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  1. Thorpe: the redheaded step-child of the Merlin family since 2016. Getting new screens and maybe a bench if we're lucky?
  2. I like it, though honestly I do prefer Dragster, Steel Vengeance, and Maverick over it. Its a good ride, that first drop kick ass, but I do kinda admit on the first ride I was slightly underwhelmed.
  3. In the 'typical average theme park' comment I meant Being completely minted of any money you ever had in your pocket Feeling constantly like a cattle in a cattle pen Some rides that really aren't much different from something at your local fair (but for $100!) Disney are great, but IMO there is parks that do things on a similar if not better scale to them. If I was given the choice between most Disney parks and Europa- I would choose Europa in a heartbeat. I didn't feel much magic, or even much immersion in their parks. Everest is brilliant but I never felt the parks are magical or immersive as a whole, but that is my controversial opinion.
  4. I'm really excited to visit Phantasialand this year. I adore Europa Park for it beauty and its charm and Phantasialand doesn't seem any different. I disagree for the most part. Look at Alton Towers, this park gets tons of investment and is very likely to receive the next coaster within the UK parks. Why is this the case? Competition.. Blackpool, Drayton, Flamingoland, LV, any trace of competition in UK market is in the North, hence why Alton still receives the biggest investments. Merlin know they have to invest in Alton to keep the park at the top of the market, the other parks promote Alton to be the best it can be. Chessington and Thorpe don't receive investment because what is their competition? Paulton? Dreamland? Lol. They rule the roost in the south, they could add nothing in the next 20 years and still be the best parks in the south.. Merlin just don't care, why should they invest in two parks that will still turn tons of profit without any investment whatsoever. Legoland is the one exception to this, but that park is a absolute cash cow and every new ride is a new shop full of profit to be made waiting to happen.. I think people spending more cash at Merlin Parks isn't the solution, its having more competition in the south to actually make Merlin care about their non Legoland-southern parks..
  5. For me its people who compare everything to Disney like its the best thing since sliced bread. The GP seem to view Disney with rose coloured glasses, they seem to forget about the overcrowding, long queues, overpriced crap, and how the park really is no different from the same crap we experience at your average theme park.
  6. As I said, there is much more urgent areas in need of life- Loggers and Old Town being worse than Amity Beach by miles. Amity Beach I think at least needs some kind of change in the future, that could be a bulldozer, or it could be a refurbishment. X No Way Out was Thorpe first big main coaster and a part of their history, didn't make it suck any less.. Hence why they changed it. And yeah man, my enthusiast agenda really doesn't mix with your Merlin-fanboy agenda lol
  7. In theory that sounds great, though even on sunny days the park seem to close it pretty randomly due to staff or maintenance.. It doesn't help that the British Summer more often than not fails us and people get wet from the rain than the beach.. I recon it probably operates 3-4 weeks throughout that time to weather, staff, and maintenance. Which isn't very long tbh. I honestly don't like Tidal Wave for a similar reason, though at least that is actually open even when nobody in the world wants to ride it. I might be in the minority, but I just don't like Amity Beach aesthetically. It gives me tacky pier vibes, it reminds me of Blackpool and thats not a good thing. I would certainly keep Depth Charge, but the whole beach area is a potential development waiting to happen IMO. Well, only behind the Loggers site, Slammer site, Old Town in general, the island next to Swarm, and the DBGT site when it closes in the next 5 years lol. I don't particularly like it but I guess there is more urgent areas in need right now..
  8. Amity Beach is tacky and rundown, Legoland's outdoor small water area does what Amity Beach does and does it a lot better. Amity Beach rarely opens and is entirely expendable, sure it does serve families but there is so much to be desired with Amity Beach, it is very dated and a eyesore when walking in. Thorpe got rid of X (a much better attraction for families), I don't know why Thorpe wouldn't want to pull the trigger on the beach..
  9. I think if people want to see concerts then they will go to an actual venue, not a budget setup in the middle of a theme park. Alton and Thorpe have both played with the concert idea and it definitely has proven underwhelming so I think the park won't bother in the future. If they had a actual stage and a way of organising the events better (like Europa does) then it might actually work, but currently they don't have that dedicated arena area. I honestly would like to see Amity Beach bulldozed for anything, I don't care if its a arena or a bouncy castle. I honestly think anything would be better than Amity Beach at the moment, its such a worthless and stupid waste of space. A tacky outdoor waterpark in the usually very overcast southeast england. At least Storm Surge appeals to a wider range, Amity Beach and the slides appeal to kids only on hot days only (which is once every blue moon..) It looks like a pile of crap to boot.
  10. Alton must be taking lessons from Europa in the 'cramming dark rides into small buildings' department lol
  11. I honestly think besides Paultons the Southern Merlin Cluster really do not have any competition. The London Resort is really only still a pipe-dream, even if it does get built it will be a long time until it properly opens. It might not even not end up threatening Merlin at all, it could totally fall on its face, its not even built yet! With that being said, I don't think Thorpe are building a coaster until they really have to. It isn't like they have any competitors or there is any other parks people can go to in that area (besides Paulton).
  12. This is exciting. I think Alton are starting the new decade on a positive with this. If its executed correctly it could be a good midway point between Cbeebies and Thirteen/Wickerman. Its also good to see the most neglected area of the park seeing a new ride and area.
  13. You better visit when I'm working this year! It was a shame I couldn't throw shade at you last year 😂
  14. JoshuaA


    Its alright for what is it I guess, a very small coaster for small children. Throughput will be a nightmare though, but then most of the park has a throughput less than average so it'll fit right in! God though this park needs gravity group asap.
  15. Yeah, totally agree. In the other post I kinda forgot about DBGT, because it sucks so bad. They can't even make the finale work anymore lol. I think onwards though I would be surprised if Merlin gave Thorpe anything more than a bench or another bouncy castle.
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