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  1. In 2018 days RAMESES REVENGE had it's queue extended but it was still coming out of the queue and I had a suprise one hour wait and it was on the shortest cycle possible (like it always was since 2017). No more Slammer at Thorpe Park feeling Lol. More like RAMESES Short Cycle. I don't see RAMESES REVENGE going for a long time yet. Also when I have been stuck (when it accidently released from the brakes before doing 4 flips, or when it tries to do the first flip and you get stuck upside down), it's actually rlly fun and it's like Samurai. The point is that it has done really well or the 2018 season and fountains are as strong as ever. Maybe needs new settings for the PLC and TLC done to it. If they do that I will never go to Chessington again and instead of spending £229.00 for a Merlin Annual Premium Pass, I will spend £50.00 for a Thorpe Park annual pass just for Thorpe Park NOT CHESSINGTON
  2. I am in 2018 so I am really late but now, they have re-used the entrance for fastrack! It's only open on peak days but my god doe it look soooo good
  3. I know this comment is almost 10 years old but RAMESES REVENGE has been running well for the 2018 season. It depends on the operator and how they feel about swinging it. After the 4 flips you either swing lots or you don't swing at all. The fountains also depend on who is operating the ride but it also depends on the weather.
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