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  1. Hallooo!


  2. WOO! Finaly set up my DeviantART account xD

  3. Hahah Ellie I really fail in life =')

    Timm my darling can you send me the track list for owl city please.

    Prettty Please ^___^

    Love youuu

  4. LMFAO at Beths homer attempt!! xD

    Aloha btw :P

  5. Urgh, it;s you.

    Joking x)

    Love you really.


  6. Timm .G


    Nothing can beat Rude Beauty™ Andrew because it is generaly pretty awesome in every way.
  7. Timm .G


    A company in the NHS. So it couldnt be particulary awesome, it had to be quite formal...but I just finished my christmas present for Andrew. it's a full four pin badge set and took alot of time to design and make, it is very awesome.
  8. Timm .G


    I had to design a selection of designer badges, In a week, and then I had make these badges, with my shiny new badge maker.Badge makeing isnt as easy as it seems...
  9. Timm .G

    Post Your Desktop!

    I wish I was a Mac xDand my names in your dock!
  10. Timm .G


    I play the Korg R3, which is a synthesizer, for those who don't know.If you don't know what a synthesizer is, please go and google it.Plus I play the drums, the piano and... the bagpipes.
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