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  1. Mark9

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Should have put it on one train or closed the park earlier.
  2. Mark9

    Drayton Manor

    Love the Drayton Manor website, easy to navigate and clear. 😍
  3. Mark9

    The Small Parks Thread

    I love Mack rides.
  4. Mark9

    Tidal Wave

    It's a shame the amount of stuff dumped around Tidal Wave these days. Stupid little stalls in what used to be a really nice area to sit in the sun and watch the boats come down.
  5. Mark9

    Merlin Entertainments

    Thing is, lets take Derren Brown, its not the companies behind the implementation of that ride that will get the complaints and a reputation for poor reliability, its Merlin. They can blame the manufacturers all they want, but when it comes to it, Merlin knows the risks and pursues it anyway.
  6. Mark9

    Zombie Hunt

    'Remember that ride that used to be here before we ripped it out and replaced it with another seasonal horror attraction'
  7. Mark9

    Best Food Outlets 2018

    I only ever seem to eat at Finns as its far enough away from the screaming teenagers and has nice views of Vortex, Quantum, Rush and Zodiac. I do not like how you can't get red coke though. By all means encourage healthy drinks but don't take away the option completely.
  8. Mark9

    Project Zero

  9. Mark9

    2018 General Discussion

    Yeah I mean, when a company that is normally very stingy with opening hours gives out an extra four hours, I'd make allowances for certain things to close early or for rides to have some downtime.
  10. Mark9

    YouTube Channels

  11. Mark9

    First visit to Blackpool review

    Agreed with Wallace and Gromit. That ride was such a pleasant surprise and has so much charm and simple but effective things going on that I couldn't help loving it. Icon is excellent.
  12. Mark9

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I'm with Coaster Jamie here. It would be better if they had a minimum close of 5 and extend when necessary but advertising a 7pm close and closing 2 hours early is really not the way to do it.
  13. Mark9

    General Discussion

    Is that like where people leave their rubbish on tables and say 'well it's their job to clean up after me' as if thats an excuse to be an unreasonable, ignorant idiot.
  14. Mark9

    General Discussion

    Water pressure problem at Chessington today so park expects late opening around 11am although waiting for further updates from Thames Water. People are angry. They show a lot of understanding when something is out of a companies control.
  15. Mark9

    Power issues

    I've been stock piling my 50p's for 30th March 2019.