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The Disappearance! Part One (Holland, Summer Nights, Oakwood, moving house, moving out)

Celia Mae


Hey again nerds!

I kinda went AWOL for a bit. I'm sorry. I disappeared somewhere around July but I'm back again! And I have so many blogs to catch up on... So I'm gonna try and smoosh them all into one :D

So late July I went to Holland with cadets to do my 100-mile hike. Owch, my god it was painful. But so rewarding :)


This year I did it as a member of the British military contingent, so we had to stay on this camp with the 5000 other military personnel from all over the world. On the first day they raised the flags of every country that had sent a contingent.



This was the entrance to the camp, which was the starting line for each day of the march. Each of the four days we walked a 40-kilometre (25-mile) circuit, which ended in the same place, apart from the final day where we finished in the centre of Nijmegen town. Every day the route was lined by people who lived in the surrounding areas who came to watch, who handed us sweets and food and freebies and things. They really help so much. I've done marches before where no one is watching at all, and it DRAGS so long.

Summer Nights was good. Of course it was, a quiet park is always good. Not sure about the music at that night's Island Beats, I can't remember who it was but it was someone who had been raved about, but ended up from the sound of it like just one guy rapping over the top of other people's songs. I enjoyed the atmosphere created by hearing the pop music all over park, it was very relaxed.

In August I attended the TPM meet at Oakwood. Unfortunately I was ill the whole weekend but still had fun! Was great to meet fellow TPMers from all over the country! Rides at Oakwood were great too, especially Megafobia (my first ever woodie!) The night rides were good, but the fireworks and water screen were slightly disappointing. Maybe at some point I'll get to see the Alton Towers fireworks display and see how it really should be done.



12191089_1115796928430433_5137360992631392349_o_zpsmzimwf2k.jpgMegafobia and water screen in the dark

The rest of August I worked full time, until the 28th, where I moved house.

Then two weeks later I moved out of home and into university :blink: So yes, life has been very chaotic.

Anyway, the rest of my catch up will be in another blog coming soon, so yeah! Speak soon!

I'm back, did you miss me? (Sherlock fans please get the reference so I don't sound like a prat :pardon: )


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