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  1. I doubt they will touch Tomb Blaster, though Blue Barnacle and a new drop tower are good enough investments IMO. It seems Merlin are taking interest in Chessington so I hope it pays off. With names, sure it might annoy us enthusiasts. Though I don't think the general public care all too much, look at parks abroad. With roller coasters named 'roller coaster'. Sure a cool name and good theming are always neat, but I don't think the name here is life or death. Look at Six Flags parks, they basically just name everything after The Joker. I don't know, maybe I'm just happy the park is g
  2. Top ten parks: 1. Europa Park 2. Cedar Point 3. Phantasialand 4. Alton Towers 5. Six Flags Great America 6. Six Flags Over Texas 7. BPB 8. Universal Studios+ IOA (this was agessss ago tho lol) 9. Disneyland Paris 10. Portaventura So Universal Studios definitely would go up if I went back. I decided not to rank Seaworld and the Florida Disney parks as I have no memories of either of them. I had trouble with 5 and 6, Over Texas is more beautiful and has texas charm, though Great America has the superior coaster lineup.
  3. Honestly is opening this even worth it? Assumed bad throughput, a 'live experience' rather than an actual ride, this has failure written all over it.
  4. there once was a ugly barnacle that was so ugly everyone died. Anyway cool they are getting it replaced, that is a dream for most Merlin parks with flats these days. The name though, lol interesting.
  5. Steel Vengeance Steel Vengeance lol Seriously though, this honestly looks like a middle tier RMC IMO. Definitely not in the tier of Steel Vengeance or even Zadra which looks to be paced very well. I honestly think GCI's don't tend to give the best framework for a RMC, as most of them have twisty layouts with banked turns. And RMC are really all about airtime hills (look at Steel Vengeance).
  6. I agree to an extend, I liked Blair Witch though abit. Mostly for just being a pretty straight forward attraction that was enjoyable IMO. Platform 15 though, yeah, the sooner it departs the better. Though I'm pretty certain Thorpe will just bring it back, as its easy to set up, and overall probably won't cost much. Even though its one of the worst attractions in the park's history.. So I agreed on most things, up to this. Now I disagree with this. Back in 2012, conga line mazes were the norm, but now, I would say they are the minority. Conga line mazes have certain ben
  7. This to me signifies that perhaps the maintenance team aren't given enough time to upkeep the coaster or that they need change the current way it is maintained. GCI's usually are very reliable, there is also no reason for Wickerman to be so problematic. It is one of the smaller GCI's, and one of the newest. I do think perhaps the park need to up their game with the maintenance. Look at Wodan, thats been running since 2012 and that nearly has a 1,000 feet of track on Wickerman. It also is paced a LOT faster, and Europa Park operate for much longer hours. I am sure that thing tears the track to
  8. Its a wooden coaster, they need in general more upkeep and regular retracking. I'm sure Merlin weren't oblivious to this when pitching Wickerman. This wouldn't be as bad with a RMC Hybrid, as the track would be steel. I do think Merlin really knew what they were buying with Wickerman, every GCI before and after it has needed the same upkeep and money to keep them up. I'm sure its going to need many more retracks. Colossos is even worse, that ride uses more expensive track. The answer to that question is yes IMO, they bought a wooden coaster. Its going to need looking after and main
  9. I wouldn't count Rameses as a ride as it was dead 90% of the time. And when it was open, it was walk on.
  10. This is a good point, though I would disagree with Wickerman. I feel the ride is butter smooth, and it is well maintained. Colossos is a different story, Intamn pre-fabs are notorious for being maintenance nightmares. This is why only a few where ever built, they require more maintenance than any RMC or GCI surely. And this with Merlin's neglect is what made Colossos such a failure. With RMC it really depends, Steel Vengeance isn't a B&M, but I would say its more reliable than the 4 intamins in the same park. It does seem to have a complex structure, though I don't wanna roast
  11. I'm just happy merlin are adding a flat ride. Alton next plz
  12. So I'm hoping the park take some drastic direction next year. This year can excused, but I definitely think the park in 2019 had a real top heavy lineup with 1 good maze and everything else being just okay. So for mazes, even though it would take a lot of effort, I think they have to use The Jungle building at some point. Thorpe have a few locations, but a lot of them are problematic. The Jungle once emptied would be ideal for any attraction, so I feel the park should really prep that building. With that I see Creek Freak returning in full form, I also see a scare zone or two from this ye
  13. Yeah honestly I feel superheroes in general have kind of lost traction over here in general. I feel they are much more appreciated over the pond. I think DC's rocky track record of movies in the past ten years hasn't helped. People know these characters, but I don't think they know much besides the name. I also doubt Merlin could get the rights. Six Flags kind of have a hold on DC. Like how Merlin has Lego. Six Flags also brand everything these days to DC IP's.
  14. Unfortunately Merlin run their parks much different to how Six Flags run things. Six Flags love to use their DC and Looney Tunes rights left and right, with Merlin the IP's are kind of spotty, and nowhere near as widespread as lets say Six Flags. With X/X No Way Out at Thorpe Park, its really just a small family roller coaster in a pyramid. The ride never really had much theming, even less than lets say The Dark Knight Coasters at Great Adventure and Great America. The ride was in pitch black darkness, and the queue line was just black corridors. It is a shame because if they did t
  15. Honestly I think people should know its not for kids right? Chessington is down the road.. No matter how you brand it, people still won't listen.. As a scare actor I have seen infants and even babies in a sling come through the mazes, its not the brands fault, but the people who are foolish. Most scare events do not have age restrictions. Even Alton Towers don't seem to properly enforce their 15+ restriction, I went through Sub Species when I was 13 for example. What could of they done? Ask for ID? The only ID you could have that age is a passport, and some people don't even h
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