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  1. JoshuaA

    Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    The website has added more info on the changes in both The Colony and The Cellar. This leads me to believe that there is going to be a lot gas masks and fog in The Colony this year, other than that it probably won't be too different. I'm hoping they introduce a new finale that will revolve around the 'toxic gas' idea so we don't get the chainsaw cop-out again, but I doubt it. I would be surprised if they actually extend it, its long enough as it is! I'm hoping this means The Cellar gets some TLC some season, it somewhat was hit/miss last year and I think its about time we saw a few changes. I doubt its going to get much of a extension but hopefully they change around the rooms a little too spice things up a little. Maybe the cage from last year was hinting more to this?
  2. JoshuaA

    Fear on a Ride

    Yeah chavs sadly are very present at Thorpe, you will probably find Alton much better as overall the crowds (bar travellers day) are usually much less of a pain. With your fear I think the best thing is to do is to just not think about it and just hop in the queue line, don't compare any other coasters to the ride in question, just hop in the queue and give it a go. When I went to Portaventura this year I had a huge fear of Hurakan Condor, this fear mainly came from me comparing Detonator to Hurakan Condor, Detonator left me shaken after every ride so how could I possibly do something 3 times the size? It turned out Hurakan Condor wasn't as intense as Detonator anyway. I shouted and screamed all the way up the tower and I trembled like a leaf but it came one of my favorites in the park, I think fear on rides is more of us building the ride up to be something terrifying, most of the time we get off realizing how stupid we were for being so afraid! Maybe you'll overcome this fear this year or in 5 years, do it at your own pace. With Alton I have to say maybe try Nemesis (sure its intense but its smooth and a great ride) to get used to inverting. The Smiler is probably another good option but obviously inverting 14 times in a few minutes might be a little overwhelming.
  3. JoshuaA

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I honestly think BPB really missed the mark on marketing, sure the new ad looks great but summer is coming to a close and it feels a little too late tbh.
  4. JoshuaA

    Canada’s Wonderland

    I think the layout looks decent before the MCBR and I like the drop under Vortex but I think it won't be the best dive coaster. I have heard a lot of people saying the vest restraints on Valravn kill the weightlessness on the drop so I'm guessing this might have a similar issue.. The ending of the ride also looks dreadful, at least Valravn has that cool zero-g roll at the end. Overall I think this will be a fun ride but not anything to scream about.
  5. JoshuaA

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    I honestly think that Containment going really isn't a loss, honestly it wasn't worth the money IMO and I think it won't be missed at all. I wouldn't mind a third Walking Dead maze, I think as long as they make it well themed and fun that is one step above what Containment ever was. I think Platform and Big Top returning will be enough to make the event as good as last year, Living Nightmare is also a decent maze IMO. Sanctum I hope they heavily change and extend, if so then it could be a really good warm-up attraction for the bigger mazes. Saw Alive will probably be mundane as per usual, but if the new maze is good then I think this could be a great lineup.
  6. JoshuaA

    SAW: The Ride

    I think maybe its just a rough transition on Gerstlauer's part? Like The Smiler's jolt on the cobra roll and the final corkscrew?
  7. JoshuaA

    Merlin Entertainments

    Innovation in the industry is a good thing, but in some cases Merlin are needlessly complicated, look at the Ghost Train! The heavy reliance on VR makes the attraction incredibly unreliable, and ironically the best parts of the attraction are the non VR sections! Honestly I think Thorpe could of done a Vekoma Madhouse with a pre-show and that would of been better than The Ghost Train! Its the more simple aspects of the attraction that are the most enjoyable IMO! Like the theming and final Dungeon style effect. Using new technology and doing different stuff is good, but if the technology is unreliable and inferior to a more traditional ride, then whats the damn point? Merlin could of easily built a madhouse/tracked dark ride for fractions of what The Ghost Train cost and it would of been more reliable and more enjoyable!
  8. JoshuaA

    Rameses Revenge

    Its beyond obvious we're getting a Aquatrax to replace it.
  9. JoshuaA

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    I think 2017 was actually a decent year for the event.. Platform and Big Top were both really strong IMO and Living Nightmare was fairly good. Sure the events atmosphere is a bit weak with a roaming team that sometimes you forget exist at all and decorations that look like a really tacky halloween party, but maze wise I think the event is better than ever. Hopefully they improve that this year..
  10. JoshuaA

    Park Operations

    Had a great day at Thorpe today! Queues were 5-30 minutes for most of the day for the main rides and the all the main coasters were on two trains! Stacking is still present on Colossus and a tad on Swarm, though it seemed much better than last time. I think after 3 rides on Saw today I have to say I think the Saw team deserve a medal, the batches were lightning quick and the queue moved really damn fast. All of the main coasters didn't break down/close throughout the day despite the horrible rain, overall very impressed.
  11. If I'm being honest I find the Ghost Train dull by this point, I think its one of the most boring dark rides to grace the industry.. I think with every ride the more I dislike it, the finale is the only really section that doesn't put me to sleep.. The unreliability does not help either.. I think some dark rides like Hex you can experience them multiple times a year and still enjoy it, with the Ghost Train I felt bored on my first ride of the year..
  12. JoshuaA


    Anyway going back on topic, its bad to see Vortex having so much downtime as it does usually eat up the queues quite nicely and usually its one of the more reliable flats.. I really think Thorpe soon will need to do some work/replace some of their flats soon, Vortex might not make it for much longer at this rate.. Samurai is a even more drastic case.. Well at least they have flat rides unlike Alton I guess..
  13. JoshuaA

    Dreamland Margate

    Honestly I think Screamland need more quality than quantity.. Last year was really a poor showing with Crank Jack being really the only saving grace.. The rest of the mazes felt incredibly half-arsed compared to 2016, I think they really need to up the quality of their current mazes before adding more.. The prices as per usual at Screamland are very good and are worth it just for the rides, hopefully this year they bring back the creativity that 2016 had in the mazes. I know it probably will not happen but it would awesome if they bring back The Paradise Foundation! That maze really deserved a better run than 1 year, that maze was perhaps one of the most creative themes to grace the scare attraction world and it left us after one year! From memory you can leave and enter as many times as you want. Dead and Breakfast and The Final Cut are/were even outside of the main park! The Margate seafront is far from pretty though so don't expect anything too nice lol.
  14. JoshuaA

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    They never replace their flats anyway. Ripsaw got turned into a tacky game stall, Submission is just free space, and Sub Terra just got left to rot. Toadstools probably has the same fate..
  15. JoshuaA

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Christ that is another flat gone.. Enterprise and The Blade remain.. Which are also both are at the end of their life.. Merlin really need to add some flat rides/revamp the current ones as the supporting lineup for the park is absolute bollo**s.. Also the whole 'its TLC' crap is kind of annoying now, how they operated Toadstools was anything but love and care..