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  1. I think DBGT needed to have the changes it has now at launch to meet the required "hype" that was built around it. After all of the "Unavailable" period lots of people lost interest almost after the first ride. Thorpe needs a big investment to draw people in but has to make sure it is a ride people will want to keep on going on. This is probably why it's taking so long to share the next project.
  2. Thorpe have been slightly disappointing for the last 2 years so hopefully they aren't teasing another season of events with all of this "Initialising 2020" stuff.
  3. The only reason I posted this was to put it out there. I'm not hopeful because of Thorpe's latest additions (apart from DBGT) and the cheap events they pulled but I just hope whatever they are teasing at the moment isn't something like GameFX. Seems like Merlin's putting money elsewhere. Guess I was being too positive.
  4. This is going to be a very long message, beware. Back in 2017, I wrote a letter to Nick Varney (current CEO of Merlin) asking a few questions. I have held this for a while but I felt like 2020 was the time to share. Something, not sure how big, is coming in 2020. I have had to censor some stuff (like my address) but here is the response I got. I have only selected bits I thought would be of relevance, this is why the whole letter is not shown. If the images don't come out clear enough, this is what it says. I have also made sections in bold that I thought people would w
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