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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Would be a bit bizarre on a new ride for them to fit restraints that haven't been used for over a decade.
  3. I've seen a considerable amount of comments on this on social media from the 'general public'. However it's being reported, it looks like it's done a decent job.
  4. Dan9

    The Smiler

    So when Holiday World wanted to build a launched wing-rider, Intamin must have been their only option because Furious Baco? Intamin and other manufacturers are perfectly capable of innovating and adapting for their clients needs.
  5. Dan9

    The Smiler

    Stealth, Colossus, Thirteen and (at a push) Rita average roundabout the same throughputs as The Smiler, some of them more a lot of the time. So no, not really.
  6. You also praised Drayton for extending their opening hours, I'd just like to add Thorpe did this on Saturday as well.
  7. That's not an interpretation... A cobra roll is only called as such because of the way the element looks. If you wanted to break it down you could choose to see it as an Immelmann loop into a dive loop or something. It's still 2 inversions either way.
  8. Cheetah Hunt's were really underwhelming for me. I don't know if it was the speed or the way the curves had been designed but it felt so pedestrian.
  9. Dan9

    Fright Nights 2015

    I remember when Jordan's 'sources' also told him X had been *signed off* to open for February only for it to open a month later and not have its 3rd train finished until June. FANBOY WAR.
  10. More extremely limited-throughput rides with limited lifespans targeting the same limited market that gained Thorpe most of its current issues?
  11. Really bizarre scepticism... 'Only two rides, only $500 million of investment jeez not good enough!'. I doubt there was much demand for a Cars Land before it happened either and that's universally lauded as one of the best theme park areas in the world.
  12. And then we wonder why you visit so much...
  13. I advise you don't search for Disney Parks on Google Maps then.
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