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  1. News Desk

    Had another look at this - it looks like the tapatalk plugin they've released for this version of the forum is corrupt - as soon as they've fixed ill get it installed
  2. Planet Coaster

    Amazing to see what some people are doing with this game - really good work!
  3. Park Music

    https://www.thorpeparkmania.co.uk/articles/20-07-2017/Show+Services+Q+and+A if you've not seen it this is a good read - park wide sound is now maintained by the show services department and I'm sure we will continue to see improvements. [/plug] TBF I think a lot of the original Bose systems are still going strong - Colossus / Inferno still sound good and they are 14/15 years old now!
  4. News Desk

    Aha sorry - should be fixed now!
  5. Park Music

    TBF I've not been into the Tidal Wave queue for some time so no idea how that is - the "area" around Tidal's speakers on the telegraph poles seem to work still. Another thing I noticed yesterday was the Saw Plaza music has been turned up a lot - was much better! Good to hear audios been added to the Megastore too!
  6. Park Music

    I expect they can - just cant all happen overnight Also Storm Surge before its new speakers were installed was very quiet which I would guess makes it a higher priority- I wouldn't say Stealth and Tidal are too bad apart from an odd quiet spot.
  7. Park Music

    Stealth has a new WWTP loop - much longer and great to hear the return of some classic WWTP songs!
  8. X

  9. News Desk

    Updated the forums to the latest software version tonight - if you notice anything not working let me know! The biggest change you'll likely notice is enhancements to the "Like" system - you can now react to posts much like you can on Facebook! The skin is the default one at the moment - am working on an all new skin at the moment which will hopefully look alot better!
  10. 2017 Season General Discussion

    You do hear of this quite a lot (and I've done it my self before too) it's very easy to wonder around the park deciding each queue is too long, before you know it you would of been better off just joining one of them. One tip I would have is get there early - a few times this year I've got there for 9 ish - the gates are often opened early (no promises!)) and the park has been so so much better at getting rides ready for opening. At 9:30 my last trip all rides which were due to open were - you can easily get Stealth, Inferno, Colosus and saw done before the queues start to get to bad!
  11. 2017 Season General Discussion

    DBGT is the parks newest large investment- it had a wait time of 2 hours - I'm sure the vast majority of guests woukd disagree! You visit what you describe as a "dire" theme park almost once a month - I would.
  12. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Yet you continue to visit regularly- they must be doing something right!
  13. Next Roller Coaster

    https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=safari&hl=en-gb&biw=414&bih=628&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=L35qWey-FIjfwALk1bfACQ&q=meydan+racecourse&oq=medyan+race+cou&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.1.0.0i13i10k1.24197.29537.0.30615. Thorpe park Racecourse?
  14. 2017 Season General Discussion

    The cost of running rides is more than 2 people's hourly wage. For what it's worth i was in old town at around 2 ish - rocky was going around half full with the other 2 closed - not sure it was making much difference.. Possibly- I remember when Samurai and a few lost city flats were on a rotational op!
  15. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Visited today and was impressed at the new Security procedure in operation, now with 4 "check points" rather than 2. Got to the park just after 9 am and they were already getting people through the security line - annual pass holders were aloud into the park as far as the access gates, had breakfast at Fins - about £6.30 for a buffet breakfast with AP discount not bad atall!