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  1. JoshuaA

    Drayton Manor

    So after seeing a video by our lord and savior aka Shawn Sanbrooke- its official.. I think its gonna be a big loss for the park in their thrill lineup, also from memory G Force is one of the main things you see when entering the park so its going to be weird with it not being there.. I do understand its removal though, it seemed to be a maintenance nightmare and Drayton probably aren't in the financial position to pay for the upkeep. I think the park perhaps might completely focus on the family market I guess, Thomas seems to draw in the crowds just fine so I guess perhaps G force won't be too bad of a loss? It was a pretty awkward ride anyway. I remember it being incredibly painful.
  2. JoshuaA

    Park Operations

    I think there is a huge problem with the RAP, and no, its not people who 'look normal', ADHD/Autism/ECT are all conditions that in some cases are viable and do need the RAP, though the way the system means it very easy to get one and abuse it! I had a friend who had epilepsy and got a doctors note a few years ago, since then she has had the all clear- when she last went to Thorpe she simply changed the date of the note and got a RAP.. Another issue is staff, when I last used a RAP the staff didn't sign once! There was two hours queue on Colossus that day so they really should of signed it, but no, they CBA.. I think group numbers should be capped too.. I have seen groups with 1 rap user and 5 friends tagging along.. The system really needs a shakeup..
  3. If this is the case I think it would of been much better if they just merged Deadwood and Blair, now Blair is going to be 1 second long and Deadwood probably will feel like a poor man's Blair Witch.. Blair's entrance probably is now going to be crammed in awkwardly next to Vulcan.. It would of saved the park staffing and setting up queues if they just merged it.. Stupid IMO... I think Thorpe at this point are more concerned about the quantity of their attractions rather than the quality.. If Blair's layout starts near Vulcan then it might honestly be the shortest and most pointless maze to ever exist. Absolutely agreed. I'm hoping they use the beach next year, they could even install a maze on each side!
  4. Honestly I'm not going to FN this year unless it gets rave reviews.. The fact its 20 quid for MAP holders just makes me wanna spend a extra 5 quid or so and go down to Screamland or any other event.. The Screamland lineup also looks really damn strong this year, I overall just don't feel it with FN this year with the lineup.. Sure there is a crap ton of mazes and attractions, but none of them bar Platform and LN to a certain degree really make me wanna come to FN.. Deadwood could be fun I guess, but again not really a maze that really draws me in.. Hopefully the event does deliver this year but honestly I feel heavily pessimistic about the lineup this year.
  5. Its cool they are aiming to have so many attractions this year, it should hopefully make the mazes a little less stressed when it comes to queues. My only issue is the quality in the lineup.. The only maze that really interests me is Platform at night.. The rest of them (bar LN) don't interest me in the slightest.. I think its also kinda dumb that we have another outside attraction.. If in a secluded area like Tulleys then having outdoor elements is fine, but in a very compact theme park such as Thorpe it kinda spoils the atmosphere.. It also kinda worries me how last minute this event seems.. It seems like they just cropped up some attractions in a very short amount of time.. Like they just announced this.. Passholder Preview is a week or so away.. Overall its cool they plan to open so many attractions, but more doesn't always mean better..
  6. If I'm being honest I don't there will be any more announcements.. If there was I think it would of happened by now.. If we're lucky maybe they'll announce a new fastrack package or two..
  7. I really hope next year they consider adding more indoor mazes, the lineup this year I think will be struggle due to the fact most of the mazes will be crap when its not dark. Platform, Blair and Sanctum V2 are probably gonna be terrible before it gets dark, that could perhaps make the queues for the indoor mazes longer during the daytime hours.. Which for most nights the sun won't go down until 7.. This I think could cause longer queues and more pressure on Saw, LN, and Vulcan.. And FN isn't exactly known for being a event with short queues..
  8. Can't wait for those 2 new themed fastrack booths to be announced!
  9. JoshuaA

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    I think a dungeon style attraction wouldn't work at Chessie due to their primary target market being families and kids, I think Alton or Thorpe are much more fitting candidates. I think whatever they decide to do with the building will be better than Hocus Pocus in its current state.. Hopefully Tomb Blaster is next..
  10. JoshuaA

    Europa Park

    Looks fab! Sure gonna miss some of the tacky (in a good way) theming that Eurosat had, but its nice to see the station and ride now looking so modern and sexy! I'm getting my lazy a** back to Rust ASAP!
  11. 20 for MAP? 10 quid was bad in recent years.. Are they having a laugh? For 22 quid I could go to Screamland and have 7 mazes, the hell? I know Scarefest charges around 20+ quid for their 4, but those 4 mazes are all pretty long and usually are of a high standard that blows most of Thorpe's efforts to dust. With the stupidly long queues and the lack of a headlining maze, I might just go to Screamland.. It will roughly cost the same anyway..
  12. I have to say I have very low expectations for Vulcan Peak, hooded mazes (bar Molly Crowe) usually are crap and I'm guessing they're just gonna set up a rope for the layout and do nothing else to the building.. Hellements and Molly relied on the floor elevation and special effects, I'm guessing Vulcan will lack this completely making it even worse than Dull-ements. Living Nightmare and Platform are the only things drawing me back this year, hopefully they prove me wrong with Vulcan Peak..
  13. The lineup looks okay I guess.. Blair Witch will probably be lukewarmly good but fairly tame as it was in 2014/2015. Do Or Die probably is gonna be Sanctum but a little bit better. Vulcan Peak doesn't excite me in the slightest as hooded mazes usually are very hard things to get right and I don't think they can pull it off. The scarezones seem like fun though.
  14. JoshuaA

    Dreamland Margate

    So all 7 mazes have been revealed, I hope this will be a stronger year for the event! Dead and Breakfast, Festino, and their mirror maze are the only things returning. With that said if last year was anything to judge by most of time the event completely changes mazes, Festino last year was a complete different maze to its much better 2016 incarnation. I'm hoping Festino and Dead And Breakfast get drastic changes as I thought last year they were both awful. When it comes to new, we have Tunnels of Terror which is probably gonna be where The Final Cut was? We also have a interesting shipwreck themed maze, if it done right it sounds like fun! Another a new attraction is called 'The Upside Down' which apparently will be under the treetop bar and will have a strange but original parallel universe theme.. I'm not kidding one bit.. The most interesting and scary looking new maze comes in 'Dreamland Sleep Experiment', a maze that reminds me of the haunted stories that came from the russian sleep experiment, it also kinda gives me Paradise Foundation vibes a little.. Which can only be a great thing, I expect to walk out of it at a fast pace! Despite my panning of it last year, I think Screamland sounds great this year! Even if the mazes are crap they have some great flats now so if I get time I will certainly try to get down to Margate for October.
  15. I would love to agree with you but the reality is there is no construction to suggest we're getting any more mazes. The event is a month away now and if we were to receive any more mazes we probably would of seen something by now.. Thorpe when they said 'mazes' probably was including experiences such as the cinema, actors in TWD, zones, ect. Zones for sure are a good thing when done right, but Thorpe has a history of getting them seriously wrong, so we can only hope it isn't just a few smoke machines and actors screaming "boo".