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  1. I went as a guest last night and honestly Wastelands blew me away and then some. The theming is incredible and the maze just feels like a breathe of fresh air for Tulleys. The roamers around the area were also brilliant and made me grin before even getting into the queue. The rest of the lineup was also pretty solid!
  2. I like this! Sure it is a IP, though this IP is relevant and hopefully will stand the test of time. I really am glad CCL is getting re-themed, its been in dire need for a while now. Overall decent addition, if only Thorpe got something permanent or actually relevant like this..
  3. You should be able to if you allow for enough time. Thursday should have low to moderate queues but there is a lot to be done at Tulleys so as long as you are arriving early you should be able to get everything done just fine. I recommend starting at the back of the park first as Coven, Cottage, and Vixi tend to be dead at the start of the night (Cottage however is always dead lol). I also recommend leaving Hayride and Chop until it gets dark as both I think are much better when it is darker (Chop has no roof). After the back of the park I think everything is generally fair game. Biggest queue you'll have will probably be Hayride but everything else will probably be around 5-15 minutes. Oh and make sure to spend some time just walking around, the street actors are brilliant and something you should experience along with the attractions. Have fun, make sure to check out Twisted 😉 will see you there!
  4. I have been to two Six Flags parks and one Cedar Fair park and honestly I really hope Cedar Fair stick to their guns, both chains run their parks so differently anyway I think it would be crazy for Cedar Fair parks to go under Six Flags rule. Six Flags parks in general I feel just are tacky and lack charm, Great America had brilliant coasters and food but the operations of the place and overall charm was non existent..
  5. That should pay for Swarm's retheme to X Factor.
  6. Wild Mouse was a utter gem though I think its time we move on.
  7. Don't. Filming in the mazes without permission ruins the experience for yourself, the actor, and the rest of your group! Go in the mazes and have a laugh, leave your ego in the queue-line, just enjoy the experience like everyone does!
  8. True, very true. I honestly don't see any current ride beating it. How do you beat perfection? I do think RMC could potentially out do themselves when they finally build their TRex model. But Steel Vengeance is pretty bloody hard to beat so if they don't build better then honestly it makes sense. Zadra seems to VERY different to Steve in layout and overall focus so I think it will be pretty hard to compare anyway.
  9. Hopefully not! I don't want them using cardboard for theming like they did with Zufari..
  10. Soon as I can go I'm heading out there. Zadra looks like a big enough draw as it is. Probably not a SteVE beater but could be one of the best coasters in Europe.
  11. Yeah Shambhala has the station and a few spaced out objects of theming, though other than that it really isn't a themed experience..
  12. Ah thank god. Would of been really bad if the new headline maze was closed on opening weekend!
  13. I was going to visit on the first weekend but if its not going to be open I might as well just stay at home! They really should have their attractions running ready for the main run..
  14. Asylum was awesome! Very simple concept but very effective! I also think it used the conga line style of the maze to its advantage. Freezer and Asylum were a completely iconic part of Fright Nights and to this day people still speak about it, it did last a decade or so.. I think Asylum is the Terror Of The Towers of Thorpe, I would not be surprised if it returned at one point in some form.. I loved Studio though! If that got brought back I would be equally as happy. Cabin though.. Now that Sub Species exists whats the point?
  15. Nice supporting coaster but the comfort collars? Seaworld I love you, but OTSR for no reason?
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