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The Disappearance! Part Two - Drayton Manor and Adventure Island

Celia Mae


Hi again, managed to get Windows 8 to play ball so I can upload my photos from since September :D

Early September me and SCB headed up north to Drayton Manor for my first time. It was a cold, damp day, but we got loads of rides done, including the "humpty bumpty oddity" that is G-Force, and my first standing coaster (Shockwave) that was... Challenging to get into due to being a little bit short :pardon:Eventually developed a technique by the end of the day though and really enjoyed it :) Also enjoyed Pandemonium and watching SCB on Apocolypse... Yeah I still refuse drop towers.

The only slight issue was that it was incredibly quiet and a few of their rides require a certain number of people to run. I ended up waiting about 15 minutes in my seat on Pandemonium...


Also didn't go on any of the water rides because it was VERY cold, but I got the gist just by looking so that was enough for me :)

Then in late September we headed down to Adventure Island with Paige for her birthday! I'd never done an amusement park before other than travelling fairs, so loved the fun :D Some of their in-house creations though were insane!


Time Machine for example. Insane. So intense I whited out for most of it... God knows who came up with the idea of it in the first place :ohmy:


Absolutely LOVED Dragon Claw. It was amazing, despite the fact that I had to ride it alone (as with most of the spinny rides...).


Rage was also great, nifty ride for a park like this. Great fun and a nice little thrill for the older visitors to the park.

And yes I got very excited that we were visiting the seaside and insisted on looking for shells on the beach.


Even though it is Paige in this photo.

And can I just add, the park looks incredible after dark.


Anyway, that's this part done, shall be back with my final installment soon!


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