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  1. Really like the new music played in Lost City - its a tonne better than the shorter Colossus track which was playing around the area previously. Hopefully we will see more of the audio fixed too, the music used to play in the Zodiac / Vortex queue lines with announcements but don't think that's worked for a few years now.
  2. I Like the idea of this, But the railway is a right state, the disused part that used to lead to the farm anyway... Although this would be awesome, I'd rather see the railway used for some kind of interactive ride experience similar to Tulley's haunted hayride.
  3. MikeC

    The Smiler

    I can't find a reliable source, but apparently there have already been complaints about the noise?
  4. Booked another two day trip to PA this morning. Going in October - can't wait to get back on Shambhala
  5. http://thorpepark.com/photos/
  6. MikeC


    I went to Thorpe yesterday on my first visit of the season, and I actually really enjoyed X. The lights was good, the music was great and the fact that the cars just pass through the break sections makes for a far better ride now! Was just wondering does anyone actually know the list of songs used in there? some of them were really good!
  7. This is going to sound very random, but does anyone have the ambient audio that is played around the the Experiment 10 (or arena) area during fright nights? would be good to have for a project I am working on.... In my opinion, after visiting the awesome parks in America over easter, having rides play theme music is really a much better choice than chart music, however given the crash pad being where it is, having the upbeat, well known chart music would probably add to the whole experience of staying there....
  8. Look at my leg, look at it
  9. I'm currently working on a new park/project, but it's far from finished yet. Here's a little teaser anyway - a B&M invert:
  10. MikeC


    I've just bought John Wardley's autobiography from Amazon. Looking forward to having a good read
  11. I wonder if there's any point in having a landline these days. I must receive at least five marketing calls a day, despite having my number on the TPS database. Grrr!
  12. Peaj, you're going about this all the wrong way my friend. A healthy diet will never leave you feeling washed out or hungry. Fill up on veg, fruit, lean meat and fish, and healthy fats (peanut butter, avocados, nuts, oily fish and olive oil). Your body needs calories to actually burn fat. Give it too little, and you'll end up slowing your metabolism down and storing fat. That's definitely not what you want.
  13. MikeC

    The Smiler

    Absolutely incredible! Those poor construction workers must get sick of people poking cameras at them all day as well Great update, thanks for sharing.
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