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  1. Hi everyone! I've been around the 'Thorpe Park fan' scene for the best part of 8/9 years now and have been a member of various Thorpe Park related sites throughout that period, including Thorpe Park Guide (which became South Parks and now has dissappeared), Thorpe Park Junkie (don't know what happened to this site in all honesty) and I'm pretty sure I've registered 3 or 4 times to Thorpe Park Mania (but have since lost the login details to my various accounts ) For those who may remember, my previous forum names have included 'Sammyride' (probably used between 2003-2005/6) and 'themeparkdude' (used between 2005/6-2008/9). I've been lurking on this site for the last 2/3 years I would say, but I thought I would sign up once more to discuss The Swarm and so on.
  2. Perhaps the helicopter might have just crashed, hence the blades would still have some momentum on them. I think it would be quite a good idea personally.
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