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  1. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    That's all that matters if we're brutally honest.
  2. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Thorpe Park's problems aren't the rides that are already there. If you have Thorpes satisfaction scores, that would be an interesting thing to look at. 😁
  3. The thing with being the best is that there can only be one. And the thing with Inferno is the more unique features such as the pre-lift tunnel, the smoke effects and the actually pretty decent theming make it stand out now to me more then other. At this point I've done quite a few inverters (humble brag) and Inferno always has something about it that makes me happy. Whether it's because it was my first B&M or because it has a certain magic I don't know. I still maintain it should have just been called Inferno, because it just gets endlessly compared to its older sister. IMO it is one of the UK's finest rides and a night ride one of the best experiences.
  4. Just ask her how many deaths have happened at Alton Towers and how many have happened in Walt Disney World alone.
  5. I'm as cynical as the next guy so therefore I think your post is a bit much. New ride breaks down, not to be unexpected, worlds best description given by a lot of people who have ridden but are likely to be swayed by 'exclusivity' and 'the hype train' and frankly, its Disney World around the holiday season. Flight of Passage was sporting a four hour queue last week. None of this is any surprise.
  6. So they aren't repainting it then?
  7. The forum filter should put £'s, $'s or euro signs in every theme parks name. I'm off to £ft£ling.
  8. Perspective though, The Southern parks have better transport links to London (ie 8 million potential customers from Central alone), they are also cheaper to run being smaller and require less staffing budget and therefore are able to budget 5pm closes. Towers has never had that kind of flex, in all my time visiting theme parks, Towers has always had these restricted visiting hours. The Smiler incident only really highlighted how much more restricted they can go. That isn't reality though. Even on 5pm closes, a lot of people have already left and the park is dead, people wishing to avoid the rush hour traffi, the only exception is when its very hot. That's when the park should stay open later. In an ideal world, yeah the park would be fully staffed and all rides open, full availability, 6pm closures. But we don't live in that world.
  9. Chessington X1 Alton Towers X2 Thorpe Park X1 Efteling X2 Walibi Holland X1 Toverland X1 Europa Park X3 Disneyland Paris X6 visits (probably 21 days in Disneyland Park and four in Studio Parc) Magic Kingdom X3 Epcot X1 Hollywood Studios X2 Animal Kingdom X3 Lazy year.
  10. Mark9


    I'm into a lot of different types of communities. I love Star Wars, I love Pokemon, I love Disney & I love Doctor Who. All of these communities love ripping apart each other and the products of their respective fandom. People hating on Episode 8 or the Doctor now being a woman. But the coaster community for me is barely like that. Everyone has the odd bit of rage but on the whole, we stay far more passionate about rollercoasters and theme parks then become 'haters'. It's pretty refreshing.
  11. That meme has been completely destroyed. It was a sleeper hit for months and then boom, now its even a Loggers Leap meme.
  12. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Roll on the waveswinger and breakdance
  13. Bye Rameses. In your time you were truly one of the greats. I've some amazing memories of this ride whether it was the snakes on the sides of the supports and those red restraints or its retheme and my first ride in 2000 to that time when I rode you over and over again for an hour. Even working on this ride as an attendant was a special memory. Only nostalgia will really play its part as I don't think I'd ridden it for at least a decade.
  14. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Breakdance it is then. No one ever says what flat ride Thorpe needs so to hell with it, a little breakdance where slammer is will do.
  15. Mark9

    Thorpe Park 2020

    ^ Had to make sure I hadn't posted that in my sleep.
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