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  1. I think more transport is a step in the right direction as current buses are a pain in the ar**..
  2. I think its probably unlikely they will actually get it but if they do it will be a great addition! I presume this has lap bars so it will probably ride a lot better than Colossus and it isn't like its near anyway. Overall I think it would be a great addition for the more northern theme parks. I would rather have this than a Volare any day of the damn week.. Hero makes Infusion look like fun..
  3. *This blog is getting bumped rip* So I have to admit that during late 2017/early 2018 I was incredibly cynical and skeptical over Wickerman during its construction. the layout to me just looked really mediocre and in a way I just writ off because its layout looked a bit naff to me, I think this was amplified even more due to Wodan being my only experience with GCI and with it being more than double the height and size of Wickerman. " ... So last year as a enthusiast I kinda failed. I only visited Lego, Chessie, and Thorpe, I just didn't get round to going up north and riding Wickerman or Icon. Even worse my only only abroad park was Portaventura.. Yuck.. Thorpe is better than.. This year though I think I am somewhat going to redeem myself. I'm heading to Europa in May and going to Six Flags GMerica and Cedar Point in June, I'm not gonna fail like I did last year.. One trip this year though left me with "would I make it?" and that was Alton Towers. After a bunch of last minute plans I finally headed to ride Wickerman, I would finally be able to form a proper opinion on the ride. So after a 3 hour drive I headed into the park for ERT and a early ride on Wickerman. I have to say it looks pretty sexy from afar.. So I have to admit I wasn't expecting a pre-show, it caught me off guard a little. Overall the pre-show was kinda neat, it certainly was well done but I found it was a little dark for a coaster that has a 1.2 restriction, I also felt on repeat rides it got a little old too.. After exiting the pre-show I was very lucky to be instantly batched to the front row on my first ride, I nearly snogged the guy giving out the rows. So as soon I get off Wickerman I was instantly very impressed- its well paced, fun, full of airtime pops and some fun GCI banks. The coaster is a lot better than I was giving it credit for, its really what Alton needed. The theming around the ride adds to the ride in a fun way (especially in the front row) and the main structure itself looks very cool. The coaster I found had a few minor pops of air in the front but had some pretty aggressive ejector pops in the back, if you want a more intense ride I would say the back is your best bet, especially on the first drop! The coaster runs very much like Wodan, it has a constant fast pace to it and never seems to slow down, its also decently long too. The coaster itself was running three trains on my visit (which is great for a merlin park!) but it did stack quite a bit so don't expect Wodan style capacity. Overall Wickerman is probably my favorite on park and maybe even my favorite in the UK. Its not quite as insane as Wodan but its still a great ride in its own right and is a great ride for those who can't be arsed to go to Europa or Toverland. Wickerman is proof that Merlin can build good rides, hopefully Merlin decide to add more GCI's in the future.. #Thorpe4GCI 8/10 With that last post, I wasn't wrong.. But Wickerman is brilliant for this country and I'm glad I can get my GCI fix closer to home now. 3 rides on this beast only hyped me more to ride Wodan again. Hope you enjoyed the review
  4. I think the main park really needs attention before a hotel..
  5. It looks fab. Probably not going to be a scratch on Wildfire but nevertheless its a RMC so its going to be good.. I swear RMC invent a million new elements with each project... Remember Storm Chaser and its "trick track double up"?
  6. Did Room On The Broom with my nephew last Sunday and overall I wouldn't say its bad, but it could of been way much better. As the post above me has said the small rooms and pace of the attraction feels very awkward and abrupt. I felt like it would been better if it was a free flow walk-through with a bunch of things for the kids to stop and see instead of a bunch of mini shows in cramped rooms. I'm guessing throughput and the amount of staff they have to use for it will be a annoyance in a few years too.. On the upside I did like some of the effects at the start and some of the theming, not bad at all. Room On The Broom for me is like doing the washing up- its not a bad thing, but its not good either, at least its not TWD or Alton Dungeons.. Chessington has been pretty lucky recently tbh, they have somewhat of taken a direction and the park the other day felt a bit more soulful than the wasteland which is down the road..
  7. Like Storm Surge we can hope.. Not sure if they would ditch it as it cost them two arms and a leg to build it. I think it would more than likely be left SBNO when it does get the axe (Sub Terra v2)..
  8. Yeah Detonator is probably one of the best drop towers.. Hurakan Condor is nearly 3 times the height and it barely has half the force. The downloads push that Detonator has is something that makes it kinda unique, most drop towers underwhelm me after it..
  9. Honestly when TWD/X bites the dust I honestly see them just getting rid of the entire building and ride- the ride itself is probably on its last legs and the pyramid probably wouldn't be viable to re-use.. With Slammer gone now too if the TWD's land was opened up they probably could fit a decent sized ride on its plot+Slammer. If this ever happened hopefully Storm Surge would go down with it.. We can hope..
  10. I guess it makes sense this is a quiet year considering we're getting Rulantica later this year and Pirates in Batvia 2.0 next year..
  11. Got to love how much Europa do during the offseason and how much they do in general to improve and upkeep the park. Look at Columbus or Whale Tours.. God, who would of known a generic flat ride would receive a bunch of special effects and theming, fu**ing amazing.
  12. Yeah the exiting corridors where the actors are in the maze are fairly dark and the actor probably didn't notice that the guest was injured- when you're seeing hundreds of guests walk through it can be hard to judge what is scared and what is injured. I think its a possibility that the actor might of been trying to help but when you see a face full of zombie makeup that could of been misinterpreted.. I think the darkness of the corridors towards the end are fairly suspenseful! Sure there is no scare afterwards so it kinda ends on a anti-climax but I'm not sure what they else they could of done with them.. They are quite narrow after all..
  13. That is certainly odd.. Air Races have been around for a while now and are pretty popular so if it is the ride itself then that is going to be a lot of Air-Races getting work done or standing SBNO.. Definitely is tragic though about it causing a injury, I have ridden Air-Race at Brighton a ton of times so this has kinda shook me. I don't know why the major tabloids seem more focused on Shockwave having a evacuation than a actual incident like this.. EDIT: Nevermind, just saw some tabloids on this. But it doesn't seem as covered as Shockwave was..
  14. I don't think we're seeing a new coaster for a while tbh. Swarm was a great addition but as others have said it was a failure for attendance but obviously there was a lot of others factors in 2012 which play a role to why they suffered a slight drop. DBGT is probably the biggest thing since and look how that panned out- a massive and expensive liability of a attraction.. I think when we do eventually get a coaster hopefully it'll be on the same level as Wickerman or Smiler, but for now I honestly see Alton and Chessington being much higher up on the pecking order than Thorpe. Remember when Thorpe used to get coasters every few years? I think those days are over..
  15. I'm Visting like a day after opening (pretty lucky) so looking forward to seeing the new area. I think its cool that we're getting a new dark ride later this year as the Scandanavia area always felt a little bare when it comes to rides.. I like how its a dark ride too, Europa must have like a record now or something? I have to say that Pirates in Batvia V2 looks sexy as hell, god-damn..
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