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  1. Five, names can be found in the updated attending lists in the first post of this thread
  2. Thorpe have said now because of the small numbers we will be able to pay on the day, so at some point before the experience we will just have to drop into a fast track booth to pay. I guess the final thing for me to say to you all is our meeting place and time for the meet, we'll meet at 9:30-10 by the annual pass entrance!
  3. Hey guys, So as so far I've only had five people come up and say they can go straight out, I'm going to assume we won't hit the 30 people number and therefore this meet will cost anyone doing the BTS the full £50. I have taken a note of the original interested list and aim to message everyone personally to get an answer, but ideally I'd like to know definite final numbers by Thursday. As for paying for it, payment is needed in advance of the day, so if you intend to do the extras of this meet you will need to ring up and book it yourself by the latest on Saturday. Please wait until after Thursday to do this though just in case we do manage to get some kind of discount!
  4. Hello everyone, an update on this meet. Unfortunately when going on to Dreamland's website to look at tickets for Saturday, the park has decided that it's closed for a private function that day, which wasn't on there when I originally looked at the dates for this meet. Due to this, we will have to cancel this meet for now, I hope to reschedule it for some point next year!
  5. This is still happening, I am just waiting for people to let me know if they can make it or not, as very few have done so so far and as you can tell, numbers are quite an important thing for me to know for this event. As for paying for it, I have sent an email asking about how we will be expected to pay for it and am waiting for a reply
  6. Yeah it did. I think the idea was get one more train as quickly as possible in case they need to run it in busy season, and maybe order another one after when budget allows? Also I dont get this whole thing about Galactica's throughput being so destroyed, whenever I've been (like three times since its opened and I've ridden it multiple times each visit) there's been barely any stacking on three trains (if any at all) and a lot of the time they're actually getting it out faster than needed and its had to slow on the lift hill.
  7. Does seem odd, especially when they're so hot on cleaning Galactica's goggles every cycle and you wear them for a considerably shorter period of time
  8. Alton Towers do have four Smiler trains that they can run now though, so maybe they didn't think demand was enough... that or one of them was being worked on
  9. If Stealth remains closed I will speak to the VIP team, we should be able to reschedule until next season if people are still interested in the BST Also @Mer, I've seen photos from lots of BSTs online these days, but they may still be funny around the Stealth launch room and technical elements so we'll have to ask on the day
  10. Celia Mae


    Okay, I haven't been to Towers since June so I don't know. They were posted on TowersStreet's Facebook an hour before I put them here
  11. One of my issues with this ride is that you can see the metal pole with the lights quite clearly sometimes even when the smoke is working, and most of the time can make it out especially once you know it's there
  12. It has been there not just on press night. I wasn't even there press night and have seen it, but it isn't the clearest effect in the world
  13. Celia Mae


    10th March: "We'll have vines growing over the top in a few weeks!" 30th July: I present to you... vines. Photos courtesy of TowersStreet
  14. I did read the comments on one of Thorpe's Facebook posts about the Ghost Train, and there were two types of comments. A majority of posts were people who hadn't enjoyed the ride at all and thought it was a waste of time, the rest were people who hadn't yet ridden who were looking forward to it due to the marketing hype
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