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  1. Probably better off if they ask Theme Park Talkwide for ideas.. Or even the GP.. Isn't like IAC or Angry Birds were the most smart of IP choices 😉
  2. When this rumour came around I honestly thought no way would Flamingo invest in this so I am pleasantly surprised. As much as Colossus is awful the newer models look like actually quite good rides (Intamin learned their lesson) so I have no doubt this will be a hit at the park.
  3. God! I'm disgusted but also excited to see how they can make the plot and timeline make even less sense 🤣
  4. More Saw films? Who the hell asked for more of those? I'm glad the IP is sticking around though as the theming is currently quite good for Merlin and a retheme would probably spoil it a little.
  5. Yep I think it'll be a Altair Clone so it will have the curved drop and lap bars. I have to admit that this is pretty exciting for Flamingo Land!
  6. With 'experiences' I except something like shows or something that is subtle and fits in with the park like the little fountain show at Europa or the singing bird at Portaventura. Something that fits in with the area and is subtle. This looks like fun but subtle it is not. If they tried VR on one of the coasters I would also not mind, sure its not the best but its a experiment. If Thorpe wants to add experiences they need to realise things like IAC and Saw Alive need changing, people get bored, shows need changing to keep it interesting for people returning.. Also they need to consider doing 'proper' shows, look at the pirate show at Legoland, that is truly a great experience to break up the rides. Look I'm mostly being negative because the park used to be better than this (in terms of having a image and a soul) and I feel like Thorpe has really fell behind Alton Towers in the past 5 years, I would love to sit here and say that the park is perfect but its not IMO and I don't wanna butter up my opinions. Thorpe and Merlin can win! Altons Towers and Chessington actually right now are IMO on the up. Alton just added a coaster that gives them the best lineup in the UK, Chessington is starting to rise out of its dark days and is no longer the butt of the joke with Tiger Rock and Gruffalo being actually good investments. Thorpe ever since 2013 has lacked direction, adding X in 2013 before hastily removing it recently for TWD. IAC which lasted a few seasons, trying to market to families but then right after adding DBGT, trying to appeal the year after to families with two recycled kiddie flats that are out of place. A year after the kiddie flats the marketing turned all "this park is scary!" which I think just confused everyone, not even sure Thorpe know their customer base is anymore.. They lack identity.. I wouldn't say the park is 'trying out new things' and more 'they don't know what their fu** they are doing anymore'.. At least with Bouncezilla it'll be gone next year so if it does lose popularity fast then they can hastily get rid of it and we can all forget.. When it comes to park appearance I would say honestly its mixed. Sure some areas do like nice, Stealth does, Saw does.. But when you have the concrete at Colossus, the state of Inferno's Queueline, the wood on Swarm's station, Old Town's very realistic derelict theme, is it really that good? Is this the standard that we should consider good? With the whole "its a business" route, so is pretty much every other theme park. Its not something unique to Thorpe. Though if you think about it Thorpe has it easy compared to pretty much every other non merlin park because they are operated by one of the biggest operators in the world. If you think running costs are bad at Thorpe imagine how the independent parks that see 1/100 of the attendance that Thorpe does deals with the running costs..
  7. Cedar Point also have two Snoopy themed areas so the giant themed inflatable themed to Snoopy probably comes pretty natural.. Cedar Point's blends in with the park, Bouncezilla doesn't. Pretty big difference. Cedar Point doesn't really even have much of themed areas and they still get the memo.
  8. JoshuaA

    Top 10's

    **Trigger warning** 😂😂
  9. I know that. But something small like removing the gum from Inferno's queue or properly doing Swarm's station would of been wayyyy better than this. The park right now need is dire need of small improvements and some areas do just need a bit of tidying up (Old Town).. True, but the park hasn't received a coaster since 2012. Alton in that time has got two coasters that are IMO better than anything at Thorpe. DBGT was expensive but it was also a massive liability and a car crash of a investment. They didn't "revamp it" the year after, they had to add a dungeons style ending to make the attraction remotely decent. That extra room probably didn't cost too much anyway, most of the money for DBGT I think went in the VR sections (the worst bits imo). The re-theme of of X probably didn't cost much too. Some black paint and some barbed wire from screwfix shouldn't of cost too much, the ride has grown on me overtime (its not bad) but it certainly was more of a small investment than anything.. The park also recently lost a large flat ride and their log flume which has a decent amount of space, you'd think they would think about developing that pretty large area but no.. Or at least removing it so it doesn't look derelict..
  10. Its okay to make silly little additions like this when your park isn't semi-derelict and it doesn't clash with the park/area's atmosphere.
  11. Still would ruin the area. If the Colossus area wasn't already so drained of its theme Bouncezilla must be the nail in the coffin for the area. Remember Thorpe in most respects is still a theme park. It ruins the immersion (the little that is left at Thorpe) .. My other reasons are 2 posts below. They spent money on this when the main park is in desperate need of some permanent support attractions and major rides need refurbishing..
  12. Its all good in the short-term, just like IAC, DBGT, Nemesis Sub Terra, ect. But in the long term this a just waste of budget that doesn't really add much to the park at all. Sure it'll be gone by next year, but they could of done so many things this year with the budget and they chose this.. A lot of people complain about Merlin never really having the foresight to think about the long-term when it comes to their investments, I think Bouncezilla is just another smaller example of this. So many things could of been done this year that would have been more beneficial to the park in the long term- Swarm's Station, Inferno's Queue, Colossus not just being hastily filled with concrete, a flat ride in Slammer's place, Old Town being spruced up and Loggers being dismantled. Maybe next year they should just add seasonal rides everywhere, who cares about the main park that is literally rotting? Loggers Leap's space at this rate won't see any change or development until Alton receives SW12.. I think some trampolines next to Swarm would be fitting, maybe just play some EDM in The Swarm area next? That would be fun.
  13. Would everyone just be okay then if the park add a used pinfari to replace Nemesis, a Wacky Worm to replace Stealth and The Waltzers in the place of Swarm? This is not some tacky funfair, its one of the biggest theme parks in the UK..
  14. I currently think Skyforce is the best flat in the country but Quantum is certainly a very good flat ride and easily my favourite one at Thorpe. I think its a shame it hasn't opened yet, hopefully it opens soon.
  15. Yeah Wodan is absolutely bae 😍 in the rain it feels even faster. Agreed on Blue Fire, feels like a B&M, so buttery smooth and perfect.
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