I don't think is an outstanding ride per se, I think its testament to Paultons that its theming and integrity are what holds this up as one of the better rides in the UK. I hope this ride pushes the success that this park fully deserves as its rides like this and Cyclonator that younger people will ride and begin to love rides, the same way that vampire and rattlesnake were important to me. 5. Gringotts Coaster - This is a rollercoaster in the loosest sense of the word. If you like effects happening around and endless screens then boy have I the ride for you. Special mention to the Hulk, which whilst isn't an entirely new rollercoaster, was riding much better then its older version.
  8. Sounds like you had another great day. Silver Star is an interesting one and I can see why it would be a number one as its just so 'nice' to ride. Everyone can enjoy Silver Star despite its intimidating look because its a lot of fun. I feel like you've missed a few attractions across your visit, easily done as there's just so much there. Will you be visiting again in the future?
  9. You're staying in the best hotel, have a great time. Looking forward to part two.
  10. Thorpe is a four hour park.
  11. Back when I operated Runaway Train at Chessington I used to have a regular recurring dream that I was operating and couldn't get the train to park in the correct part of the station to open the restraints. So the train just went round and round relentlessly for hours. Even to this day, I have this dream once or twice a month. A pretty good dream I had once was that Southends Adventure Island got a B&M Floorless but it fell apart and into the sea. Most of my dreams these days tend to revolve around getting on Disney Cruise ships.
  12. It's odd to think how many colours are out there and yet every UK coaster has to be grey, white or black. Thank the lord for Paultons Park.
  13. Flug must be the most marmite wing-rider in Europe. I personally loved it and really liked the different order of the elements and how it uses the hill around it to gain momentum and create a different kind of pacing. Krake is okay, bit bare bones but its success clearly prompted the dive machine rise in popularity with its smaller trains and snappier inversion style. I generally had positive feelings on Heide. it's a good day out if not outstanding.
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