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Imindetonator's Halloween Awards 2015!



I'm gonna start a annual Halloween awards, its gonna be quite a long post so lets start!

Most Awful Maze: Honourable Mentions- The Volt,My Bloody Valentine

Big Top- Big Top is awful. Big Flop starts off in a dull tent with dull black walls with little to no theming.

And even funner 1 actor, IN THE WHOLE TENT. The Second Tent is ok, but with barely any actors in this tents it falls flat it in its face. Third Tent is good, but I had a couple of runs when I've saw no chainsaw. IMO Big Flop is the most disapointing maze this season.

Most Well Themed Maze: Honourable Mentions- Saw Alive, Sub Species

The Colony- The Colony's theming is something to behold, half the time I was drooling over the sets.

The Colony is a example on how do to a long, well themed, attraction.

Best New Attraction: Honourable Mentions- Sub Species,Molly Crowe

Chop Shop- First off Chop Shop has a massive facade, which makes it look really good.

Once inside your presented with guess what? More great theming! After loads of twists and turns through the garage your teased that your about to meet your "brothers". After that the Chop Shop is mad, with 4-6 actors in a big strobe maze all holding chainsaws! It is everything I want in a scare attraction. Theming,scares,and a cool concept.

Best Maze Overall: Sub Species: The End Games-

Sub Species is amazing. You start off with the control room telling you the rules to the games.

What happends next can only be described as mad. You get split up a lot, the maze has loads of different scare tactics and each scene feels varied. It is themed quite a lot too, it is also quite long too. If thats not enough there's two endings, Sub Species has to be experienced to be believed, it is a amazing attraction which is probably one of the UK's best mazes.

Best Scare Event: Tulleys Shocktoberfest-

Tulleys is just a paradise for scare event fans. Tulleys this year has gone above and beyond for me, with some of the theming being top class, and some really great attractions too, With two musical stages, loads of roamers too, it is just a really fun event. I can't really say much else.

Best Roamers: Tulleys The Howl-

Tulleys The Howl had amazing roamers, the whole Lyncanthorpe family were really entertaining.

Also it tied into the whole events theme, which is pretty neat.

Ok to end here is some facts of this Halloween Season!

Sarcastic Coments made about Merlin: 5

Swear words said to actors: 1

Fanny jokes about the squish bag sections: 10

Bad run throughs of Big Top: 2

Bad Times at Tulleys: 0

Bad Times at Thorpe: 2

Hope you Had a Happy Halloween, and its only 12 months untill Halloween 2016!


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