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  1. Marc

    Logger's Leap

    Yeha your right actually - didn’t think of them parts things like water pumps etc will almost certainly be no good by this point. I didn’t mean the alterations were not worth it - personally believe they would have been and it’s a shame it’s not to be.
  2. Marc


    No it’s not Blackpool.
  3. Marc

    Logger's Leap

    Dont think it’s that simple - think the park genuinely did want it to return, but were not able to to secure the budget for it to do so. A lot of people talk about how it’s been “left to rot” but in reality apart from a few overgrown trees it’s probably not in much worse state than it was on its last day of operation - just the modifications which it requires are deemed not worth it unfortunately.
  4. Marc

    Logger's Leap

    A shame but glad it’s been confirmed now. Be interesting to see what the future holds for the area - feel anything what goes there would be part of a much bigger area re-theme.
  5. Marc

    The Swarm

    Probably the sensor for the on ride photos at a guess!
  6. Marc

    Premium season passes

    Not sure the website is fully updated for it yet - pretty good deal Tbf especially with the inclusion of a Thorpe digi pass too
  7. Marc

    2019 Season

  8. Marc

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    They get cleaned whilst your in the tunnel scene as far as I know!
  9. Marc

    Park Operations

    Not much of that story adds up to me - someone managed to get the persons bag, get the keys find the car in the car park with no prior knowledge of where it is and drive it out of the car park in the middle of Fright Nights within 40 minutes 🤔
  10. Marc

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    Was open throughout the peak periods - so it would help with the queues even if just a little.
  11. Marc

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    It did 4 seasons and would have cost very very little (probably made it back in its fastrack sales) Will be interesting to see what they do with it - the theming in there is actually really good so hope it’s not the last we see of it!
  12. Marc

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Whilst I get why you’d be disappointed I think it’s better if they promise lesser open hours with possible extensions if needed rather than ending up closing earlier than advertised. Its a tough time for UK the UK theme park industry - Merlin in particular get an awful lot of slack from enthusiasts for cuts etc but as demonstrated by Blackpool - investments isn’t necessary the fix needed too - in which they’ve built pretty much the perfect coaster and had a decline in visitor numbers. Hopefully we see abit of an upturn soon - which will In turn give the people running all the parks the confidence to invest in them too.
  13. Marc

    Nemesis Inferno

    Pretty sure that’s how the track / supports look pre painting (image below of track at the B&M factory- I wouldn’t say it looks abandoned/ SBNO just looks like a ride under its annual winter maintenance!
  14. Marc

    Nemesis Inferno

    Wonder what caused that.. maybe jet washing took some paint off although I’m pretty sure a lot of it was jet washed last year and that never happened. Pretty certain it won’t be like this come March mind!
  15. Marc

    Logger's Leap

    Abit stupid - im sure the park will deal with it mind with their face / name all over the video. As for the state of the ride it don’t really look any different to what I’d expect, cut down some trees, clear the leaves out and fill it with water and it wouldn’t look any different to it did on its last day of operation.. fingers crossed we get a firm answer on its future either way next season.