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  1. I know what you mean ^. I think I may come across as a meek person attempting to be confident; ending up talking to fast and being far too nervous
  2. Yeah, all you guys comments are helpful. It would be really nice if there was one thing I was doing wrong that the interviewers would tell me about. Then I would have a better chance.
  3. I think the first three times I applied, I got rejected because I was applying in the summer and halloween, which meant there were very few positions open.As for the interview I just did...I guess rides and attractions is a popular department and only people with previous real working experience could get the job.Oh and I did phone them today, they just told me that they saw I had sent them an email and that they would reply within two weeks.
  4. Eurgh, I've emailed them asking for advice and to keep my name and details incase any positions in the future come up. I'll do the same by phone tomorrow.And now I'm going to apply for "entertainments host" and add 3 more hours onto my assessment counter. Does anyone know specifically what entertainments hosts do?
  5. Ive been rejected...again. Ive spent 12 hours worth of interviews at chessington and they still wont hire me. Words cannot decribe the sheer anger I am feeling right now. I know people at my school that have been hired by chessington that I KNOW I am better than in terms of customer interaction, hard working-ness and endurance. It staggers me that I still haven't been able to get across to chessington how well I would be working for them and how much not only I, but they would have benefitted with me working for themI was not doing it for the money. I was not doing it so I had "Something to do on the weekend". I was doing it because I loved to do it, and I knew I could do it well, and yet their human rescources departement has once again failed to see this, hired everyone else I know around me, and left me feeling completely and ubearably useless. 12 hours of assesment I have put up with, just to work in an enviroment that I know I will do well in and enjoy. I am so sick of this charade.
  6. Hmmm I don't know if information like that should be released.
  7. ^ And THAT is why it is so painful when all the people around me at school are getting employed and I have to apply 4 times. My brief 5 days work experience in 2010 was one of the best 5 days of my life. So much fun and experience I gained from that.
  8. Its the talking and interacting with guests in queue lines that make me want the job so bad. Its not really about the money, its just...I guess seeing the kids at the park reminds me of when I was that age. I always looked up to the staff as the most friendly and enthusiastic people.
  9. Well I am aware on Merlin's privacy policy and if they are for some reason reading this... I would like them to know that I would never talk about work online. I completely understand about their policy on all of that.
  10. I'm being very careful not to give anything away. I would never give any details away about the park or interview. Just simple sentences like "It was good".
  11. I think good, there is no reason why I wouldn't get the job.
  12. Uh, hey, yeah that was me. Sorry if I came out a bit stalker-ish
  13. I'm going to go in a suit. A good tip to remember is you can never be too formal when it comes to job interviews.You can however, be too informal. So definetly no jeans or hoodies. Wear at least a buttoned shirt and smart trousers.
  14. If you are going on the morning of the 28th, Ill be there too!
  15. I love how you can see a faded out "S" on the "Blow it up!" Logo thing, implying it used to read... "Blow sh*t up!"
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