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  1. Ringo


    Exterior of Laser Riders has been painted (Courtesy of TPG) https://live.themeparkguide.biz/
  2. So much for future of theme parks then.But in reality correct decision, they didn’t update with new videos / alternate journeys so it got boring extremely fast and the quality was poorWill there be a new theme to bring the park a “New for 2020“ 🙄
  3. Ringo

    2019 Season

    Remember this is being done by a third party, not Thorpe Park. Upcharge on seating and even cushions is the norm at these outdoor cinema events
  4. Ringo


    Not forgetting those silver coloured ones expecting fastrack when they can pull themselves away from the hospitality marquee. But apart from cost cutting it really is madness to mix the event with staff & pass holders
  5. Ringo

    2019 Season

    Pirates 😂 These screening things usually go ahead even in heavy rain, they advise you to be prepared although they will upsell ponchos etc Like you it’s not for me but it will appeal to some.
  6. Ringo

    2019 Season

    Interesting so that’s a private hire of the park for the two nights and therefore the risk is moved away from Merlin if it was to be a failure. Actually very good to see other companies wanting to try something new with the park.
  7. Ringo

    2019 Season

    People tend to celebrate 30/40/50 as bigger milestones than 37 years old.
  8. Yep that’s the same for the Towers ones, they are managed externally and as you said they almost always broken. Last year at Chessington I tried to rent one and it gave me a locker that was already in use! The ones at Lego & Thorpe are just old fashioned key ones and given the state of them at Thorpe I’d assume they own them and if they do rent them then the locker company is laughing all the way to the bank as they aren’t maintaining them.
  9. The lockers are pure profit as they have been there for many years, it’s £2 every time you open it and want to lock it again. Before the price doubled we would use one and probably spend £5-£8 as it was easier to leave drinks there instead of messing with baggage drops. If you got rid of baggage drops then you’d need a massive amount of lockers and they also take up space. And if they were free you’d lose money with idiots keeping keys. The electronic ones at Towers & Chessington are more trouble than they are worth.
  10. And when the new pound coin came in Thorpe decided to double the price to £2 for locker usage - unlike Legoland who simply modified them for new £1 coins.
  11. The simplest thing would be ANPR on entry, self serv ticket machine that let you pay the fee, pay via app etc. To control the flow of exit traffic stop go traffic lights that alternate a set time allow the roundabout to clear. Only thing that would need working on is how to securely allow pass holders to use it without letting them continually change vehicles (to stop card sharing when they aren’t visiting) Of course that would need investment but Merlin could recoup that with fine for non payment.
  12. If they tarmaced a section then there’s no way it would be for general use, Express parking at £30 a space.
  13. Chesington at £3 is a bargain especially since they claim at least 10% goes to the Chessington Conservation Fund, I’d have no issue paying that £3. The Thorpe money brings us the ultra successful additions like Love Island, Walking Dead, and for 2019 jungle maze and an inflatable.
  14. They don’t even turn them off, when they don’t want feedback they get set to ask where you are from and your email address if you’d like to opt in to marketing. And then it helpfully says thanks for your feedback.
  15. Ringo

    2019 Season

    Left over from last year
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