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  1. Daily Mail are reporting that Pleasure Beach is up for sale and BPB have approached Robbie Williams. It’s the Mail though… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9316085/Robbie-Williams-considers-buying-Blackpool-Pleasure-Beach-theme-park.html As expected by PB’s “comment” it was basically strange PR A spokesman from the park told MailOnline: 'Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which is wholly owned by the Thompson family has "No Regrets" that Robbie Williams may have "Misunderstood" that "Something Beautiful" like Pleasure Beach is available to buy. 'With a view "Beyond the Sea" from the top of The Big One it's no surprise he is interested, but for now let us entertain you when we reopen for our 125th season on the 12th April.'
  2. As predicted Gold & Platinum passes have launched https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/compare-passes/new-passes prebook info as well, discovery & gold” AP can pre book 3 visits per attraction at a time and platinum can prebook 6 visits per attraction. ”Our new pre-book system will allow Passholders to change the date of their booking or suspend the booking until they are ready to choose another date. Once bookings have been changed or suspended the ticket allocation will automatically reset, becoming available for other Passholders.”
  3. And still no teasers from the park 😕
  4. That’s not how Merlin work, the refurbishment would be promoted everywhere Merlin in order to sell Annual passes, hotel stays etc Plus with this going to rival Disney theming there’s absolutely no way Merlin would keep quiet...
  5. How come Chessington aren’t promoting this exciting news...
  6. Ringo

    2021 Season

    The prebook system is being improved, for starters you’ll be able to modify bookings.
  7. Ringo

    2021 Season

    Day tickets have reduced in price, was £55 now £50. The park passes were simply too cheap and now it’s being balanced out.
  8. Merlin announced a new budget, date restricted pass called “Merlin Discovery Pass” A weekday pass for all UK attractions but massive exclusions, no weekends or school holidays and usual fireworks, Halloween dates. Also no parking or any discounts. Standard and Premium passes are now officially no longer and replacement products will be announced. https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/
  9. Towers are reopening starting this Friday for Gardens only so you can get your required exercise. https://www.altontowers.com/tickets-passes/alton-towers-gardens/
  10. Went yesterday and was surprised there was no visible police, usually you see them walking round with the parks security. tonight sounds terrible, the frontline staff have been let down by management if reports are accurate. It’s also common knowledge that for years a % of that group get in via Monks walk - why haven’t the park done something about the fencing.
  11. That £10 per person is clearly worth more than anyone’s life. If the park can’t maintain the social distancing then the attraction shouldn’t be open. Yes everyone has a part to play in distancing but in this case it’s the park’s responsibility to enforce it.
  12. Closing early yes, they have it on the app but reports are even they closed some before the advertised time over the weekend
  13. Obviously so 😂 It was the way Josh put It’s common knowledge there’s an event this evening
  14. Are TPM not invited to the event today?
  15. Forum has had an update but someone’s forgotten to do the content, footers are default.
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