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  1. Fright Nights 2017

    Try get there for 9:30ish and get through the security queues as soon as possible - hit what ever major coasters open first whilst keeping an eye on Ghost train (it usually opens before 11) and if i was you id ride it as early as possible. This way ive managed to get all the major coasters done within the first hour and in the queue for Ghost Train by just gone 11. As for mazes its hard to tell but id expect Walking Dead Living Nightmare to be the busiest, often people will start to queue up to an hour before they open so that maybe a good option (will be shorter than the queues later on!) Platform 15 / Walking Dead Sanctum will likely be better done at night.
  2. 2017 Season General Discussion

    As I said - I live around 15 mins from the park and it was very windy here yesterday - fence panels blown in etc so I’m not too surpirsed the park was badly effected - they also had a message on their website stating they are expecting ride availability to be affected by bad weather the night before - not sure what more could be done. For me it’s all about how they try rectify this for the affected guests - hopefully everyone affected is able to claim free return tickets for the inconvenience.
  3. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Stealth has stalled at the top before. It was empty but it has happened.
  4. 2017 Season General Discussion

    High winds have always caused abit of an issue at thrope - it probably don’t help how exposed the park is with the lake all around it. Im around 15 min drive from the park and fairly high up and thought it was extremely windy today so I’m not too surprised there were issues today - that said you should be now eligible for a free ticket on their bad weather guarantee.
  5. Was great to be back here - it’s probabky one of my favourite parks (despite the operations shortfalls!) Red Force was really good - especially front row, Shambarla as good as ever and as always I loved Baco - even after my 2 hours of constant re-riding! Thanks to Ryan who did pretty much all the arranging before / during the trip - good to hear people enjoyed! Photos in abit of a random order!
  6. 2017 Season General Discussion

    https://www.thorpepark.com/bad-weather-guarantee Glad to see this is back and improved - should help a lot with the recent complaints.
  7. Rumba Rapids

    I agree that rush is a bigger loss over Fright Nights than rumba - Rumba has always closed at 4 ish when it gets dark anyway which is when the park is hitting its peak capacity. That said the fact that the mazes open 3 hours earlier on peak days will by far mitigate any loss of Rumba Rapids
  8. Rumba Rapids

    I don’t see why thorpe would joke about a ride being closed till next Season!
  9. Rush

    Rush is closed for technical reasons - they’ve clearly started work on it early as I assume what ever is wrong won’t be repairable in time for the end of the season. Shame but I don’t think there’s any suggestion of them removing it!
  10. Fright Nights 2017

    I think the fright night pricing goes up along with demand but i could be wrong..
  11. Fright Nights 2017

    Its upto you on the reservation - if your traveling a long distance it maybe best to reserve - its simply there to stop abuse of the system where as if it was free people would reserve without any thought / potentially stopping people who intend to go from being able to.
  12. Fright Nights 2017

    IP's were around whilst The Asylum was TBF - i think unfortunately with all the bad press they got The Asylum had to go. I agree that Towers have improved year on year - I'd also say Thorpe improved (2016 was better than 14/15 IMO) and ive no doubt the 2 new mazes will be of high quality. As for premium pass holders - i think its like last year, you dont have to reserve and if you turn up early before the park hits capacity you will be fine to get in - or if you planning to head to the park later for example £1 will guarantee your entry - even if the park has had to close its gates due to hitting capacity
  13. Fright Nights 2017

    I Wouldnt expect any more from whats been announced!
  14. Fright Nights 2017

    Whilst I love original ideas (and happy we still have them) you could never have the pull of something as massive as The Waking Dead based on solely original ideas - I’ve no doubt this will be the biggest Fright Nights to date.