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    Tidal Wave!
  1. I love going on Rocky Express, especially when all the rides have massive ques! I also love the fact that on loggers leap, before the drop all the little kiddies wave at you, it's rather amusing...
  2. Probs 1.5 hours for stealth, was a hot day, old man behind me, shirt off and the worst beo I have ever had to experiance!I had my Ipod Video therefore I was watching family guy episodes which made time fly by, everyone else In the que looking at me a spite as they knew I wasn't bored!
  3. Tidal Wave!A little short but you get hell of a soaking!I also love standing at the bridge getting forced by the wave coming towards you...
  4. DanJones

    Logger's Leap

    Great ride, love the pitch black idea. First time I didn't expect a drop in the dark! ;O
  5. DanJones


    No Way Out is great! The first time I went on this ride I loved it, pitch black, backwards, sci-fi future theme, what more could a nerd want?!
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