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  1. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    It seems to be a uk culture thing, I remember back in 2006 when they opened till 10 throughout summer, despite the park being rammed throughout the day it was dead every night, events seem help with this hopefully making it more sustainable in the long run.
  2. Marc

    Park Operations

    Unfortunately Colosuss was way before the time of bag rooms, there’s just no way it would work, they could always try universal style lockers at the entrance, I remember they trialed it with Slammer back when it opened with free lockers,not allowing anything into the queue, though unfortunately people seem to want their stuff all the time!
  3. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Love island isn’t something I personally watch - but it’s clearly popular so can see why they’ve done it. The problem thorpe have had in the past with their late openings is there’s nothing much else’s to entice people to stay into the evening, summer nights whikst obviously great for us to get loads of rides was obviously unsustainable. A name like this will no doubt help get more people to these late nights, so for me it’s win win, we can enjoy the park till 10pm through summer, whilst the park (hopefully) attract enough people in these evenings to continue them into the future.
  4. Marc

    Logger's Leap

    Redevelopment *
  5. Marc

    Next Roller Coaster

    Unfortunately a company trying to recover from a serious acident really can’t afford “hiccups” like that - imagine the headlines if that was a Merlin Park!
  6. I beleve actors are meant to be there at all times now
  7. Marc

    Park Operations

    Rush has been running 2 swings when I’ve been there this year - so unless there’s a random technical issue no reason why it shouldn’t! Vortex is an odd one - usually very reliable but it has been closed quite a long time now. Coasters do all run 2, still will go to 1 when it’s quiet though.
  8. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Had this last week - was very fun, interaction from the actor was great good on ride picture too!
  9. It won’t be official, If / when marketing see it it will be removed.
  10. Marc

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    The budget for running LN will be a drop in the ocean for what it would take for Loggers to return (The only ride SBNO which has any chance at all or returning in some form) No idea on queues, when i went on Saturday late afternoon it was quiet but before that was advertised at an hour i think.
  11. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Saturday June 30th hours are now 10 till 10pm
  12. Marc


    It’s definitely been open this year - it’s probably safe to assume it’s just awaiting a part which may not be so obvious.
  13. Marc

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I’m not sure a few days will make much difference after months of testing surely? It’s probably more that your more used to it now😛 It very much sounds like it’s significantly better towards the end of the day rather than at the start. Am looking forward to trying it out soon!
  14. Marc

    2018 General Discussion

    Had a real great time at Thorpe last night - the idea of keeping the whole park open for everyone till 10pm again was great, MOS guests then got the coasters between 10 and 11pm although they may have closed early with the storms! Park was quiet, especially after the rain but, all rides stayed open till 10pm as promised and was a great evening!
  15. Marc

    How Busy Is It Going To Be?

    If it was me I’d try swap Towers and Thorpe, towers open hours are likely to be 10-6 on both days where as if you can do thorpe on the Friday you’ll get 10:00 till 22:00. That said on a 10 till 6 day you should be fine to get all done, aim to get there for opening!