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  1. Clonecommander Tom

    On ride photos

  2. Clonecommander Tom

    On ride photos

    Thanks how do you download the picture after
  3. Clonecommander Tom

    First Visit From USA, Help!?

    I would say that it isn’t possible to do the 5 big rides, I would try to prioritise 3 and don’t go on the ghost train if your on a tight schedule, it breaks down a lot and might ruin you planning for the day sorry if this wasnt any help
  4. Clonecommander Tom

    ride restrictions @ BPB

    From what I know at Thorpe some of the rides have a 52 inch chest restriction but I’m not 100% sure
  5. Clonecommander Tom

    On ride photos

    Just a quick question how much are the intide photos at Thorpe at the moment and do they come with a free digital download