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  1. Hi everyone, I'm not sure what the yellow characters you are posting mean but I can sense a mixture of opinion towards my idea. I will consider my approach and the best way forward for us to remember Rameses!
  2. Thanks everyone. Let's keep this positive. If Chessington has a legal obligation to keep RR running they will have to invest to bring it back to its former glory. I will follow up with a draft petition this weekend.
  3. Hi all, I have been inspired to join this forum by the unprecedented threat to our nation's theme park heritage by Rameses Revenge being taken out of service. As the UK's only top-spin ride, it is clear that it is an 'endangered species' in the theme park industry. I propose we launch a campaign to save the ride. There are four steps: 1) We need to contact Historic England, and inform them of the loss to our culture and heritage that is underway. We should draw parrellels to historic rides that are already listed. Historic England have listed several already which creates an obligation on the owners to preserve them. Don't forget RR drew the largest ever crowds to Chessington when it opened and it has a distinctly post-modern architectural theme which it of national significance. https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1436080 2) We should also involve the 20th Century society who are leading the charge for the Listing of relatively newer buildings. 3) We should establish a petition. But first we need to consider who would be best to pressure? Local MP? Kingston Council? Historic England themselves? 4) One we have done this, we release a press release highlighting the issue and the formation of a community group (That's us!) to save the UK's last top-spin, explaining all the above, directing people to our petition. We can easily get into the Mail Online and other widely read online publications if we follow the steps above. Who's in?
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