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  1. New for 2018

    ^ Would make sense if it is indeed related to walking dead - living nightmare could become a queue / exit - could possibly use some of Slammers queue too.
  2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Everyone would just complain how they are ripping people off making as much money as possible etc
  3. SAW: Alive

    I think plans did actually show space for another room, but I can’t see it happening now after all this time!
  4. Good to see it get some recognition - personally, when the whole thing works from start to finish I do genuinely enjoy it. As time goes on its reliability will get better, hopefully we will start to see it offering a more consistent experience throughout the season - and maybe a few more plaudits among enthusiasts!
  5. Park Music

    Short clip of the music which played at closing time on last day of season - as said same as the start of day track, sounded good!
  6. New for 2018

    Wouldnt get your hopes up about CCR ever returning, im pretty sure all of the 90% of track has been taken up now, along with that the trains which have sat there for 4 years or so now would probably take a lot of work to get going again.
  7. Merlin Entertainments

    Just to point out this change only affects passes purchased on or after November 28th. Passes purchased before then are not affected.
  8. Merlin Entertainments

    I think a big problem merlin have with passes is they are actually probably too cheap for what they offer, especially the standard one, they need to add more value to the Premium Pass over the standard one and unfortunately this is one of the ways to do so.
  9. New for 2018

    I Agree on X if closing it, retheme on the other hand I wouldn't be against. I doubt Loggers reopening is in anyway affected by the AMC deals, Fright Nights will have totally separate budgets than money to work on loggers leap. As for TWD being permanent, I hear a lot of people say Saw alive / Sub Terra failed, but these attractions didn't close due to them being unpopular, they closed in periods of the respective parks having to save money, NST was just one of 5 closures last year?
  10. New for 2018

    Out of interest what on that list would you be against? Not saying it’s true, but... Slammer removal would be good, it’s not reopening. X seeing some sort of retheme, again not a bad thing, depending on the quality of course. Loggers reopening / Work starting, would you be against that? Walking dead open all year round - no issue with that, on busy days the park needs all the capacity it can get. Only bad thing on there id say was Swarm VR.
  11. New for 2018

    It don’t think it will - just like travelodges in Chertsey / staines / egham don’t affect Shark. The hotels around the area charge a significant amount more during the season because of Thorpe, Premier inn won’t do any different. Shark also has a tonne of advantages, especially to those who don’t have an annual pass, you can get som me real good value deals, being on site and the hour fastrack really help too. I’d quite like them to get a full scale hotel, and keep Shark making it the budget option, think would work quite well.
  12. New for 2018

    I think the hotel investments fall outside of the standard theme park 4 year cycle, so its still possible we could see one at Thorpe at some point, it is abit of a strange one why Thorpe is the only one left without a full size hotel, Towers obviously got their new hotel this year but then we saw Splash Landings hotel closed for most of the year and only open in the peak times, I guess the reason being is the other hotels are more profitable - is a odd one when Shark hotel seems to at least do pretty well for the park.
  13. Park Count - 2017

    Thorpe : no idea - loads Chessington: 3 Legoland 3 Alton Towers: 2 Adventure Island: 1 Portaventura:4
  14. New for 2018

    ^Surely its depends on what the worlds first is?? I think people do forget that it was only last year Thorpe opened Ghost train - regardless of how successful/ how much you like it, its still a significant investment for the park, and by going by Merlins usual 4 yearly cycle it won't be till 2019 we start to see plans for the next big thing opening at the park.