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  1. Fright Nights 2017

    Roanoake seems to be one of the stronger seasons, it looks way better than the crap we got from Hotel and Freak-Show. Though yes if we did get AHS, it would make more sense for it to be inside- as if you look at most of the AHS settings, most of them are inside a building of some kind.. Whether that be a house, a Insane Asylum, a Circus Tent, or a Hotel.. I still have some doubt though we would see AHS at Fright Nights, but that might just be the inner cynicism in me taking over
  2. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    This is only a teaser, for all we know this could be good.. I wouldn't even call the exterior bad.. I'm gonna save my mockery and semi sarcastic posts 'til it actually opens..
  3. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    Babadook is bae I did think Annabelle: Creation was decent though. Yes it did overly rely on jump scares towards the beginning, but I overall loved the second half when they explained the backstory of the doll, and I thought the acting (even the child acting) was brilliant. Babadook is a really hard target to beat though.. As its one of those movies thats doesn't even have any jump scares but still manages to get under your skin. I'm only scratching the surface of how good that film is.. Its films like The Babadook that reminds me that not all Horror movies are mindless gore torture porn fests..
  4. Rant

    Got to love Gatwick, and its 10 mile walks to get to your gate.. And the manic and usually overly complicated security, oh and when it takes a HOUR for luggage to show up on the belt. Though then again I live down the road from it, so I guess I'd rather deal with Gatwick over a 2 hour drive to get to Stansted..
  5. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    I only saw Annabelle 2 tbh as it got released near my birthday, and I wanted to see a horror in the Cinema setting. Though it seems it got some good reception across the board from critics, which is kinda odd.. This is a prequel to one of the most panned horror films as of recent memory. Though I guess Ouija 2 seems pretty good too, and I couldn't stand the original Ouija film.. I watched 10 minutes of it on Netflix and I nearly fell asleep.. Whats up with sequels to terrible movies turning out good? I can't wait too see IT though, as all my friends have severe fears of clowns
  6. Dreamland Margate

    The Paradise Foundation disturbed me down to my core last year, the amount of gore and some of the costumes are like being in a nightmare. It didn't even have much in terms of jump scares, just the theming and atmosphere alone made me quiver in fear. I wonder whats next for the event though? The only maze I really think shouldn't return is probably Bloody Mirror, but even then the other 4 are all really strong. Anyway I'm stoked to see what happens this year, and I guess we'll see a lineup announcement around September?
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    On second thought, I guess the entrance is gone, and if the pathway is too, I guess the chances of Blair returning is very low. Plus that space behind IAC seems to be having something done to it, so I'd probably bet a new maze would go there. I do have to say though some of the hints were very Blair-witch-ish, though that could be Thorpe just trolling us tbf If AHS does actually happen though, I will cause a tsunami in my bedroom due to how wet that maze would make me. Blair leaving wouldn't be too much of a loss anyways, as it was kinda dull last year.. Like it wasn't awful, but it was just meh.
  8. Fright Nights 2017

    I didn't see a Ouija Board in Big Top either. Though to be fair, in most run through's of the 2015 version they just rushed us out of the first tent without a word as the obvious amazing batching and great job of handling crowds that they do over at Fright Nights Looking back at the idea, the finale could of been great. Tense, long, dark, and full of scares. Though ironically IMO the second half was actually by far the worst section of the maze. I think they should maybe make the tunnel darker this year for starters, as the tunnel was actually a little too light from my memory, so you could see where you were going.. And I think they need to adjust the final scene, so it has more of a impact on the entire group. If Platform does return, lets hope they pull a Big Top on us again and turn a terrible maze into a great one.
  9. Dreamland Margate

    Just booked my Screamland tickets, so I'm hoping for an announcement sometime soon! I do hope they ditch the single-file style of their mazes this year though, and Bloody Mirror.. Which really isn't even worthy of being called a scare attraction.. Though The Final Cut and Paradise Foundation were brilliant, and I hope the event continues to be a success for the park. I really do think Dreamland have done pretty good considering they have been financially struggling as of recent. Their further investment to the park is very intriguing, and kinda bold.. Lets hope it works out for them.
  10. The Swarm

    Well I guess they couldn't give VR to Colossus or Saw as the heavy amount of concussions lawsuits Merlin would face. Though quite honestly I really don't think VR is a good idea for Swarm, as right now it sits as a fairly decent throughput ride in the lineup, as well as one of the more reliable coasters. Furthermore, I think Merlin have learnt their lesson when it comes to VR.. Galactica and DBGT haven't exactly had the smoothest of lifes right? I'm not Swarm's biggest fan, I do think its fairly forceless (bar the wing drop), and the layout is too short, but ruining its reliability and throughput would be actually a idiotic decision IMO.
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    I think the Ouija Board might be another hint that Platform 15 will return sadly as Platform did sort of had a Ouija Board section, so it would make sense.. Yay.. Walking through big open spaces that kill any chance of a scare or anticipation followed by long dull tunnel isn't my idea of fun. Anyway here's how I predict the lineup to be like, this is just a rough guess.. Blair- The Teasers.. the hat, the torch, the twigs, it really cannot be anything else but Blair Witch. AHS would be amazing, though, I'm not hyping myself up. Platform- After the teasers, I'd be shocked if it didn't come back. Big Top/Saw- both have been mentioned in the teasers, and both are pretty much 99% returning. Walking Dead- pretty much confirmed again, if it is, then its a pretty decent IP, if Thorpe don't pull a Platform on us, it could be great. I bet Containment will probably have a revamp too, though I think it'll probably stay similar.
  12. Scarefest

    I do think the prices are little too steep though, and now pretty much everything is an upcharge, and expensive at that! The new maze on second thought though I do have hope for, yes it is expensive, but I'm gonna put some faith in the Towers as Sub Species/Altonville Mine Tours/Molly Crowe seems to be the kinda standard Alton have been giving out recently, and if it is up to standard of those mazes, then I guess it'll be worth the money. Furthermore, The Sanctuary was tied into SW7, was that maze a cash grab? The Sanctuary actually enlightened some of the backstory for The Smiler, and it stood on its own right as a strong attraction. So I hope this will do something similar, as the concept for The Sanctuary was genius IMO, shame I got a few badly acted run throughs back in 2014. Terror Of The Towers on the other hand I do think needs to go.. soon.. Look it was actually pretty good back in 2015, with some great scares, though it doesn't hide the fact it is a very old attraction, and 2016 was probably its weakest year yet, with the maze feeling short compared to previous years, and the finale had like 1 actor on my run throughs.. Though I guess if they change the route around again maybe it'll have another good year, though I think at this point it really should just be scrapped.
  13. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    So just watched Annabelle 2, and it was actually pretty good. I heard the original was pretty terrible, but its sequel was actually pretty decent. Some of the scares are pretty good, and the film has some subtly and some decent performances. Nothing to shout about here, its not ground breaking, but its entertaining, and enjoyable.
  14. Scarefest

    Really? Another £8? Are they having a laugh? Just.. No. Lets hope its going to be outstanding like Sub Species or Altonville Mine Tours, then maybe it'll be worth it..
  15. Cedar Point

    After looking at the stats and layout for this ride more, I do believe this might be the best roller coaster ever built. It has a high throughput, its tall, its fast, and the layout looks like an average amazing RMC on steroids. Cedar Point was probably the last park that needed this monster of a coaster, but oh god, do I want to fly over to Ohio next year.