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  1. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    I think the real problem is Merlin and their greed for pure profit. Yes they suffered a loss from The Smiler disaster, but that was back in 2015.. The park made cuts back in 2016 which is fair enough, but you really think they would of sorted their sh** out by now? I think the difference is that Blackpool's rides usually don't get much of a queue anyway.. I went Easter Holidays last year on a "peak day" and everything was pretty much 10-30 minutes or in some cases.. Completely walk on. Okay staggered openings suck, but if the park's dead anyway.. It doesn't really affect my day. The Towers also lack the support rides that Blackpool has, okay you have Duel or Hex, other than that the lineup besides the coasters is very thin.
  2. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    I think Merlin's history with Gerstlauer would perhaps not make it the most likely thing to happen, I think the model itself is also kinda a thing of the past. I think if we're going to get a coaster there I think it would be perhaps something a tad more modern and marketable than a old ride model like a Jet Star II. Yes Jet Star II's are still being sold and bought by smaller parks but I think with Merlin being a major scale park, I think perhaps it would be a odd move.
  3. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    It isn't like the operations are that good either.. 5 minutes on a break run on a two train B&M? Europa keeps the upkeep of the park as well as running max trains with minimal stacking.. Breakdowns at Europa also only happen once in a blue moon.. You can focus on both.. Its just Merlin doesn't put in the extra effort when it comes to theming that parks like Europa do.. And most of Europa is OPEN in the winter too.. They have less time to refurbish stuff, but they still do it so the park looks nice for guests.. Knowing Thorpe/Merlin the wood will be re-done when the structure is falling apart and rotting.. Look at Tomb Blaster, Tidal Wave's fire effects, ect.. Another example is Loggers Leap.. That surely isn't being left to rot up due to operations eh?
  4. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    I think it comes down to how much the park takes care of the theming and structures- if this was Europa, that would of been sorted and refurbished ASAP as they actually care about the finer details and theming of their park.. Everything costs in a park, but some parks make the effort to do things they really don't have to do- Merlin really rarely do that.
  5. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    That would of been a much better addition but I think it really would be a unlikely place and ride model. With Schwarzkopf being defunct I think we wouldn't see another one at a Merlin Park. Especially after Black Hole was scrapped due to Health and Safety standards (correct me if I'm wrong) I'm not sure that plot of land would be plausible to have a coaster plonked on it too? Money is another thing.. Spraying a bunch of black and red paint on X probably is the cheaper move..
  6. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    I think I'll find more intensity in checking my facebook news feed than this at midnight..
  7. Fear on a Ride

    I think the post above me really is true. Fear and intensity really is quite addictive when it comes to rides- it makes some rides for me, Baco for example always makes me anxious on the build up to the launch. The fear is part of the fun- especially when you are with a group of mates and you can laugh afterwards about how you just became a nervous wreck for a few minutes. I have a massive fear of Drop Towers (Detonator makes me terrified!) But I plan to finally do Hurkan Condor at PA, just remember the amount of adrenaline and relief you will get after the ride will be a insane and fun feeling, and you'll probably be back again later for more!
  8. Fear on a Ride

    I agree that Dragons Fury is actually pretty snappy and intense compared to some of Alton's rides. The Smiler is really just inversion after inversion followed by a inversion, not very intense, just sickly. Oblivion is really all about the tension and anxiety of going up the lift hill, but the drop itself is fun but not really scary. I guess just slowly build up the rides next time, thats what I did when I first did all the main rides. I built up the courage to go on Rita, after that I insisted that I would try Nemesis and Air, then I finally built enough courage to do Oblivion all in the same day- I think the more rides you do the more confidence and courage you get.
  9. DBGT is just really boring to me.. The pre-show is good, the final scare with the shop is good, everything else bores the hell out of me. I guess Thorpe wanted to find the most amusing way to flush 10-30 million quid down the bog.
  10. General Discussion

    They had a very similar version to the RAP when I went there so.. They are very strict with it though and I don't think its commonly used at all. When did you last visit? I remember on my first visit it was pretty much the same thing but last year they gave out a pass and it seemed like they overall organised it a lot better.
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    I think planning and preparation is great until every ride you go-to breaks down.. Luck is a massive factor I think when it comes to ride-counts, as you can plan all you like but you never know when a ride is gonna breakdown and how long it will be down for. For example the other day in Thorpe I was hanging around Stealth (having a bite to eat) which was down for quite a few hours. Just after I finished eating the ride was back up and I was exactly at the right place at the right time so I got on Stealth walk-on, easy. This wasn't planning, pure luck. Though obviously good operations and reliable rides (Europa) usually put the luck much more in your favor.
  12. 2018 General Discussion

    Inferno was dreadful on Friday too. I could of played a game of chess on the brake-run..
  13. General Discussion

    Merlin Parks in general usually have ridiculous amounts of RAP users.. Maybe its exploitation or just poor execution of the system but every non Merlin Park I visit seems to be shocking in comparison to the Merlin RAP. In PA even on a busy day you are lucky to see somebody using PA's version of the RAP, I saw one or two over the space of two days. In Europa I didn't see a single other person using it.. But then again with Europa the queues are pretty manageable anyway. I guess the staff probably were really not the problem at guest services, its the poor system that Merlin has for the RAP. Well, its different at Legoland.. Legoland's RAP is just..
  14. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    So I gave this a ride today and overall here is some pros and cons: Pros: Decent theming throughout the ride A few cool special effects during the ride, the exit corridor also had a few neat smell pods Cons: The corridors between the pre-show and the ride were kinda atmosphere-killing and a fire exit door being open didn't help.. The finale felt really poorly executed, one actor in a corridor? really? The lighting and audio also very understated so it lacked any urgency whatsoever. It was down for quite a few hours. I got at the park about 12 and I didn't see the ride open until around 3PM. Overall: Meh. I think that explains my opinion on the experience. The ride now has a few neat special effects and some theming, but overall the experience is let down by its finale and the corridors between parts of the ride kinda ruin the atmosphere.
  15. Oakwood

    I think we all just need to move to Rust, Germany.