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  1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It’s easy to say they are terrible etc - but parks don’t make cuts like it for the fun of it, they know it’s not ideal, they know it will affect people’s days, but only they truly know what the state of finances are and what they need to do to help balance the books - that said it’s quite extreme closing rides rather than staggering the opening abit! Can only assume they are massively struggling this year which is a shame - but smaller company’s can’t absorb costs as easy as say Merlin can if needed.
  2. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Usually there’s a re-validation fee to change the date (£5 I think) - judging by the late reply I guess the responses got them to think twice on this one! I still don’t think the original reply came across how they intended it mind!
  3. Alton Towers General Discussion

    They can’t offer an exchange / refund - they are non refundable - I didn’t think that particular tweet was that bad just abit tounge in cheek? I like the reply’s to it mind saying she can do what she wants with her tickets - will look abit silly if they end up being blocked by them!
  4. I’m not sure the budget would of stretched quite that far! This is thorpes “low” capex year so a whole new ride as always pretty unlikely!
  5. Touch wood after it’s few days down it seems to be behaving much better - hopefully it stays that way!
  6. You’ll not get many chances to be riding rides at Thorpe at midnight! CHERTSEY, Friday 13 April 2018: THORPE PARK Resort has announced that for the first time in its 38-year history, it will open its gates at midnight on Tuesday 24th April 2018 for 1,000 lucky fans to experience its new attraction The Walking Dead: The Ride for free. All that visitors will need to do to qualify for the unique experience is to come to the Surrey based theme park dressed as a zombie and be prepared to act in a zombie-like manner in the queue line. Visitors must be in the queue by 11pm on 23rd April. Tickets for Midfright will be available via Eventbrite from 23rd April at 10am and will be limited to 1,000. As the UK’s first and only multi-sensory and multi-part rollercoaster, The Walking Dead: The Rideinvites thrill seekers to flee The Walking Dead in a relentless and terrifying ride for survival. It is also the world’s first rollercoaster themed around the global TV phenomenon of the same name and comes complete with state of the art special effects, a replica of the iconic watch tower, and will be the ultimate test of riders’ mettle. THORPE PARK Resort’s Divisional Director Dominic Jones said, “We’re really excited to announce for the first time in our history that we will be creating a midfright experience for our valued guests centred around our new attraction The Walking Dead: The Ride. We can’t wait to see all of the gruesome outfits that our fans wear to qualify for this unprecedented opportunity.” The Walking Dead: The Ride is at the centre ofTHORPE PARK Resort’s Year of The Walking Dead unmissable series of events. 2018 also sees guests able to purchase Thorpe Park Annual Passes, through the website, at £49 for multiple visits.
  7. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    This exactly - they didn’t remove it for the fun of it - replacing it will be a much tougher job than removing it - it’s better to open like that and fix when possible than close it to fix.
  8. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    It’s not turned off, it’s broken, it will be fixed - but don’t let that get in the way of merlin bashing
  9. Food Outlets

    Looks nice! Good to see BBQ space not going to waste

    Not 100% sure - but the fastrack sign has been removed from the entrance too so I guess possibly not.
  11. Thorpe Park Merchandise

    I think there’s some new ghost train clothing but none other than that as far as I know!
  12. Unpopular Opinions

    Whilst I can see it’s possible if absolutely everything went against you, you’d have to be incredibly unlucky to manage just 2 rides in a full day at towers, even with the staggered opening of the coasters. As for the comment of “the man” man who paid full price to get in, that means he has a season pass and can return all season for what will no doubt be a more successful trip!
  13. The Swarm

    Fire has been used this year - the explosion plays when the fire should go off - you don’t really notice it though as the fire effect is so loud it’s self! Not seen the water effects used other than the jets which come out of the side of the helecopter.
  14. 2018 General Discussion

    Ride availablilty wasn’t great yesterday - which is a shame as they seem to have the worse luck especially when it comes to their annual pass events (remember the 2 ghost train events where it failed to open?!) Fingers crosses Walking Dead isn’t down too long - especially over the final week of half term!