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  1. JoshuaA

    Park Operations

    The thing is, it wasn't even the guests and their bags that was the problem when I went.. Everyone was sat down in the train and the staff still seemed to be waiting for a blue moon to load the next train. I think if the park organized and perhaps added some staff and put several rockets up their a*** then that would reduce stacking heavily, though a better locker system would speed things up a little I guess. I know the Inferno team overall started off very limp early on in the season but overall have got much faster, I just think they need to organize the staff better and perhaps make sure they are efficient. I think the slowness has more to do with the current ride team than the ride design itself.. I have seen much faster operations on this ride, heck its been operating for 16 years.. If slow dispatches was a issue due to the design, I think that would of been highlighted ages ago..
  2. JoshuaA

    2018 General Discussion

    Jesus, Thorpe are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.. A decent park in itself should be able to keep guests in for the late opening.. The amount of try-hardness in this event is cringey..
  3. JoshuaA

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I think at this point there is no point in constantly living in the past- Wild Mouse was a great ride, but its gone. BPB didn't handle it that well, but its gone, we have just got a top tier looking Mack so I guess I can't complain. I think I'd rather have what you just described above the other UK launch coasters.. Rita smashes your neck and skull in and Stealth is a one trick pony. I'd rather a spread out fairly slow launch like Blue Fire/Icon that a concussion (Rita) or a few seconds of fun (Stealth). Each to their own though. And I can imagine the theming is being beyond hilarious.. This is BPB after all..
  4. JoshuaA

    Park Operations

    I don't think they meant that they have to dispatch lightning quick.. But as soon as that second train hits the brake run then they should be ready to dispatch. On Colossus recently the stacking has been up to a good 3 minutes.. Which is really mostly down to the staff not being efficient or quick enough.. A few seconds of stacking is completely fine, but 3 minutes on the brake run because a member of staff is too busy chatting to dispatch the damn train...
  5. JoshuaA

    Project Zero

    If this is a horror maze (90% sure it is), I have to say that I like how they have slowly done a campaign for a new maze so early. I would really like the park to explore a hospital/asylum style theme again, Asylum back in 2013 was an amazing maze and I think Thorpe could do better. Overall something akin to The Paradise Foundation at Screamland would be amazing for the park, something very macabre and disturbing I think would really give another solid addition to the lineup. I overall got Paradise Foundation and Sanctuary vibes during the teaser! I overall think the FN lineup was fairly strong last year with Platform and Big Top being near flawless, I hope this new addition will replace one of the more weak mazes like Sanctum or Saw Alive (that is unlikely though)..
  6. JoshuaA

    Next Roller Coaster

    Merlin still work with Intamin though, despite having countless safety incidents on their record.. I think that logic is beyond stupid, every manufacturer (maybe bar B&M) have had a incident on at least one of their rides, does that mean Merlin should rule them all out? RMC somewhat have a decent record compared to the other manufactuers with Steel Vengeance being the first incident that was actually anything to do fault-wise with RMC (Texas Giant was a tennis match between Six Flags and Gerst). RMC is certainly unlikely for a Merlin Park, but I think when it comes to safety Mack and Intamin aren't exactly better when it comes to the safety record..
  7. JoshuaA

    Next Roller Coaster

    A similar incident in scale has happened at Alton Towers too! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3146958/Riders-left-hanging-Alton-Towers-rollercoaster-gets-stuck-mid-ride.html The only difference really is that Cedar Point got incredibly unlucky and it happened during opening day- besides that, just like the little bump on Spinball, nobody got hurt and nobody was put in danger. So yes it has happened at a Merlin Park!
  8. JoshuaA

    Next Roller Coaster

    Texas Giant's problems were due to the trains which were done by Gerstlauer. Steel Vengeance was a hiccup, but nobody got hurt and the incident was overall very minor.
  9. JoshuaA

    Next Roller Coaster

    I'm kinda surprised Merlin haven't opted for a RMC yet, if you look at the cost of them they are actually quite cheap! I think Merlin could easily market any type of RMC, it would also give the park a fun airtime machine. Cost wise Wildfire set Kolmården back just under 10 million quid, and that is one of the larger RMC'S.. Even if they built a tiny one I think it would be the best in the park, but sadly I don't see Merlin pinning down RMC or Vekoma anytime soon.. Which is a huge shame. A B&M Hyper would be really cool but I think it would be one hell of a risk especially when it comes to money. I think a Hollywood Dreams style ride would be cool, but that would probably still cost a lot and I'm not sure where would be feasible to put it.
  10. JoshuaA

    Europa Park

    Outstanding. Even for a park like Europa (easily some of the best operations in the world) I was not expecting things to be dealt with as quickly as this. I think Mack really set the example on how to run a theme park.
  11. JoshuaA

    Park Operations

    When I visited last weekend two trains were present on all coasters but stacking was fairly bad on Colossus and Swarm.. Colossus in particular had a good 100 minute queue and the staff seemed like Tortoises trying to load the trains. Rush had two swings working last weekend and it ran fairly quickly, hopefully it was just busy today. Vortex from what the website says and the amount of time it has been down for leads me to believe it won't be back for a while, which is a shame and it is usually quite a good queue eater.
  12. JoshuaA

    Europa Park

    Europa in true Europa style has dealt with this so quick and professionally. The reopening of the teacups and plans to reopen Fjord by this summer is just beyond amazing.
  13. JoshuaA

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    I have yet to experience LN Extreme but I think its common sense that it will probably not be as scary in Fright Nights unless they make more drastic changes in the maze beyond actors. FN across the years always seems to have problems (not too bad last year) with actors and having enough of them. Sanctum for example didn't require too many, and the roaming actor team was pretty much non existent.. (If one or two mazes takes up a lot of actors it only hurts other mazes/roamers in the park. With no 5 additional actor led attractions+ roamers to soak up the actors, all the actors could be focused on LN just for this week. The park getting a similar density to this weekend probably is a little bit unrealistic unless they hire WAY more actors for this year (which probably won't happen).. Back in FN I think the amount of actors in LN wasn't a problem whatsoever, I think they were just really poorly laid out (some sections with too many actors and too much going on, and sections with no actors in sight).. They could of really spread them out a bit. I think the length was the clear main problem of the attraction..
  14. JoshuaA

    Europa Park

    A regrettable attempt at humour from my part. I also didn't fathom just how serious this fire was.
  15. JoshuaA

    Europa Park

    That is much worse than anticipated. Oh my, Scandanavia was such a beautiful area, its such a shame. I was hoping the fire was minor but that is just quite frankly horrible. Fjord and the buildings around it were perhaps one of the most scenic moments in the park as well as some of the most detailed. I really hope they can recover from this and rebuild the beautiful area, Fjord is easily my favorite rapids ride due to the buildings and theming. Pirates in Batvia is quite cheesey though for the whole building to be burnt to a crisp will also be a massive setback, massive tragedy for the park.