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  1. Marc

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Thats not quite true - Tidal Wave finally has music back in its queue line and station, Stelath has had it’s plaza speakers which were removed put back into place and the rest repaired.
  2. Marc

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    There’s a lot of focus on WWTP which is a shame as a lot of the park wide audio is quite good - as has been mentioned the Colossus track is probably my favourite - especially in the station (video below) although I did notice sometimes the normal track plays - I don’t agree with there should be one / two tracks park wide - even with speakers not working during normal season we have themed audio for the areas and it works so I think it’s good this year we’ve seen the areas go back to having their own Individual Fright Nights tracks. Goung back to WWTP I do see what it’s trying to do though it is subtle - back in 2006/7 maybe we had a fright night themed WWTP which had Halloween songs between the standard Big Bob voice overs which worked but was pretty cheesey. Agree with comments on the lighting - would be nice to see the LED lights set to just one colour in the areas which they are used. For all the bad points regarding the mazes this year one good thing to come out of this year IMO are the roaming actors, the guys over at Amity do a great job of generally being pretty freaky, always interacting too which is nice to see. The Big Top clowns also I feel would have a lot more praise if they weren’t a “replacement” for one of the best mazes the park has had, on their own the show does a pretty good job of scaring anyone in the dome and causing general havoc in there whilst when there roaming park wide they do a good job - it’s just a shame it’s at the expense of The Big Top. There was also a Zombie Flash mob there on Saturday - saw some videos which looked good hoping it returns next weekend! Overall for me id say the biggest problem with Fright Nights this year is the lack of a stand out attraction - we’ve always had one (The Asylum, Cabin, Big Top) where even if you had bad run throughs on the other mazes - these are almost certain to deliver, this year im not certain what the headline attraction would be.
  3. Marc

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    I think WWTP is overall quite good - there’s one bit where the “wwtp radio” jingle has been edited and sounds slightly odd but that’s the only real bit I’d say don’t sound good personally. Song choices are down to opinion, as has been said the songs on there now have a meaning to the vocals, I can also see an argument for a more Halloweeny choice of songs (although could argue this would be too cheesey) but overall I think it’s a nice idea - it’s nice for the individual areas of the park to have their own themes again instead of the same loop playing across the whole park as we’ve had for 4 or 5 years now.
  4. Got there at around 9:45 and security was nice and quick for us luckily - the queue was about half full but we got through in around 10 mins. Didnt really have an issue with the queues on park - it was busy but that’s no surprise for a Fright Nights Saturday, thought operationally the park ran fairly well for most of it, losing Swarm didn’t help but the queues we did queue in all moved fairly quickly. Agree with comments about Car park, took almost 2 hours to get out, things started to move when a load of staff turned up at around 11 to try and move things, at around 11:30 they opened all the barriers and only looked at tickets which further helped - but think this should of been done earlier!
  5. Marc

    Rumba Rapids

    Indeed - similar to last season.
  6. There will he updates on the TPM Facebook / Twitter throughout the evening too
  7. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    I went in at 10 - I know sometimes they open the dome earlier than the park not 100% sure what time though.
  8. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    All the time I think - I’ve seen the sign in the week too!
  9. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Got to the park for opening on Saturday and have the buffet breakfast a try - was £5 (£4 with ap discount) for the cooked buffet - absolute bargain and the food was decent too - will definitely do again!
  10. Marc

    Park Operations

    Just to point out Colossus fastrack through the exit is far from the normal - I also rode it Saturday and there was a batcher at the normal point with the normal fastrack queue in use.
  11. Marc

    Fright Nights 2018 - Spoiler Thread

    Those who are keen to try out the mazes before they open on Friday can book into the Shark on Thursday and get access to Fright Nights and the mazes on the press event 😬
  12. Those who are keen to try out the mazes before they open on Friday can book into the Shark on Thursday and get access to Fright Nights and the mazes on the press event 😬
  13. Feel free to organise something in the appropriate topic!
  14. Marc

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    To be fair it’s possible for something to be working yesterday and broken today - same for mist and audio.
  15. Marc

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Sometimes things are not in the parks control - would you rather they closed Icon till they could fix the PA system / Mist? 😛