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  1. I think it's a real shame how awful the rapids are. There's no excitement to them. They're just there. Would be really great to see some themeing in the near future and give it a new lease of life.
  2. Went to THORPE today, even at the age of 23 I felt I had to try this. Thought it was really good, some of the effects are overused but it was fun and made me jump a few times, especially the bit with the bees... I thought the story was pretty decent, there were a few bits that made me chuckle, not sure if I should have. Either way, a great addition to the park and a better way to kill time than riding those awful Rapids.
  3. I'm not new, just re-introducing myself. Went to THORPE PARK on Thursday for the first time in a few years and it rekindled my love for theme parks. I hope to contribute to topics rather than making unnecessary posts. I'm Jamie, just in case you weren't sure.
  4. Gonna throw it out there, could anyone guess whether this Thursday is likely to be a busy day. The weather is gonna be hot but with schools back, I was hoping it would be quieter.
  5. That advert is amazing! Not a low budget one like we've seen before...it's really simple but powerful and bigs the ride up really well. Literally cannot wait to ride this now!
  6. I agree with what you said there. The ride and everything surrounding it is very well done and the atmosphere when queueing up is exciting. It wasn't until a few months ago and yesterday, when I went to Thorpe, that I realised how much I love Colossus. I'm 6'4 and yes, it's not the most comfortable ride, but I still enjoy it every time I ride it and I genuinely think it's the best coaster at the park.
  7. I'd imagine it won't be too busy because schools are back etc...but the 10th is a Saturday and seeing as it's the weekend, it could be quite busy. Most of the time you just have to brave it and go...but yeah, a weekday around that time would probably be a bit quieter...I'm planning on going on the 6th September. Fingers crossed
  8. This whole situation is awful. I live literally 5 mins away from Enfield and the Sony Distribution Centre. Seeing the smoke still bellowing from the building is terrible and it just shows how big this whole riot business is. Shops close to home are closing early, police are everywhere. It doesn't feel right that this has to happen; not being able to go out without worrying and fearing the worst. I just don't know how this is all going to be stopped.
  9. Going back to that video on the previous page, I think it's pretty amazing. The fact that they seem so dedicated to this project and are building hype makes me want to talk about it with my mates...in all seriousness, they need to carry this sort of thing on throughout the summer and it will get plenty of people talking.
  10. I really hope they don't let us people down. I'm really intrigued and I think the name adds to that. If it was just called 'War', it wouldn't seem to have the same depth as 'The Swarm', where the idea seems slightly more interesting and unique.If THORPE actually decide to keep the website alive and don't give up towards the end...they could be on to something major. I find the early stages exciting but getting to know the ride more and being dealt surprises makes the whole experience a lot more interesting. I honestly think this ride could be massive; they have the power to theme it to no end, so let's just see how that pans out.
  11. Yeah no one really seemed to know about them. Haha, I gave plenty out cos I know I'd want them handed to me in return
  12. Not anymore they stopped yesterday...I work for Tesco and we literally have boxes left over. So many that will be wasted...luckily, I have a few at home
  13. I have no clue at all, but someone posted earlier that it is now open so it can't have been that serious
  14. Went on Colossus 5 times in a row yesterday, got to stay seated really is my favourite coaster at Thorpe. It is a little bit bumpy but it's the ride that actually excites me the most...without putting that in an inappropriate way, it's the ride that I get the most out of...am I making sense?
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