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  1. My opinion on the reuse of the fountains: if there is reason from a story based perspective to have them, great! However, I agree with the train of thought that a fresh start with the attraction would be wise. I would hate for them to try and shoe-horn in a finale that is not story driven. I welcome creativity with something new. Whilst the IP may not be appealing to us personally, I hope that it provides enough material to be an awesome attraction for the next generation of park guests.
  2. Cheers for posting the live stream! I missed it earlier. I'm not ashamed to admit I bought the early bird.
  3. At a risk of going off topic- one of the main problems in the UK theme park industry is that there is no department or team responsible for the upkeep of effects or maintaining any form of show quality. It gets handed over from the creative and project teams to the operations team and on the whole is kind of left afterwards. When things start to go downhill, management look to their engineering teams, however, they have so much pressure to get rides running running to a functional level that there is so little time to concentrate on any of the effects. When they do attempt to fix things, it's never to the standard that it should be (and I say this with the utmost respect for what they do as their specialism will most definitely not be creative and have little knowledge of theatricality or showmanship). I have to say, Chessington have a couple of individuals who specialise only in scenic effects (painting, props ects) and they do an absolutely fantastic job! So to bring this back to topic; I'm sure DBGT will open with the best of intentions and I sincerely hope it'll be an attraction for the UK to be proud of. However, I remain sceptical as to the future upkeep of the attraction.
  4. I hate my job but pretend to everyone there that I love it.
  5. Now that this has been revealed, I just need say, I love Derren Brown but this sounds so underwhelming. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. They started including fastrack with early rider late last year. This is just the first time they've promoted it in this way. There were no complaints then, sometimes I feel as though people have some form of weird vendetta against the park when they try new things to improve the experience for their guests. They do not start selling fastrack until 11am so having hotel guests use that entrance until 10:30 should be fine. I do understand why allowing annual pass holders access to fastrack can have an adverse effect. Chessington have the highest amount of annual pass holders.
  7. You will also be entitled to early rider if you're an annual pass holder. That will help you get ahead for sure.
  8. Like I said- it was very late that they decided they wanted to add it which is why you've seen it open fully in the first place. I'm not justifying anything, I'm just explaining why parts of it aren't open fully at the moment. This count was made after Easter. That whole last week of the holidays they were completely smashing all of their gate figures and even started to advertise on the website and park entrance that they were shutting at 7pm for those last few days. I just thought people would find this info interesting anyway.
  9. They wanted to incorporate a new technology which was a very late decision in the construction process an I suppose they wanted to at least open it as they had already advertised it as open. On another note- I hear that the park has had more guests visit the park than Alton towers so far this season!
  10. Amazu is currently having extra bits added to it which may explain why parts of it are closed at the moment.
  11. So so looking forward to this. Will be my first full meet since Guildford in February!
  12. What, we have to spend money on each other?
  13. I'm a yes providing I can get the time off work.
  14. Sheepie


    Awesome update Stretchy! Who from here is taking a visit to Scarefest this year?
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