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  1. The last suggestion is most probably the correct one, and I would like to see 2 flat rides in 1 year. This add a little extra on the first yearly visit to the Park for me.
  2. I know it's very early days, but my friend told me at Annual Pass day yesterday (Sunday 13th March 2011), that one of the new flat rides was to open this year. I highly doubt this is true because of Storm Surge and LC12 but it got me thinking, does anybody know/have any ideas about what the flat rides will be and when they will open? They don't have to be entirely true by the way, just what you would like to see.Thanks, Jack
  3. I was just wondering if anybody knows what the Thorpe Park 2011 Map looks like. I'm expecting it to be similar to last years, but I'd like to see the addition of Storm Surge. Forgive me If I'm wrong, but I seem to remember the map being released before Annual Pass Day and the Official Opening in 2010. Does anybody have a link or source where I can find it (if it's been released yet that is )Secondly, does anybody know if Storm Surge will be open for tomorrow (Annual Pass Day) I have 5 people coming with me who all want to ride it, so it would nice to be able to know before the actual event.Th
  4. Hi, I'm going to the annual pass day on Sunday and, just to get myself into the mood for the first day of the season, I started to browse through Thorpe Park's website.After looking on the 'Ride Photography' section I noticed that Detonator is now on the list. I don't ever recall being able to get photos on Detonator, and seeing it's now on the website, I've gathered you must be able to for the new season. Does anybody know any information/details about this?Thanks, Jack
  5. Fair enough, but to be honest most of the GP don't think of that. What with the Olympics being in London in the same year LC12 will be ready by, Thorpe Park will be getting a lot more visitors in the Summer. This big 'spinning seats' thing would make a lot of people want to go to the park bringing a lot more publicity and revenue, possibly even a World Class Roller Coaster in most peoples view. And seeing the ride is probably going to be manufactured by B'n'M, hopefully they can design that element of the ride a lot better than Arrow Dynamics or S&S did
  6. Don't get me wrong, I love Dive Machines. When I last went to Alton Towers with my Dad, the only ride he actually enjoyed riding was Oblivion. Also, my Grandad (who is 80) went on Sheikra 6 times last time my family went to Busch Gardens because he was so excited about the 'vertical bit'. But back onto subject.... I would like one of these '4D' prototypes that is going to Gardaland, just mabey updated so the seats rotate. One thing that has always put me off of X-Raptor is the fact that the track seems so simple. If Thorpe were to add more elements to a track of a similar nature and mabey in
  7. I doubt it would be a Dive Machine, but it would still be great! I'm personally hoping for a modified version of Gardalands prototype, which superb theming.
  8. It's most likley going ot be a B'n'M. Personally I would like a Vekoma, but I think B'n'M would be better for a prototype (or even a very recent design of rollercoaster) because they do generally make good rides wich are smooth, reliable, safe, and have a very low down-time.
  9. The destroyed New York idea seems really good. But with Amity Cove, which is themed around a flooded and destroyed town, being not too far away from Island C, the two areas would clash (if you know what I mean)
  10. I agree with all of that Josh. I think it would be good to have some sort of story involved too, also some great themeing to go with it.
  11. Both of those ideas sound pretty good I don't really know about the actuall track layout, but I do have an idea about the queue line... The majority of the queue would be outside themed around an apocalypse etc. There would be alot of scenery fitting in with the post-apocalyptic or nuclear disaster idea and mabey even a few animatronics. The end of the queue would be inside themed around a nuclear bunker with loud noises and mabey some coloured lights, like the ones in X:\ No way out. There would also be some effects that interact with the people queuing like the air blaster thingy in the S
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