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    to play rollercoaster tycoon 3

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  1. wt ya mean and on about ?
  2. oh rite wht time cause I be on at 10am ish till bout 11am iah I you can put them on by them ? please n I cnt download limewire cause last time I put it on it gave the pc loads of major virus ......
  3. oh rite isnt htere any other way of getting them ! have u got lime wire !? cause I cnt get it ? n u coming on tomorow
  4. james have ya got the music yet ?
  5. oh cool if u wnt me 1 it is brads98@hotmail.com
  6. oh rite ! lol du u avee msn ?
  7. oh rite sorry ! well do u have to 20 songs ?
  8. oh rite then ! and wat u mean be I might not be ?
  9. fankooooo! but it still MPEG on mine ! so how come james said 9pm if u can send them in about 5 mins ?
  10. ok then how u sending it ?
  11. tpdan do u have tht song at the station in mp3 then ?
  12. WOOOO OK THENN gr8 ......wt can u put it in a folder or sank or is it all in links ?
  13. but when u download it its (mpeg) and I want it (mp3)and the station !
  14. tpdan cause james might be sending the songs for wwtp thing ! have you got the new 2007 Nemesis inferno song ?
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