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  1. They used to play saw sound effects think they used to work up will recently at least!
  2. The tower speaker has been replaced with a large RCF one - you can see it if you look up as you go through the tower but it wasn’t working my last visit. As for under the wing maybe there’s a new one there now just not working yet - noticed a new rock with holes like around stealth which seem to have speakers in but not certain!
  3. Saws indoor sections had its audio back yesterday sounding good although the station still sounds abit tinny, hopefully they can add a sub somewhere to improve that, think Stealth would also benefit as saw it’s Bose subs from under the station have been removed hopefully they plan to replace with new RCF ones. Swarm island has also been turned up, although sound effects from the train under wing / tower still off but that could be related to the other water / fire effects currently being off.
  4. No idea what is up with storm surge but it’s certainly had closed season work so can’t see it being removed this soon!
  5. Agreed it is sounding a lot better , although as you say don’t think it’s completely finished. Also noticed saws station lacked bass, and only the bathroom sound effect had any sound, hopefully the billy speachs and the offload announcement can be fixed soon. The Swarm area was very very quiet ok open day - also none of triggered effects were working either but as above I’m sure it’s not 100% finished. Overall though good improvements!
  6. I think the problem with Thorpes entrance is to sort it you really have to flatten it and start again which would obviously cost a lot of money. Things like security, Covid checks etc have had to be implemented, usually with little notice and little budget and you get where we are now - that said realistically if you was to start again other than some maybe more modern buildings and better styling I’m not sure it would function majorly different as it does now? I guess you could well have more space for things and have more security lanes etc to Improve efficiency.
  7. Every few years rush gets taken apart as much as it is now - it has opened late some seasons when they have done this so it’s possible but the extra few weeks may mean it does open on time but don’t worry it will return!
  8. Good topic! 1. Skyline - it’s got the best skyline in the U.K. by far - it looks so good, from walking over the bridge to driving past on the m3, it stands out and is pretty unique. 2. Fright Nights - like you it’s definitely not the best Halloween event anymore but I’ll still visit multiple times every year, even without the mazes the atmosphere at the park alleys seems to be so good. 3. The rides - it maybe an obvious one, and Thorpe are in desperate need of something new but that don’t take away from the lineup they have - they have a great selection of r
  9. I think the problem with ghost train is before this the cleaning was very much a quick wipe of headsets when guests were in the tunnel - even if restrictions allowed I don’t think guests would accept this so much now, they would need to properly clean each headset between every load now - it’s throughput was bad enough before I think it would be even worse now - along with even come june I’m not sure people would be happy sitting packed in on a train like that. To be fair that’s not to say it won’t reopen - but I can’t see it being able to run “well” atall any time soon - definitel
  10. To be fair if it is destined not to reopen it is a direct result of Covid, it would have continued to operate at least for now had Covid not happened
  11. Have removed a couple of posts from here - Regardless on your opinions on Nick’s music - fair play to him for organising this - just looked and I saw he’s raised almost £600 to donate to a mental health charity and no one deserves to be berated for that - that’s significant amount especially during these times from such a niche market. Whilst I get it may not be everyone’s cup of tea I think it’s great people when people l come together and do things like this which will ultimately benefit others more in need, especially in times like this!
  12. The parks you compare them with are huge tourist traps attracting millions of guests from around the world each year, sat conveniently close to some of the most popular theme parks in the world, that’s where their big bucks will be made rather than how it is here in the uk where the Merlin parks are catered for a very different type of visitor. For the passes I think it’s been a long time coming, of course I don’t want to pay more for a pass but even at the new price points it still offers great value for money for how much I use the pass each year. Merlin sort of creat
  13. Certainly hope so! That said I think the park would want to know early summer at the latest so fingers crossed we are back to a more normal come Easter as is being suggested!
  14. Personally I don’t think it was their intention to completely remove it - sadly it was deemed it needed a fairly significant amount of work at a pretty bad time where budgets etc started to be cut - had it been a couple years earlier it wouldn’t surprise me if it had got the money it needed and had been saved.
  15. Ah yeah I meant what they immediately proceeded rather then their originals!
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