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  1. Yeah easily a good #1 coaster for the park as currently their lineup doesn't really have a clear number one coaster. I think this will be more like Zadra though and less like Steel Vengeance (based on speed more than airtime).
  2. JoshuaA

    Top 10's

    Cos we are reaching the end of 2019 I thought I would do some highlights for this year Top Ten New Credits: 1. Steel Vengeance- Airtime machine+everything else that makes coasters fun 2. Maverick- Few aggressive pops of air, whippy transitions, amazing launch and drop. 3. TTD- One trick pony, though smooth and forceful launch and small lap bar makes it better than Stealth, and leagues above Red Force's pothole launch.. 4. Goliath- Nowhere near the level of Steel Vengeance but 2 very solid airtime moments and the zero g make it still kick ass. 5. Millennium Force-Long ride, fast, smooth, fun. First drop is amazing too. 6. Magnum- Final few hills try to kill you 7. Viper- Kinda goes under the radar, but fun woodie with good airtime and a classic woodie feel. Love it. 8. Raptor- Fun invert. Helix is the highlight, that cobra roll holds it back for me though. 9. Superman- Pretzel loop, everything else is meh. Pretzel loop still slays though. 10. Joker- I strangely enjoyed my first freespin. I would take it over boreRavn any day of the week. Loved how chaotic it was. Dishonourable Mentions: Valravn for its rattle and forcelessness, Raging Bull for being the worst hyper yet by miles. Honourable Mentions: Corkscrew for being better than Valravn and actually fun, Gemini for having airtime and being a good time, V2 for being kinda not talked about despite having a great drop towards the back. PS: Forgot Wickerman, but Wickerman is awesome and would probably be #6
  3. Thorpe Park X6 Alton X1 Europa X2 Chessington X10 Cedar Point X4 Six Flags Great America X3 Tulley's (if it counts??) X20 lol Had a decent year, Cedar Point and Great America being two highlights.
  4. Its a clever scare but with the large groups I think it just doesn't really work. I also think it feels a little like a afterthought. If it came back I would hope they went all out like EX10 or Sub Species.
  5. So I know I'm late to the train for this one, but I thought I would finally publish my honest thoughts on the lineup this year. Living Nightmare: This was a disappointment for me this year, in 2017 the maze had some incredibly energetic actors who really ran the space and managed to weave in and out of the large groups, this year I felt the actors got a little trapped in between the conga lines. I went on the first sunday too, one of the quietest days to visit, it just felt quite empty at times. Hopefully it improved over the run but Living Nightmare for me was OK, the finale with the costumes though are very cool and is something I really liked. Platform 15 Platform in 2017 was one of my favourite mazes, period. I only experienced this maze in the day this year though I honestly think it wouldn't of been much better in the dark TBH.. Platform 15 this year simply didn't have enough going on in comparison to 2017. In 2017 sure they were lulls but moments such as the train and the village were gripping and intense, this year both felt kinda weak and a shadow of what it used to be. New ending is interesting though the tunnel section wasn't as good as 2017 with 2017 having some brilliant scares with torches, this year just saw the tunnel being mostly empty.. Overall, meh. Creek Freak: Creek Freak really has everything- brilliant actors, brilliant set, length, crawl sections, chainsaws, intensity... Its not quite as intense as Asylum or quite as fun as Big Top, but this easily is the best attraction of Fright Nights this year and probably one of the best mazes to ever exist at the event. Both run throughs left me laughing and running in equal measure, I found the maze was swarming with actors in places and the multi-route sections combined with creative actors make every run through different. I loved how Thorpe tackled a mini Sub Species style section with various points where you can be split up, I felt Thorpe really integrated this in well and it added a extra layer of dread while walking through. Overall a solid addition to Fright Night this year and easily the most fun I had all night. Do Or Die: This was hard for me. The actors inside were really going for it! They really are a brilliant cast and it really pains me to be so negative about this maze.. Despite top tier acting, some of the set just lets it down. I have heard they have isolation chambers in the first container which is a great idea but on my run throughs they were not used at all.. I honestly think the heavy popularity of the event makes using that technique hard, unless you go all out like E10 did.. Do or Die is surely interesting but overall as a attraction it falls flat, the actors do redeem it a little though. Like Platform and LN, its OK. Blair Witch: Solid maze- has some issues with it being quite a open space at times though actors generally were rocking it. I didn't get a single scare in here but its not a bad maze, I do think its more of a support maze than anything though. Containment: Actors really made this brilliant- didn't take itself too seriously, plenty of humour, a few good scares, and some changes to the first two rooms. Compared to 2016-2017 Containment feels so refined and polished, such a fun experience and I don't regret a penny of the upcharge cost.
  6. #BringBackTheVolt If they ditch Vixi or Chop, please give us a maze with electric shocks again.
  7. *Double post* Here is my full recap/review of all the mazes: Creepy Cottage Excellent little maze that is a complete classic. Its not the biggest, baddest, or most flashy maze. But its great fun and a good introduction maze for those who perhaps haven't experienced a maze yet. VIXI: I had a good run through this! Actors seemed to be everywhere and the hoods seem to block out the light more than previous years, I couldn't see anything at all this year! Its not the best maze but its something different to other 9 mazes. It adds variety to the lineup IMO. I do think it might need refreshing soon though! It was the first hooded maze after all and has been pretty untouched since 2011! Chop Shop Had a solid run through. I do think it is on its last legs though. Wreckoning Potential is there, theming is outstanding and actors have a pretty unique angle being pirates and all. Sadly the maze feels dead in some places and its a shame! I think with a few more actors and a few tweaks to the maze itself next year could really make this into a standout attraction. Twisted I'm not going to review Twisted as I don't think I can fairly review it TBH lol. Cellar Good run through. I got completely murdered in the cage section. Coven: Coven has always been a maze I thought could be elite if it had a better finale. This year Coven got that finale. Now it is easily one of the strongest mazes at the park. Hayride: Hayride was brilliant. Some of the new sets are beautiful and the actors are rock solid. The nuns singing 'like a virgin' is one of the best things I have seen in a scare attraction. Such a laugh. Circus Of Horrors: This really worked! Funny, a bit freaky, and campy. It really suits Tulleys IMO, sure it is a scream park but Tulleys are not afraid to be fun! The show really makes a nice break in between mazes too! Wastelands: My favourite maze of this year. Theming is stunning, queueline is even themed! Area around it is brilliant with roaming actors being hilarious and the show is fun too! Main maze is brilliant with the cage section being by far one of the best strobe mazes I have experienced. It is easily on the same level as TOTT or Big Top, its crazy in there! Tulleys really brought their A game this year IMO. My jaw dropped when I walked through Wastelands for the first time.
  8. I think its to avoid people thinking the queue lines always close at 11:30 on the dot. If the queue is fairly large then they might need to close the queue earlier so everyone (the actors, security, and everyone else) leaves the farm by 12. I do think what you have said probably is a issue though. 9 mazes+ Circus Of Horrors is a lot to do and when I went I only just got round everything once, its not easy by any means!
  9. JoshuaA

