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  1. yeah - and TP.com still say's X is still shut but it was open all day yesterday,and Saw wasn't open first thing because of tech. problems but the mechanic's who had apparently been working on it since 5am got it up and running by about half 10 - but by then everyone was in the queue for Colossus which with only one train going was three hours long according to the ride op's announcement - but then they added another train - why they couldn't have put that on at opening I don't know?!?!? Stealth also broke down but then was up and running again fairly quickly - thankfully
  2. I once was on the first ride of the day and there was less then 15 people on it.(could Be over but I'm pretty sure it was less).I've been stuck for a while on Dragons fury, But we got a queue skipping pass to come back later. Do they do that at thorpe???
  3. Well With Thorpe's Bad Reliability Levels (I think they are bad),Has Anyone Had Any Nightmare's Of Being Stuck on a broken Ride OR was anyone on on slammer the day it got stuck at 45 degrees OR Been on A Stealth RollbackMy Breakdown Experiance's At Thorpe:VortexWait : 15 MinsProblem : Floor Wouldn't RaiseX:\No Way OutWait : 10 MinsProblem : DunnoSamuraiWait : <Well We Got Another Go >Problem : Wouldn't Lower
  4. coastermitch


    If You Go On The Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast at euro Disney that is Quite Good As You Control The Spin of the cars,Also The MIB Ride In Universal Studios Orlando Is Good, As if You Shoot Another car it will spin around.One Of These Kind's of Rides Would Be Great In X:\ Especially if they make it Well Themed inside and Fast almost Rollercoaster Like I Was So Annoyed, As Me And my freind Went on X:\ And When We Got Off The Other side We Found Out Their Was Some Problem And Had To Wait Ages For The Rest Of our Group To Come Through I Once Saw Sheikra, BG Tampa, Being Evacuated and it scared
  5. coastermitch


    One Thing Their Can only Be One Gay In The VillageWhen Does BB8 Start or haven't They Released the date's Yet ???
  6. Iv'e Got A Thorpe Park RCT2 Recreation: Don't Click Here Where Do You Get These RCT3 items and stuff From and More Importantly Where Do you Save Them as I have some objects but have no idea of where to install them.Later Note : I've Found Where To Save Them Now
  7. coastermitch


    full up with s**t Teacher'snote to self - Do not go on this Topic at school
  8. Yellow And purple together are the most magical for me
  9. Naa,I Dont think that I will visit the park much this year and even if I do iv'e Got A Load Of BOGOFFs and other discounts.(oops I spent them last time I was their, DAMM )
  10. Blimey It's Massive - I didn't think it was that big
  11. Mabye Original Source will try and sponser Rumba Rapids aswell
  12. coastermitch


    I went to france and as you come off the ferry you see those factory's and trust me they make slough look clean but the rest of france was alright especcially space mountain at the front...(it make's you cry (well your eye's water)(end the...(is their a limit to how many brackets you can have inside brackets)...Brackets))(note this post include's random brackets)
  13. that is annoying when you get a good picture but the person behind's middle fingers are in your pic
  14. coastermitch


    who's gonna get a surprise with the golf club(let me guess the C**ts)(I'm obsessed with brackets)(end)(the)(post)(now)(...)
  15. aren't the ride photo's designed to show your expressions on your face,they cant do that through a paper bag unless they are X Ray Photo things.
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