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Nerding + Work + Life = Fail

Celia Mae


I'm gonna say this straight out, I love my job. I'm so happy to finally have one, it's a massive weight off my chest :)

But I am way too used to having so much freedom to organise what I do.

For everyone that doesn't know, my air cadet squadron is my life. Completely. Almost everything I do within my cadets capacity isn't for myself, it's for them. I run my squadron's marching band which I have actually built myself from nothing, I have to organise most events, and I help the staff run the squadron on a regular basis. But if they will have a habit of organising events that clash, and they only let us know about a week or two before... Well when I have to book my rota for work like a month in advance it is never going to work. There is no way I can fit in everything I want to do, and planning now for June is the first time I've really noticed that :( Plus for the first time I went and booked myself onto this drum major course, something that I really want to do for me, but it means I have to miss quite a big marching band performance and I feel awful for it.

When it comes to nerding here with you lot, I have the opposite problem :D Things here are sometimes organised so far in advance I find myself hesitating in case something else comes up or I get called into work or something goes wrong. I need to be more confident in saying "Right this is what I want to do this day, this is my priority"

Work is brilliant so far. I've been there for a few weeks now and I love it :) I work for a charity called Challengers, who run play schemes and respite care for disabled children and young adults. I work with the youth group, 12-18 year olds and they're all fantastic.

The thing is, they're horrendously sort staffed. I ended up properly working on what was supposed to be my induction day (I was only meant to be there for an hour or two), and I was asked to book into extra shifts before I'd even had my proper first day. Still, I know it's just because they're desperate and there isn't any real pressure so it isn't a problem, it's just another really important thing vying for my time.

The final thing that isn't brilliant right now is I have absolutely no idea where I'm going to be next year. University if all goes right but I really don't know what to expect and so what I'll be able to do and how much I'll be able to come back. Still, that hurdle will be there when I get to it :D

To end on a positive note, I love living so near to Thorpe. It was great to turn to SCB one day when we finished college early and say "Shall we pop down and grab a few rides?" PS, the park is really quiet on Wednesday afternoons :o

If you've stayed on until the end, congratulations, remind me to give you a hi-five at the next meet I see you at ;) But honestly, thanks for listening to my rant :)

See you at Legoland!


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