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  1. hey. I had to have a look and those models on google earth and they are fantistic!!! keep it up I was looking around at what people had made on the 3d warehouse and people have made the following... Vortex, Quantum, Burger King, Detonator, Samurai, Zodiac, Rush, the nemeses inferno shop, Slammer, Thorpe Game she and X-No way out. I dont know much about modeling and nothing about actually putting the things on googe earth but I thought you might be able to put these on? I dont know though, just thought it might help :Pbilly
  2. We’re introducing two new attractions for 2011, the thrilling experience of the Time Machine on the east side of the park, and the more family-friendly roller coaster ride Kiddi Koasta on the west side at the ‘little end’.Both rides are planned to be open in time for peak season, we’ll keep you updated on the exact dates!
  3. Can't wait for more news on LC12!!!

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