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  1. JoshuaA

    Complaints, complaints and complaints.

    Negative Paragraph: Every investment non coaster related 2010 and onwards for the most part has been terrible, tacky, or just a complete waste of money or time. Look at how Europa do small-medium investments such as Columbus or Whale Tours, make improvements without slapping on a outdated IP! Or if not, add a cool flat ride, no tacky IPs or stupid USP, build a ride that is fun. Positive Paragraph: The Swarm. Not the most forceful coaster but a reliable B&M nevertheless, the heavy theming around it is also very cool and it just works with the isolation of the area so well. The near-misses elements are also something I have to praise Merlin and Thorpe for, awesome! Credit also has to go for turning X:NWO into X, X was a simple but just great staple for the families who Thorpe wanted to attract, it also gave a unpopular coaster a new lease on life and it seemed to be way more popular!
  2. JoshuaA

    2018 General Discussion

    Yikes.. Tbh I'm not surprised in the slightest, Colossus had a awful year of dispatches, every single time I rode Colossus the operations were consistently awful. Inferno was very hit/miss this year but was slightly surprised at how long it took, that is worse than usual! Stealth and Saw are no surprise, the crew on both rides seemed pretty decent on my visits. When compared to other European parks Thorpe looks pretty bad, heck Taylor even did the same style video for PA and the dispatches overall were a little better than Thorpe. Thorpe need to up their game, when PA can out-do you on dispatches you know you have fu**ed up..
  3. JoshuaA

    Next Roller Coaster

    Theme it X factor and you have yourself a Merlin addition.
  4. JoshuaA

    Tayto Park

    I'm pretty sure its a new gen of SLC's, so no swinging. I'm guessing they dropped the name SLC due to their reputation, hopefully this new name solidifies that Vekoma are now a company who are far past head smashing machines. I think this is a great fit for Tayto, Vekoma right now are really on the up so working with them for a major thrill ride is a smart decision, its probably a more affordable option too.
  5. JoshuaA

    Blackpool Central

    Looks amazing but I just don't see it happening or being successful, especially in Blackpool. Blackpool is kinda a shell of its former self right now and there is so many attractions that exist currently like BPB, Sandcastle, Ripleys, and all the Merlin crap that already kinda soak up the tourists (what is left of them) so I'm interested whether this will bring more people in or will just completely fail. I hope this does bring more people to the town but I have my doubts. If done right though I guess this could propel Blackpool back to the destination it was once was.
  6. JoshuaA

    Is there a maximum length for hair

    This actually made me manically laugh. This is why I love this forum. ?
  7. JoshuaA

    Next Roller Coaster

    I think with Swarm the near misses and theming make it probably one of the better wing-riders out there, sure its length is awful but other than that it was a great investment IMO. I think Swarm and X were the last good investments in Thorpe's recent history, everything 2014 present has ranged from awful to meh IMO. For the next ride I want something with no gimmicks, no stupid themes, just a coaster with a good layout that is full of airtime and a theme that is not horror or drab.. Theme wise I would love something colorful, Smiler I think stands out so much due to its brighter colors and more playful tone.
  8. JoshuaA

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    So I can confirm I'm coming, though unfortunately I will probably have to leave after the group meal.
  9. JoshuaA

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    I'm gonna try and attend my first meet this year! I can't give a definitive answer as I might be working but gonna try and get the 15th off.
  10. JoshuaA

    Fright Nights 2019 - General Discussion

    I didn't visit any events last month due to work but I have to say from reviews/povs this year seems like one of the most shambolic years to date. I think its a shame considering Fright Nights pre 2015 was considered a huge name and a trailblazer in the industry, sure a lot of people blame 2013 for bringing in IP's but Cabin and MBV were still pretty decent experiences that successfully worked the free flow concept that is now becoming more popular across mazes in the industry. I think with Thorpe perhaps it is just competition rising across the industry? 2015 was a dreadful year for FN, but that was only amplified by Tulleys upping their lineup to 8 that year, Alton introducing one of their best lineups to date, or Xtreme Scream introducing the amazing looking Ash Hell. I think post 2015 the event has somewhat been a few steps behind the other big events, sure Big Top (2016-2017) and Platform (2017) were amazing but the rest of the lineup were generally mixed.. This year I think sees an all time low for the event, sure some of the roamers look great but there is no maze that looked like a "go to" this year, which I think is really depressing in a event that on some years had 2-4 mazes on that par! I think next year the event needs some fresh concepts, something unique that is just different to anything currently on park. I also hope they add some extra scare zones and keep a good atmosphere across the park.
  11. JoshuaA

    2019 Season

    Honestly for 2019 I want the park to take a direction and stick to it.. 2013-2015 made the park so much more family friendly with X being somewhat of a 'go to' coaster for everyone in the family, with that direction they could of easily made DBGT a tad more family friendly but instead we had the whole 'scariest thing ever' approach again and The Walking Dead just undid all the work they did back in 2013-2015.. I think Loggers returning is a long-shot.. Its a bad state ATM and it'd probably be a huge burden to get it back operating for next year. I really hope we get a Slammer replacement but I think perhaps that could be a 2020 thing, I think a Huss Giant Frisbee or a Gerst Sky Fly would be a great replacement.
  12. JoshuaA

    Drayton Manor

    So after seeing a video by our lord and savior aka Shawn Sanbrooke- its official.. I think its gonna be a big loss for the park in their thrill lineup, also from memory G Force is one of the main things you see when entering the park so its going to be weird with it not being there.. I do understand its removal though, it seemed to be a maintenance nightmare and Drayton probably aren't in the financial position to pay for the upkeep. I think the park perhaps might completely focus on the family market I guess, Thomas seems to draw in the crowds just fine so I guess perhaps G force won't be too bad of a loss? It was a pretty awkward ride anyway. I remember it being incredibly painful.
  13. JoshuaA

    Park Operations

    I think there is a huge problem with the RAP, and no, its not people who 'look normal', ADHD/Autism/ECT are all conditions that in some cases are viable and do need the RAP, though the way the system means it very easy to get one and abuse it! I had a friend who had epilepsy and got a doctors note a few years ago, since then she has had the all clear- when she last went to Thorpe she simply changed the date of the note and got a RAP.. Another issue is staff, when I last used a RAP the staff didn't sign once! There was two hours queue on Colossus that day so they really should of signed it, but no, they CBA.. I think group numbers should be capped too.. I have seen groups with 1 rap user and 5 friends tagging along.. The system really needs a shakeup..
  14. If this is the case I think it would of been much better if they just merged Deadwood and Blair, now Blair is going to be 1 second long and Deadwood probably will feel like a poor man's Blair Witch.. Blair's entrance probably is now going to be crammed in awkwardly next to Vulcan.. It would of saved the park staffing and setting up queues if they just merged it.. Stupid IMO... I think Thorpe at this point are more concerned about the quantity of their attractions rather than the quality.. If Blair's layout starts near Vulcan then it might honestly be the shortest and most pointless maze to ever exist. Absolutely agreed. I'm hoping they use the beach next year, they could even install a maze on each side!
  15. Honestly I'm not going to FN this year unless it gets rave reviews.. The fact its 20 quid for MAP holders just makes me wanna spend a extra 5 quid or so and go down to Screamland or any other event.. The Screamland lineup also looks really damn strong this year, I overall just don't feel it with FN this year with the lineup.. Sure there is a crap ton of mazes and attractions, but none of them bar Platform and LN to a certain degree really make me wanna come to FN.. Deadwood could be fun I guess, but again not really a maze that really draws me in.. Hopefully the event does deliver this year but honestly I feel heavily pessimistic about the lineup this year.