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  1. It appears Detonator no longer gets pushed down (doesn't have the mechanism that pushes it down idk what it's called) and instead is a normal freefall tower (I believe this was the same in 2020 so this has been true for 2 seasons now). On another note, much bigger note, all traces of Storm Surge has been removed from the app (bar the image of the ride) which is very interesting. Perhaps they're finally removing that eye sore in line with all the other fresh changes across the park and putting it where the tree were cut down around Loggers Leap?
  2. What does this mean rides-wise though? Like Saw or Nemesis for example
  3. https://www.facebook.com/thorpepark/photos/a.377923300866/10159025615925867 Fur the fanz
  4. For things that we know for sure are happening in 2021/ are currently happening in 2021.
  5. Well I've found quite a few control panels over the internet. Just didn't know TPM had a thread for this! Hopefully some new ones for those of you interested in this stuff. There's mainly Thorpe Park stuff but also ones from fairground equivalents and also some that aren't from Thorpe Park. Please note some of the pictures are from previous posts within this very thread that I've re-uploaded due to the fact certain other pictures have been deleted and so those pictures don't share the same fate. My other intention is to create a comprehensive guide within this one post for Thorpe P
  6. 2542464

    2020 Season

    For things that will occur during the 2020 season and isn't really something being done over closed season I felt it was right to create this thread. Thorpe Park are getting proper lifeguards next year this year (link to job ad for the supervisor position): https://merlin.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/4/home/requisition/5304?c=merlin The description states that Amity Beach used to be run by the attractions department (didn't know that tbh) but they're transitioning to lifeguards: I'm not sure why they've made that decision but one could make the leap that they're planning o
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