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  1. The bulletin posted earlier in the topic don’t suggest the seatbelts are needed anymore - it suggests more regular checks are needed which Thorpe no doubt carry out. Seatbelts are often left undone on empty seats - it’s not a H&S breach. As for rust on supports, it’s not a major structural hazard, these things will all be checked, it’s purely cosmetic.
  2. Marc

    Thorpe Park 2020

    12 could work for later nights such as fright nights but not sure if a normal day day a 12pm opening would really suit the park.
  3. Marc


    I don’t think Thorpe claim to be on the international stage - none of our merlin parks make any real effort to advertise them selves abroad as far as I know.
  4. March will be here before you know it! Till then there’s always winter wonderland or the merlin attractions in London to help pass the time!
  5. Marc

    2019 Season

    Yes in all fairness Thorpe have a very good line up of thrill rides IMO.
  6. I see both sides of this tbf - I have visited on a 4pm close and I was bored by 2 - had done everything as many times as I had wanted and not really into reriding the same things all day, on the other hand I can see why people especially those with long travelling distance may not be keen on visiting on a 4pm close.. but that won’t improve till these days are busy enough to warrant it.. I guess it’s a vicious circle in that respect!
  7. Thorpe x loads Chessington x 3 Alton Towers x 4 Legoland x 1 Phantasialand x 2 Toverland x 2 Heide Park x 2 Hansa Park x 1 Seaworld Orlando x 4 Magic Kingdom x 1 Hollywood Studios x 2 Epcot x 1 Animal Kingdom x 2 Volcano Bay x 1 Universal Orlando x 3 Islands of Adventure x 3 Busch Gardens Tampa x 1
  8. While obviously not official, Rumours Attraction Images have heard say Valhalla will be SBNO for 2020 - as I said not official but at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me either.. Hopefully the rumour is rubbished quickly!
  9. Marc


    It was open last day of the season!
  10. Marc

    2019 Season

    Don’t believe there’s been a change of Divisional director since last year, though as you say they are looking for a new Marketing director at the moment!
  11. Marc

    Thorpe Park 2020

    I agree with that although realistically they won’t rip out Jungle escape which has only just been installed for something only open a month a year at most - though do agree it was a good location for a maze. That said shipping containers done right (experiment 10 as you say) are more than suitable!
  12. Marc

    Thorpe Park 2020

    We are rapidly approaching the end of the 2019 season so a good time for this thread I felt! So what would you realistically like to see the at the park in 2020? We know there will be no new rides, but that don’t mean we can’t see some worthwhile improvements ! For me: Firstly build on this years “year of events” bouncezilla was harmless fun, I’d like to see more of a summer event, I think they struggled a bit staying open late with no real purpose what saw it them cut, try give people more of a reason to stay later in summer. Would also like to see them try a firework event again - the park always had a great atmosphere during fireworks and it’s always a nice way to end the season. Secondly I hope they can keep up the good work we’ve seen this year with ride availability and capacity (ignoring Quantum!) - this year we’ve seen a big improvement on something the park historically struggled with, rides were more often than not open on time and on full capacity, we also saw rides frequently on 2 trains during quiet times which is a big plus for those visiting during quiet times. Fright nights - this year is a huge improvement on last, I’d like to see them continue with this, I think the park needs another maze to the quality of Creek Freak’s standards, the return of Big Top could fill that gap and would please many no doubt, but at the same time if we can get something new to that quality it would be great. Things like Amity High are also a great addition this year, hopefully we see something like this return and possibly expanded for 2020.
  13. Thorpe open hours are probably the best we have in the UK? Granted some of the 8pm’s in the summer were cut but still overall they are much better than other merlin parks.
  14. I guess like a hotel - they over book with the assumption a certain % won’t turn up for their booking - the occasion they do they have a problem!
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