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  1. I'm sure the park are too.
  2. Re-opened yesterday according to the app.
  3. Two trains of thought here. Hyperia is the best UK rollercoaster if you think purely from the rollercoaster itself. Could it be better, yes, but actually it offers something completely unique to anything else the UK currently offers. Nemesis: Reborn remains my favourite UK rollercoaster because it offers an overall better experience from a theme and layout perspective. You could build Hyperia anywhere, but Nemesis Reborn, is truly unique.
  4. Had another day at Thorpe for my birthday on Friday and a few more thoughts about operations. I'm kind of blown away by Thorpe's operations at the moment, I hope that somehow they are getting the feedback that the hard work the staff are putting in is having a positive effect. For example, I've been pretty complimentary about Inferno and Stealth so far this season and that remains the same. What iIwasn't expecting was Colossus and Samurai to be operating so well. I don't normally bother with those two (because people I'm with never want to ride them) but I was keen. Colossus was exemplary, especially as a ride that always struggles to operate well with its bulky restraints. We joined the end of the queue just under the first corkscrew and the operator announced it was a 45 minute wait. Back in the day that may have been true, but on Friday it ended up being 10 minutes from that point to on the ride. The ride wasn't stacking for ages like it used to, the staff were just on it. Samurai, bless the poor platformer. By themselves, completing all tasks and yet was efficient and speedy. Mightily impressed. The Swarm seems to be less consistent so far, it happened to be good on Friday but I've seen it have bad stacking on other trips.
  5. No one remembers Inferno spending most of July stuck at top of the lift hill in 2003 or when Saw had its 'I don't care about block breaks moment' on its open day in 2009. No one will remember Hyperia's issues in a couple of years time. These are annoying opening issues and whilst it's frustrating, people have to grow up a bit (on twitter at least) and show a bit of maturity. I've seen conversations about it needing more testing time. No amount of testing time would have bought about a lot of the issues the ride seems to be having at the moment.
  6. Your experiences on Inferno and Stealth kinda reflect the years they are having so far. The operations on both have been stellar so far so it feels like something has changed in management for them both to be nearly flawless. Inferno is probably at the peak of its thrill levels now, it is running beautifully at the moment and is feeling very intense.
  7. Their post from the 28th said 'we will do everything in our power to open the ride earlier and will ensure 'all the latest updates are provided by our socials and website' They have done that by providing an update on the 6th. Their initial post said 'We are unable to commit to re-opening Hyperia before Saturday 8th June, never once suggesting Hyperia would be open on the 8th. People have jumped to their own conclusions which Thorpe acknowledge in their post. Thorpe are handling this annoying situation probably in the best way that they can.
  8. I mean it was a really good day but it does feel like they are rubbing everyone else's noses in it.
  9. I noticed on both of my trips that Stealth and Inferno are running close to flawlessly at the moment. It's really great to see
  10. Top tip. If you aren't in that queue for Hyperia super early, just go do everything else. We managed Stealth twice, Inferno, Rumba, Swarm, Flying fish (on a 5 lap special) and Quantum in an hour because the rest of the park is beyond dead. It helps that the rides were run to perfection. They were running Inferno and Stealth like there was a 90 minute queue out there. Hyperia. I don't think there's really any doubt that it is one of the best rides in Europe. I can't help wishing that it was just a little bit longer because the ending feels so abrupt and I personally wanted more of what Hyperia was giving. I also couldn't help wonder what its hourly capacity is and now much RAP was creating the queues today. We ended up waiting four hours but I know people waited over six hours for it. A few thoughts:- - This felt like one of the most intense Mack rides built. That first drop and the pull out.. I don't grey out very often on rides so this came as surprise. It's far more intense then I thought it was going to be - I'm very happy that we have a fully air time focused ride. There's four major ejector air time moments and all four deliver. The outer-bank turn was delicious and so unique. - Love the campy show. The picture online of the show going on whilst they evacuate Saw in the background - perfection. - Shame that the viewing area got cut. This ride demands to be looked at but there's not many areas to actually view the elements. There's pretty much the ride exit and some of the ride queue. The splashdown is purely for the audience that doesn't exist as they can't see it. - Ride team were doing well with a brand new ride. Regularly sending trains just as the other one hit the break run. This will need to continue unabated because the demand for Hyperia is going to continue to be huge. - Not sure why they routed the queue line to go around the lift hill motor as its pretty loud and unpleasant. - Relatively reliable. It had three breakdowns whilst we waited in our four queue; but so did Colossus and that has no excuse at this point. - Park was very well organised with the queue. Fair play to them, it was well structured and messaging was very clear. Of the three Merlin parks in 2024, Thorpe has had the biggest improvements with excellent operations across the board, fantastic refurbishments and upgrades (Samurai, Detonator, Stealth) and I think the rebrand has been a success to be honest. There's a consistency that had been missing and I think Hyperia is the perfect ride for this Thorpe Park. Looking forward to getting back in three weeks for a more normal trip. I hope everyone visiting over the next few weeks enjoys their ride on Hyperia as the future of rollercoasters really has properly arrived in the UK. It took long enough. (Thoughts and prayers for Icon)
  11. I heard there might also be some kind of restraint. 🫣
  12. B&M inverter confirmed.
  13. Mark9

    what next?

    Make the whole park a permanent fright nights preparation zone.
  14. Colossus is standing right there. No story, no thing. Still sells lots of merchandise. Come on now.
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