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  1. I have bad memories of sweets being thrown, chav screaming matches and worst of all being squashed up against the doors which are not firmly closed. This meant when you go round a roundabout they open a little bit so you are literally hanging out a bit. More unnerving than the rides lol
  2. Thanks, I've changed to Tuesday now in light of 'inset day rush'. One other thing I'm sure their used to be a section of the site which stated which rides were not currently in operation. Does anyone know what happened to that info or what is currently the case??
  3. Cheers and what are inset days???
  4. Sorry to continue the how busy will it be topic but I was planning to go this monday thinking as it is a week day and most schools have finished their holidays, it would not be too busy. However it is still listed as being open from 9:30 till 7. Does this mean that it will still have the 60-90 min queue lines you described???
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