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  1. Marc

    Stargazing Pods - New accommodation for 2019

    You only have to look at merlins results to see how successful their accommodation strategy is - it’s no wonder they want to continue to add to it.
  2. Marc

    Park Music

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/doztkcgxce9eznl/amity.mp3?dl=0 There you go
  3. I can’t see X no way out ever returning to be honest. There have been multiple rumours over the years that X would leave the park, I beleve it very almost happened 3/4 years ago. It wouldn’t surprise me if The Walking Dead is the last version of X no way out that we see!
  4. Marc

    TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    Just a quick meets update! Due to other commitments, Ryan will no longer be leading meets for us. @Mattgwise has agreed to step in and help us keep these running - I also plan to be around as much as possible to help out! Hope to see you at Fright Nights!
  5. Marc

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Anyone know how icon is doing for the park? When was there for the tpm meet it felt busy, although not necessarily busier than I’ve seen it before. I got an email offering free return visits too, along with the new advert I’m wondering if it’s had the effect they hoped?
  6. Marc

    LIL - 10-10

    Its Friday Saturday and Sundays the restriction on Thorpe / Standard annual passes - so Thursdays are ok Your thorpe / standard annal pass wont allow you entry on these days (Wont even scan), so you will need to purchase a ticket if you plan to visit them days.
  7. Marc

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Looks better than the last - strange to have a new ad in the middle of summer mind!
  8. I wouldn’t get your hopes up - They won’t rip out the permanent I’m a Celebrity for a fright night maze - I’d be very Surprised to see Studio 13 of any fright night maze to be in that area any time soon.
  9. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    No changes - lots of actors in there today though!
  10. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Saw alive has its music playing and plenty of staff around, it’s also been added to the queue time list. Looks like it’s very close to opening (i would guess today as Living Nightmare is closed) edit: it’s now open
  11. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Based on crowd levels - it’s been totally dead the last couple days so it’s ended with just the coasters and a couple of flats open, on the busier nights pretty much everything has remained open till 10.
  12. Marc


    If the VR goes I expect everything else will remain the same as it is now - hopefully they can get back some sort of dispatch light / audio sequence too!
  13. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Swarm had its fire / water jets back and running today and Stealth had its launch smoke back
  14. Marc

    Merlin Entertainments

    There has to be a balance when using new tech, there’s no doubt a place for it as time and technology is evolves - it’s easy to blame merlin all the time, but without being part of the conversations between Merlin and the suppliers it’s impossible to know what was promised!
  15. Marc

    Merlin Entertainments

    Maybe so, but i'm sure hes not wrong in what he's saying, when a company like Merlin signs a contract with a supplier, i don't think its unreasonable for them to expect to get what they are promised - latest technology or not, as the consumer its not up to Merlin to say if it will work or not, surely that onus is on the supplier?