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I think Merlin perhaps have just stopped seeing the potential growth of the park and that is why we are seeing little to no investment. Literally every park at the mo is receiving decent investment beside Thorpe. Like when you compare Thorpe to other Merlin parks it is quite sad. Alton: CCL Retheme Legoland: Kiddie Cred Chessington: Rameses replacement Thorpe: Nothing Back in 2012 Thorpe was seemingly going to overtake Alton with its rapid and exciting coaster and flat ride investments.. Look at where we are now..
  10. JoshuaA

    Thorpe Park 2020

    Honestly wouldn't mind that. Thorpe Park is more of a amusement park anyway, like at least it would be a permanent addition and something that will last 10 years+ or so.. I would take a Breakdance over recent current additions. I would rather have a breakdance than nothing at all..
  11. JoshuaA

    Thorpe Park 2020

    It is a shame as a new ride is exactly what they need.. A permanent flat ride or a roller coaster is what Thorpe needs now. With the current state of Thorpe I would be very happy with a S&S Freespin or just any flat ride, anything that is permanent and new would be appreciated..
  12. I went as a guest last night and honestly Wastelands blew me away and then some. The theming is incredible and the maze just feels like a breathe of fresh air for Tulleys. The roamers around the area were also brilliant and made me grin before even getting into the queue. The rest of the lineup was also pretty solid!
  13. I like this! Sure it is a IP, though this IP is relevant and hopefully will stand the test of time. I really am glad CCL is getting re-themed, its been in dire need for a while now. Overall decent addition, if only Thorpe got something permanent or actually relevant like this..
  14. You should be able to if you allow for enough time. Thursday should have low to moderate queues but there is a lot to be done at Tulleys so as long as you are arriving early you should be able to get everything done just fine. I recommend starting at the back of the park first as Coven, Cottage, and Vixi tend to be dead at the start of the night (Cottage however is always dead lol). I also recommend leaving Hayride and Chop until it gets dark as both I think are much better when it is darker (Chop has no roof). After the back of the park I think everything is generally fair game. Biggest queue you'll have will probably be Hayride but everything else will probably be around 5-15 minutes. Oh and make sure to spend some time just walking around, the street actors are brilliant and something you should experience along with the attractions. Have fun, make sure to check out Twisted 😉 will see you there!
  15. I have been to two Six Flags parks and one Cedar Fair park and honestly I really hope Cedar Fair stick to their guns, both chains run their parks so differently anyway I think it would be crazy for Cedar Fair parks to go under Six Flags rule. Six Flags parks in general I feel just are tacky and lack charm, Great America had brilliant coasters and food but the operations of the place and overall charm was non existent..
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