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  1. Just booked Travelodge again for 3 nights, Sun - Tues in July for a bargain price of £119
  2. Ended booking travelodge 3 nights with some WiFi for just over 100, can't wait to go woop
  3. I would love to book the main hotel but my budget wont stretch that far
  4. There are a few small B&B that seem to get good feedback around Alton to so will have look at them too. Is it likely to be very busy the first week of scarefest even though I believe the schools don't break up until the Friday???
  5. I will give them a call tomorrow and see , travelodge is only £156 for 4 nights
  6. Cheers for the quick reply's , We both have merlin annual passes , I looked at the main hotel for four night nearly £500 , so looks like will be Travelodge or something
  7. Me and my gf are planning to go Alton in October, is 3 days in the park to much?? also what hotels do people say at??Steve
  8. I went on wednesday (the 14th), never again will I go during school holidays, 4 rides in 7 hours!!!! got on Nemesis with about 20 min que followed by Colossus where qued for about two hours :-(, then to saw where we waited 3 hours !!! (didn't relise was soo long) then saw alive where qued about 40 mins, Stealth just opened at this time ( about 5pm ) but didn't want to wait 75 mins so drove home, I'm just glad we had anual passes and only cos me £20 petrol, will go In a few weeks to hopefully get on all the rodes
  9. Hello all, I just wondered if anyone knows if I get the £33 ticket does it include sealife & zoo ????
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