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  1. Just watched Hush on Netflix, and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised. Its not anything outstanding, but its a very effective thriller with a smart twist on the home invasion genre.
  2. I think IP's aren't the problem of Fright Nights to be honest.. Actually Platform was actually quite a refreshing idea for a scare maze, and look how that attraction turned out.. Though I think the current IP mazes are fairly stale due to their age, which happens to most scare attractions anyways.
  3. Just.. Why? If they're gonna open it, you'd think they would open it during peak times.. Very odd..
  4. Yes.. Loggers is 100% opening.. And Alton are getting a Aquatrax next year..
  5. You're generally not missing much. Actually a lot of the rides at Thorpe are outclassed by American Counterparts. For example Gatekeeper/X Flight are probably better than Swarm, though Swarm has better theming. Nemesis Inferno is a fairly weak invert compared to the likes of Afterburn/Banshee/Montu. Stealth is outclassed in nearly every way by Xcelerator at Knotts.. As well as Kingda Ka/Top Thrill Dragster dwarfing it in comparsion. Saw and Colossus aren't anything to shout about as both are fairly rough too Derren Brown's Ghost Train is the probably the main thing you'd be missing out on, but they're better dark rides out there IMO.
  6. Still kinda sloppy running one train on rides that could run two.. Especially in comparison to parks like Europa.. Which run run three trains on Silver Star.. often.. But all parks do have there problems, and sometimes it can be unavoidable.. Though on my visits to BPB I wouldn't call there operations anything to shout about..
  7. I think Silver Star depends on the seat.. I've noticed towards the back row the ride offers a few ejector moments, and the ride has alright floater air in most seats. I'd still call it great though, as it is a B&M Hyper after all. But its definitely one of the weaker B&M Hypers though..
  8. Yep this will definitely happen.. Along with Rumba getting a revamp, Loggers opening this year, and a B&M Strata next to Swarm..
  9. I think when done right free flow can be brilliant, look at Sub Species/Skin Snatchers. But with Thorpe's usually sloppy operations, the free flow mazes tend to overflow and overcrowd horribly.. Conga Lines do have a lot of negatives yes, but with the over-bearing demand that Fright Nights bring, it seems more practical IMO. Though I do agree on TOTT, which isn't helped by some stairs/uneven flooring which makes the conga line style even more inconvenient.
  10. I think Saw Alive has been quite good post ScareCon. It seems they've loaded the maze with actors in the last few years, which means scares come quite thick and fast. Also Saw Alive isn't plagued with the issues of being a free-flow maze..
  11. It depends on the reliability and the rides popularity IMO. For example Nemesis will most likely be around for a long time due its reliability and due to the ride being loved by many. Colossus on the other hand is fairly rough, and the ride hasn't aged very gracefully at all. I don't see Colossus being removed anytime too soon, but I definitely think the ride has started to decline. Even some of the GP have seemed to notice how rough the ride's gotten recently..
  12. I think some of the new mazes have been quite good, and at times better IMO than the park's older mazes. Big Top (2016), Studio 13, Cabin (2013-2014), where all brilliant and good new additions. I think the park's problem as of now is some of the maze's are beyond stale now, and it seems some mazes are very short of actors. I also think the operations at Fright Nights recently have been quite poor, and the mazes are getting clustered with large groups..
  13. It scares me how many things offend people these days.. Just be thankful that M Night Shyamalan made a decent film.. Coughs* The Last Airbender Coughs*
  14. I sadly don't see them implementing touch scares, but I think at this point nothing can save Hellements.. Overall I think we'll see Coven, Cellar, Hayride, and Haunted House all return this year. The rest of the Haunts I'm not all that sure on, though I guess Chop Shop is a fan favourite so I doubt it'll get the.. Well. Chop!
  15. Realistically, I think where gonna see Saw, Platform, and Big Top all return, which is all fine as long they cleanup the utter mess which is Platform. Blair Witch I think might stay, as the new film kinda keeps the IP relevant. I think Cabin's spot will be where the new IP will be TBH, as Cabin's throughput and flow is awful, plus it seems a lot of Cabin's special effects have been let to rot recently.