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    2013 Changes

    If Thorpe gets Vengeance next year, I reckon it would be given the Sub-Terra treatment - I.e. a pre show and some sort of after show. It would be the only way to boost the overall attraction's throughput. How many people can ride Vengeance at once? Can't be much over thirty.
  2. Saz

    2013 Changes

    I think we're getting one of three options: 1. Vengeance placed in the Pirates 4D/Time Voyagers theatre. 2. Vengeance placed in a new building where the hospitality tent opposite Swarm is currently situated. 3. A Sub-Terra style ride placed in a new building where the hospitality tent opposite Swarm is currently situated. I would be extremely surprised if one of these didn't happen. Options 1 and 2 seem the most likely I think, but option 3 would be great.
  3. Saz

    2013 Changes

    I certainly think that this is an option for next year. Looking at the old Pirates 4D/Time Voyagers queue area a couple of days ago, I reckon they could easily fit a cattlepen queue in this space, but I like the idea of a bridge connecting to another queue area where the game zone is currently situated. If Vengeance is indeed moving to Thorpe next year, (which at the moment seems highly likely) it would easily fit in the current theatre and there would probably be enough space for a pre-show room to explain whatever back story Merlin decide on. In regards to what story/film Merlin might decide to go for, I would reckon something to do with a pirate ghost ship with guests having to shoot attacking pirate ghosts perhaps.
  4. ^ I think it's the most likely option for next year to be honest. It was probably be called something uninspiring such as Swarm: Genesis and will be located where the white marquee tent is at the moment - in a shipping container of course. Perhaps Merlin did a three park deal with ABC on drop tower rides or something... four if you count the new Extremis at the new London Dungeons next year.
  5. Just a quick update...The pass which I lost was turned in at my uni soon after my first post, but I had already contacted Merlin regarding a new pass. Merlin said they would charge me £10 for the printing process, but two days after I emailed them I received a new pass in the post at no charge. :DI do have an other question though which I'm sure someone on here can answer:I'm planning on visiting The London Dungeons tomorrow but I heard that you can skip the rather large entrance queue if you have a Merlin Annual Pass. Is this true? Thanks.
  6. and recording her seventh album in seven years! :blink:I agree though. I wish people stopped complaining about this ride and how they are opening it. At the end of the day, this is the first time I can recall a new UK ride getting a 'special' opening ceremony, even if it may just be a few actors and an obscure band. It's a great effort by Thorpe in my opinion and I can't wait to attend on the 15th!
  7. I think Chessington is Merlin's cash cow. It's the closest park to London, so regularly sees high guest numbers and along with Lego Land, it's the only park squarely aimed at young families. Merlin simply don't believe a big investment is worth it.
  8. I'm glad that the Flying Jumbos have been tied in with Forbidden Kingdom. Egyptian elephants are a lot easier to comprehend than this:
  9. Strange that there is a whole week between these preview days and the opening day, but I suppose it gives them chance to sort out any technical issues should they arise.
  10. Oh, like rehersal day? Got ya. Hopefully we will see a lot of photos from that day then.
  11. This might not be the correct thread, but apparently there is some sort of preview day next Saturday on March 10th. Not sure what it is for exactly, as I would presume the press/celeb preview would be on the Wednesday.
  12. Amazing piece of marketing right there. As pluk said, they could really run with this idea and have about 4 or 5 different adverts running at the same time, but with a different scenario each time.
  13. It's funny - the POV makes the ride look faster from what we have seen in other videos, but, at the same time, it makes the ride look longer.
  14. Agreed. Raptor's advert: ...would be virtually perfect for Swarm - people running away from 'the Swarm' until it eventually picks them up *cue switch to ride footage*.
  15. I could be wrong, but wasn't Saw's opening day on a Saturday? Wednesday was the celeb/press preview, Thursday was the enthusiast day, Friday was the AP day and Saturday was the official opening day. That's why Swarm should hopefully have a relatively short queue, opening in the middle of the week as supposed to a weekend.
  16. Good good. I did think that a queue over 2 hours on opening day might be just be a tad too long. Let's just hope there will be no major technical glitches on the day, but the fact that it's B&M gives me a great deal of confidence.
  17. Do people think that fastrack for Swarm will be available on opening day? I only have a two hour window when I can ride it you see, so fastrack might be needed if the queue is approaching the ridiculous I.e. 3 hours....
  18. I think the ride itself is great, but its location and theming really lets the whole thing down in all honesty. If it was located on the new land fill next to the dome, with an enclosed station and some sort of theming at the top of the lift hill the ride would have been substantially better. But alas, it had a very tight budget and is rumoured only to be a temporary attraction until the whole area, along with X and the arena is revamped....
  19. I really can't see how Swarm has a ride duration of 125 seconds - 30 seconds more than Inferno, Saw and Colossus. They must be counting the probable 20-30 second wait on the block-brake section after the last inversion.....
  20. I just came to my attention that the picture of the station interior was taken from the ride control box - an upturned lorry.
  21. Is it just me, or are the fences between each gate meant to represent the back of church pews?
  22. Sounds good, let's just hope it doesn't have a catastrophic failure on opening day then!
  23. I can't imagine it would be that busy in all honesty. Swarm will have been open for 4 days already, including a no doubt busy weekend like you said - you're probably looking at 30-40 minutes max for Swarm I would reckon.
  24. Testing is into full swing now I think. I saw it testing a couple of times whilst driving.
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