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  1. I think this might be it TBH.. Right now I don't know if its worth it trying to revive it- like Sky Swats didn't die out for no reason.. Also Slammer does take up quite a lot of space, so I bet a decent sized flat could replace it!
  2. After visiting the attraction on Tuesday, I can safely say I wasn't wowed by Rise Of The Demon. The attraction for sure makes improvements, but I generally found the attraction "okay" rather than "WOW THAT WAS AMAZING".. The new ending was by far my favourite part though- I completely fell for it! Though the excessive VR just really isn't for me.. But the attraction seemed reliable throughout the day, which is a massive improvement on the train-wreck which was last year for DBGT..
  3. Well at least Thorpe actually HAVE flats.. Coughs* Alton Towers Coughs*
  4. I think the only rational solution is for everyone to move to Rust-Germany. Yes breakdowns are bound to happen, but when FOUR of your major rides are down, you know you messed up..
  5. Rita isn't disliked because its "slow", its mainly disliked for being uncomfortable and not really much fun at all.. Blue Fire isn't really liked for its launch though tbh, actually I'd say its launch is probably one of the weaker parts of the ride. The best part of Blue Fire is actually IMO the inversions and pops of airtime due to its marvelous restraints. The layout on Construction 2018 actually looks very strong, and I believe it'll be one of the best coasters in the UK.
  6. I'm straight.. (Except for days ending with Y)
  7. I think the ride looks decent. Yes this is nothing special or anything innovative, but its probably a step up from the state that Bubbleworks was in.. Maybe the theming in places are a little sparse, but its opening day, things can still change.. Anyway this is probably way better than some of the flops we've seen recently.. Not naming any names IAC, DBGT, Sub Terrible..
  8. Christ.. Calling that cycle pathetic is generous.. The ride barely opens.. And when it does, we get this.. I think its time Merlin put Rameses to rest, even Ripsaw didn't run THAT badly..
  9. I think it'll probably be a great ride, definitely not a Shambhala beater, but probably the second best there. Very odd though that they're adding a Intamin Accelerator and a drop tower.. Like they don't already have those models in there lineup.. Holy sh** that name though
  10. Lorde is back.. (If you know who she is) Probably not her best work, but that Piano Riff is bae <3
  11. I play very basic guitar.. (Badly at that) I'm hoping to take professional lessons somewhat soon though, so my ears stop bleeding every time I attempt to play a instrument
  12. Just watched Hush on Netflix, and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised. Its not anything outstanding, but its a very effective thriller with a smart twist on the home invasion genre.
  13. I think IP's aren't the problem of Fright Nights to be honest.. Actually Platform was actually quite a refreshing idea for a scare maze, and look how that attraction turned out.. Though I think the current IP mazes are fairly stale due to their age, which happens to most scare attractions anyways.
  14. Just.. Why? If they're gonna open it, you'd think they would open it during peak times.. Very odd..
  15. Yes.. Loggers is 100% opening.. And Alton are getting a Aquatrax next year..