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  1. Ringo

    2018 General Discussion

    And unfortunately you might find the toilet floor wetter than Tidal Wave 🤢
  2. Ringo

    LIL - 10-10

    You can’t enter the park on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the summer with a Thorpe AP, unless you pay the £10 fee to gain access on those days and then that fee would cover the full 12hrs. There is no extra charge to stay for Love Island
  3. Ringo

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    There was a first??
  4. Ringo

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    2018 Fireworks “Big Bang” tickets are now available. Big Bang Your package includes: - Golden Circle Fireworks viewing area - Priority Ride Pass on a choice of 3 rides - DigiPass - unlimited digital ride photos and 1 printed photo - 2 course fabulous buffet - 2 drinks vouchers for the bar in the venue - Post show soup & roll - Hot drinks, cordials and biscuits (from midday) - Poncho - Special limited edition pop badge - Children's entertainment (from 4pm) - Glow in the dark item for the children - FREE Standard Car Parking park entry included £80 (Child) £120 (Adult) AP / already got ticket upgrade £52.50 (Child) £87 (Adult)
  5. Ringo

    Merlin Entertainments

    In the case of Galatica though it’s fair to say it was a failure otherwise they wouldn’t of removed rows of equipment. But now ironically they’ve made VR “exclusive” and people are waiting for VR instead of walking straight on to empty seats for non VR.
  6. Ringo

    Annual Pass Price

    What do you do if the customer isn’t staying until close? I do agree though free fastrack does cause issues as well. Least we aren’t at DBGT will it / won’t it open compensation levels again!
  7. Ringo

    Merlin Entertainments

    Wasn’t that the plan, cheap passes = more visits, oh look attendance is up we’re doing something right 😏
  8. Is vengeance still knocking about in storage or did it finally get scrapped? You could imagine them trying to add that on
  9. Ringo

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Reports of an incident at Towers. https://mobile.twitter.com/TowersExpert/status/1025084198435147777 Edit, https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/local-news/emergency-services-alton-towers-after-1856252.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  10. Ringo

    2018 General Discussion

    It’s the third increase in 18 months I believe, £10 is obviously where it’s heading.
  11. Ringo

    2018 General Discussion

    New parking charge?
  12. Ringo

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    It’s no coincidence that “TLC” was dreamt up and run by a former marketing executive, they know how to bend the truth for gain
  13. Ringo

    2018 General Discussion

    Obviously just a revenue generating product, this officially announces they’ve lost the plot. It’s basically the parks version of a VIP pass in stealth mode, you need a separate pass for entry so add on a premium pass for £229 and you’ve now spent £629.
  14. Ringo

    Park Operations

    Isn’t this use of fastrack at the exit just a budget save, one less staff member. Hardly seems any point to be honest, guest satisfaction is supposed to be priority at Merlin.
  15. Ringo

    Park Operations

    That’s gotta mean the fastrack entrance is closed and sending them via the exit which then adds to the RAP queue.