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A Bat-like Empire

Celia Mae


Well I guess you could say my winning streak continued at the Chessington meet this weekend :D

Oh and I had my first go on Vampire ever. Yay another credit!

So first, Empires. A brilliant game IMO :) Pick a ride (any ride as long as it's operational) and people try to guess it, while you're trying to guess theirs. Anyone you guess takes on your ride name and becomes a part of your empire, until someone guesses the name of your empire and it all becomes theirs.

Well, IF someone guesses yours... Lets just say, two meets, two victories ;) The TPM flag looks really nice on my wall, Steeplechase has served me well (still haven't ever been on it) ;)

Few tense moments though, especially when hearing other people ask someone nearby "Are you Steeplechase?" Yeah lets just quietly walk away...

Vampire was really good though. We got our tickets for 1pm and from what I'd seen I wasn't expecting much. It looked a bit lame and from what I've heard is quite like Air at Towers in that it was a new technology and they didn't quite know what it was capable of and didn't want to push it too far.

I was wrong, it was great :D The swinging mechanism doesn't look much but it feels a lot more intense than it seems. Especially in a few of the corners you can't see from the park.

And just a message to all at the meet, watching you all get soaked on Rameses was hilarious ;)

I also discovered a new site most of you will know of called Ridecount. Obviously I couldn't put in every time I've been on every side ever, but I could at least add all the rides so I can have an accurate unique ride count. I did especially enjoy tracking down the parks I'd been to years ago in Italy and remembering the rides there... Going back would be brilliant :)

Meh, maybe one day 'XD


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