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  1. Noticed some nice changes to Creek Freak yesterday - firstly seems like a lot of the lighting has been adjusted, the parts where you squeeze through the spinning parts are particularly effective, there was also a tonne more smoke than previously - it made it very disorienting in there and helped add some more scares!
  2. From reading reports it was just after a power outage - somone who claims to have been on it at the time says it was more of a crush in the station than a crash - not ideal just a couple days of being open mind!
  3. Whilst it’s a cop out I agree - it does fit in with what’s actually on the show to be fair!
  4. Marc


    There’s water dummy’s around the area so looks like it’s being worked on hopefully back soon!
  5. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible but I’m sure it would work out more expensive than a package!
  6. So you advise to not buy ant fasttrack upfront? Can you still buy them on the same day at the park or do we have a risk of them being "sold out"? They can and do sell out - but you’d usually know pretty early in the day if it’s going to be packed - if you plan to get there for opening time you should be able to get a few of the coasters done pretty quickly - just avoid the swarm first as for some reason everyone seems to go there first!
  7. This will be fun - most of my opinions seem unpopular 😬 Icon is as dull as dishwater - slow, boring and uninteresting - musics alright though. Colossus is up there as one of Thorpes best coasters Desert Race is heide’s best rollercoaster Seaworld have the best coaster line up in Orlando (maybe that’s not unpopular not sure 🤔)
  8. Marc

    Tidal Wave

    Sounds pretty unlikely to me...
  9. Marc


    Quantum has opened this season - i guess it’s just suffering more problems - hopefully can be back up soon!
  10. Marc

    2019 Season

    Swarm opened last night for a couple hours - Stealth has been down a few days now I think.
  11. Even using #colossus 👀🙈
  12. Marc


    Of all the bad things merlin have done I’m not sure closing slammer is one of them, it was a maintenance nightmare it’s amazing it went on as long as it did - along with that it wasn’t overly popular! The biggest shame is it’s not been replaced yet!
  13. I got a preview of the ride before it opened and I was genuinely pretty impressed my first go - it wasn’t perfect but it was damn good - I didn’t know about what the ride did so that took me by surprise and was very impressed! The problem is it’s re-rideability and reliability I guess - I’ve had very few 100% perfect rides on it - though I do personally think when it is on form - certainly to people new to it I think they are impressed.
  14. Marc


    Saw engineers working on it today - they were doing things with the lap bars and testing it hopefully it’s not far of from reopening again!
  15. Whilst I agree - I doubt people rush back to the park for it - it’s hardly deserted forgotten - usually holds up a fairly consistent 20/25 min queue!
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