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  1. Gardaland

    Well at least they are stealing good ideas.. Gardaland in that respect is lucky compared to Thorpe..
  2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I do have to give credit to Blackpool for making these great investments and not giving us cheap short lived investments like Thorpe are pumping out right now.. I rode Skyforce a year so ago and overall I feel like its a quality and very re-rideable flat ride and Icon is going to be awesome from the looks of it! Despite my utter despise for Infusion, I think Blackpool next year will perhaps be on par with Alton (if not better) and easily better than gimmick island.
  3. SW8

    Looking forward to giving this a ride on a slight de-tour before I reach Icon. Nice to see this won't be another Smiler with opening.. Well, lets not jinx that.. Its a shame the theme for this looks like a pile of bollo***, but past the assumably drab attempt of a theme you have a mini GCI which will hopefully be fun and will give hints of airtime.
  4. The Future of SAW - The Ride

    Saw for me is like a lottery. Most of the time the ride is terrible and its easily one of the weaker coasters in the lineup, though occasionally you can get a really good ride on it. I think Gerstlauer isn't the problem.. Look at Monster, Karnan, Takabisha or Karacho..
  5. New for 2018

    I'm pretty sure they added IAC and Angry Birds as a pivot back to the family market as the thrill market wasn't bringing in enough people.. I think with all good parks having a balance of rides for both markets is necessary, and having rides that everyone can enjoy is something that every park needs. I think a GCI or a middle of the road type of ride is desperately needed at the park, and without X the family lineup is thinner than ever. If they wanted a thrilling addition a new flat ride would of been a MUCH better long term investment than this tacky IP.. I think these investments like IAC or this next year are good in the short term (for like a year or two) but then after that they collapse, their ridership collapses, and the park overall starts to neglect ride before (like Sub Terrible) the ride closes down and overall it ended up to be a waste of time and money. Heck, even parks like Paulton or Pleasure beach are spending their smaller budgets way wiser than Merlin are right now with the majority of their parks.. Skyforce, Lost Kingdom, or Icon are good examples of a actual good long-term investment that won't fizzle out in a year or two.. I think as soon as the new ride hype fades away with this addition next year, I think the ridership will slump horribly.
  6. SW8

    I have to say it looked pretty decent on my last visit. Its not amazing but its gonna be probably the best Merlin addition next year (even if the theme doesn't excite me..) I hope this turns out good as I'd love to see some of the other Merlin parks get a GCI. I think it also fits the Towers lineup really well too.
  7. New for 2018

    They can't be that daft right? Retheming X to The Walking Dead would be perhaps one of the WORST decisions in Thorpe's History competing with DBGT and IAC.. The family lineup would become paper thin if it departed, leaving it to Fish and Storm Turd which aren't exactly good either.. The Horror theme will alienate the family market, and the thrill market are probably better off sticking with Swarm or Inferno.. If this is linked to The Walking Dead I'm lost for words. Terrible.
  8. Miribilandia

    Who's running the place recently? They went from Katun and Ispeed to this.. Divertical sure looks a bit daft but at least its not this.. The throughput for this is going to be fun too..
  9. New for 2018

    This doesn't justify the terrible family lineup though if X leaves for a tacky Walking Dead re-theme. This is much, much, easier on paper than to actually do. Especially if that person has overbearing anxiety.
  10. Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    I agree pretty much completely with the post above me. Big Top and Platform I think should both return as they are both really strong attractions IMO, though Platform does need perhaps a more urgent finale. I think Saw Alive and Sanctum should be completely changed next year, as both kinda stood out as lacklustre and short IMO.. Though I don't see that happening as Saw Alive has sat stationary for like 7 years now and Sanctum is Walking Dead related so that will probably come back next year too.. Roamers is something I think Fright Nights is weak in, especially when I can walk down the road for Tulleys. Oh and can we change Containment? It'd be nice to see some changes in there next year.
  11. New for 2018

    Hopefully X stays the same theme, as they just done it up right? I feel like X currently fills a very important space in the lineup with younger guests, and I don't think Merlin would be stupid enough to give a family coaster a horror theme.. I hope anyway
  12. TPM Awards 2017

    That is a tough one.. Too many deserving candidates..
  13. Europa Park

    I guess the re-tracking will make the experience smoother, and another station for the VR will make the throughput bearable I guess too. Anyway I guess this will sort out the jolts on the ride, which will hopefully make it more enjoyable. But lets just hope the weird german rave music is kept or I will riot. I'm surprised they didn't try to fit a topspin in the dome too
  14. New for 2018

    I'm kinda glad Thorpe have not messed around with a permanent hotel yet, as the Merlin hotels just strike me as expensive and a waste of time.. Alton is by far the worst offender when you can get a B&B for like a fraction of the price..
  15. Park Count - 2017

    Thorpe- about 10? Chessie- 3 Alton- 2 Europa- 1 Dreamland- 1 Legoland- 1 Tulleys- 3 (only down the road so it'd be rude not to )