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  1. 100% agreed. Can't believe that Thorpe is pretty much at its lowest ebb right now and yet Inferno looked and rode fantastic last night. It really comes alive in the dark.😍
  2. Which ridiculous health and safety measure are you most angry at?
  3. Mark9

    Top 10's

    Looking pretty likely that there will be no more new rollercoasters this year so, here by-in lies the top ten new rollercoasters I have ridden in 2019. 1. Untamed - Seems pretty inevitable this. Easily one of the finest rollercoasters in Europe. It currently sits a number 4 of my top list and it really is stunning. Breath-taking air time and relentless pacing, this ride is well up my alley. 2. Fenix - A really good B&M Wing-rider. The shorter the trains are, the far better the ride experience. This is a very paced, fast ride and despite its unfinished look in places, has an incredibly scenic setting over the lake. 3. Troy - This is surprising for me because so few actually really talk about it. Fast paced, aggressive air time throughout and a nice long ride. I feel a bit.. underwhelmed that Wicker Man wasn't more akin to Troy in hindsight. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed Troy. 4. Dwivelwind - Oh man. This was like ride crack. We couldn't get enough of this small but perfect Mack spinning ride. We rode ten times and was always left wanting more. 5. Lost Gravity - I'm not too sure why I wasn't more blown away by this as its clearly an excellent ride and pretty terrifying. I found the outer seat on the back row slightly shaken so it wasn't the normal Mack level I was expecting. 6. Goliath - An Intamin mega I actually like?! Yeah this was good, nice pacing, good air time, good little layout and that turn around was one of the best. 7. Slinky Dog Dash - I'm a little unsure how a family friendly Mack launch feels more intense then Icon but nonetheless this ride is pretty good actually. It's like an unthemed big Thunder Mountain with nice pops of air time throughout. 8. Speed of Sound - A boomerang with a relatively okay theme and soundtrack? What is this madness? I had a soft spot for this ride despite its longer then I'd like to wait queue. 9. Booster Bike - Yeah this was okay if nothing outstanding. Not much more to say. 10. Water side of Joris en de Draak - Frankly, I don't like racing rollercoasters and I didn't find this particularly exciting to be honest. It was either this or Condor.. Walah, very Holland heavy this year.
  4. Mark9

    2019 Season

    Thorpe probably needs less closed SBNO flat rides to be honest.
  5. Mark9

    Your Thorpe Park

    Any particular kind of flat ride?
  6. Mark9

    Your Thorpe Park

    What new flat rides?
  7. Please keep it red Flamingoland, I tire of these boring coloured rollercoasters.
  8. Mark9

    The Blade

    Exactly, Buccaneer only just gone SBNO and Toadstool is next to a scaryish attraction. It makes sense.
  9. Mark9

    The Blade

    It will become a scare maze?
  10. I hadn't even noticed that Thorpe were calling it the most intense maze ever until Coaster pointed it out. And now that's all I'm thinking about.
  11. So here's my question. We know parks use hyperbole to talk about their attractions so why do you believe/accept/go along with it?
  12. The lack of excitement for an Xtreme Mack spinner here. Seriously, I'm really hyped for it. Belgium and Netherlands are nailing it right now with the investments.
  13. Mark9

    Paultons Park

    I'd personally like to thank Paultons for discovering rollercoaster colours that aren't black, white or grey.
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