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Thorpe park Fright Night 16.10.15 My Review




So in the last week FN has been running, I sadly couldn't go until today but here's my review..

Big Top:

Now, people have said this maze is awful, but you may expect me to say Big Top is bad but...

I liked it, IMO Big Top is good.. It isn't perfect with sections feeling a little unispired with loads of black curtians from IKEA..

IMO the only bad part of Big Top is the first tent, it just lacks scares. The second tent is confusing and full of strobes and dead ends. The third tent is also strobe city with also loads of random props and stuff, the scares here is quite effective and made me jump.Then the total non cliched orginal ending happends....8/10

Blair Witch Project: BWP was great on my run, there is just so much tension now that the bushes and trees have overgrown a little. The actors were great at hiding and jumping out, the ending? The shed was manic when I went in, 4 ACTORS! Two jumping out in the first bit of the shed, the other two were grabbing me and chasing me out.. 9/10

The Cabin In The Woods: The Cabin was good, not the best run through I had through it.

In the ending there was 2 actors, it felt like it wasn't as manic as previous.

Maybe its just a bad run through. The actors it had though were great, one actor grabbed me, one made a tunnel for me to walk through. great maze needs more actors. 7/10

Containment: Containment was very fun, not scary, but intresting.

The actors were very crazy and good at making us jump but, overall it was more fun than anything scary.

Its barely worth the 8£. The best bit had to be a doctor in the dentist section, he was hilarous, he was mad!

Overall I would say 9/10 for fun, but 3/10 for scares.

My Bloody Valentine: My Bloody Valentine was great tonight, sadly we did have to wait a bit due to the maze stopping (I think it was actor assualt). The maze started off with the actor telling you the story, after that a actor forced one man one way on his own, and us the other way. The maze was mad after that, we went through a squeze bag, a forest, a sloping tunnel! Funnily enough the maze had no actors with gas masks on! Its funny when the icon of the film is nowhere to be seen.. Overall a great maze, 9/10

Sadly didn't get to SA, gonna do it when I next go to FN..

Overall I don't see the negative reviews, the mazes were all good-to great.

Ride count:





Big Top 2

Swarm 1


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