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  1. Towers have officially announced that fireworks are cancelled this year and the last weekend is now a current ticket holders and passholders only. https://www.altontowers.com/explore/events/fireworks/#what-will-you-be-doing-instead
  2. Could very well see the Silver (standard), Gold (premium) & Platinum styles appear - probably though the Platinum will be less restrictive in visits but not VIP replacement, that would probably be per park add-on like Legoland’s Club VIP / Thorpe’s unlimited Fastrack add-on.
  3. Merlin have suspended new pass sales along with renewals, effective today. Probably a mixture of new pass products / Covid uncertainty. https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/compare-passes/renewal-passes
  4. Same as Wicker Man and that’s a new ride...
  5. And to complete the Fastrack offering, Thorpe are now offering one shot fastrack for general sale. https://www.thorpepark.com/tickets-passes/extras/fastrack/
  6. Towers are now doing Fastrack on Wicker Man, Smiler & Nemesis - £10 each.
  7. Would make sense with a name like infinity...
  8. Thorpe park did this this for years, it was called Summer Nights.
  9. There’s still some Vip passes out there as well as seen them in the queue (was posted on TowersStreet that Towers are giving Vip passes a £20 voucher per visit as compensation for no Fastrack) Hotel guests, someone asked on Twitter at reopening and the park said hotel guests would still get it and the few people you see queue supports that. Also noticed some who have a printed ticket. As you say it’s a small amount but Fastrack is in operation just not available to buy online or on the day.
  10. Thorpe are doing Fastrack for those who are entitled to it, passholders, Hotel & appears those who pre-purchased before. Legoland have had Qbot on sale along with passholders who are entitled to it.
  11. Just Towers left now who don’t offer it.
  12. Wicker man was down yesterday due to having track replaced, soon as it arrived they got the work done and ride tested and opened.
  13. Some would say the lack of audio is an improvement on the audio it does have these days!
  14. Isn’t that standard usually? They always retain some in management roles whilst they “integrate” with the values of the parent company and then a year later part ways? Good news for Drayton though.
  15. Website is now showing Fright Nights as starting on 9th October. hour cut each day with 9pm close instead of traditional 10pm. https://www.thorpepark.com/plan-your-visit/before-you-visit/opening-times/
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