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  1. 12 hours ago, Marc said:

    I don’t think you can include the Galactica overlay at towers as a new coaster personally.


    Thorpes at a funny stage at the moment - its all well and good wanting Merlin to throw money at it but their next move HAS to be right or god knows the consequences... We all know the problems DBGT had for various reasons, which was the parks last “big” investment and it didn’t deliver, before that, The Swarm, it also didn’t deliver the return which was expected. 

    Thorpes next “big” investment will probably be the most important one the park has had to date - the future of the park will be banking on it being right - they really can’t afford to get it wrong a 3rd time - fingers crossed we will start to see / hear things on this soon but it’s not something they should rush into till they are certain both it’s the right time and the right investment.

    I think DBGT needed to have the changes it has now at launch to meet the required "hype" that was built around it. After all of the "Unavailable" period lots of people lost interest almost after the first ride. Thorpe needs a big investment to draw people in but has to make sure it is a ride people will want to keep on going on. This is probably why it's taking so long to share the next project.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Marc said:

    As others have mentioned - sadly we won’t see a new ride at Thorpe this year - but credit where it’s due - it’s good of Nick to write back to fans like that - Merlin get a lot of slack (and yeah sometimes it’s deserved) but things like this are nice to see!

    Thorpe have been slightly disappointing for the last 2 years so hopefully they aren't teasing another season of events with all of this "Initialising 2020" stuff.

  3. The only reason I posted this was to put it out there. I'm not hopeful because of Thorpe's latest additions (apart from DBGT) and the cheap events they pulled but I just hope whatever they are teasing at the moment isn't something like GameFX. Seems like Merlin's putting money elsewhere. Guess I was being too positive.

  4. This is going to be a very long message, beware.


    Back in 2017, I wrote a letter to Nick Varney (current CEO of Merlin) asking a few questions. I have held this for a while but I felt like 2020 was the time to share. Something, not sure how big, is coming in 2020. I have had to censor some stuff (like my address) but here is the response I got. I have only selected bits I thought would be of relevance, this is why the whole letter is not shown.


    If the images don't come out clear enough, this is what it says. I have also made sections in bold that I thought people would want to read.


    • What is the future of Merlin be like?

    "Exciting! We are expanding all over the world and constantly introducing new concepts and ideas. One day we will entertain more people than any other company giving them all memorable experiences."


    • What is the future for Thorpe Park?

    "The future for Thorpe Park Resort is looking very positive. We are the home of exhilarating fun and have a great development pipeline for the next 5 years. This year with Derren Brown's Ghost Train Rise of the Demon we delivered a bigger, better and scarier experience which quenched our guests desire for greater fear and cutting edge technology on rides. Later in 2017 we are re launching our Fright Nights experience with a new game changing Intellectual Property (famous brand/character). Merlin Magic Making are currently working with us on our plans for 2018, 2019 and 2020 but sadly at this point I cannot share them with you; but I know as a future ride designer you will not be disappointed."


    [This next section may not seem significant at first, but here it is]

    • What is the process of building and designing a ride?

    "It is a lengthy process and normally takes about 3-4 years. For example, we have currently briefed our Merlin Magic Making colleagues on our major ride investment for 2020. They will then meet with ride manufacturers and come back to us with some options before a concept proposal is submitted to the Executive Board for approval, then plans are drawn and implementation can take between 2 and 3 years including Research, Design, Build and Test." (It did continue there but that was the significant part)


    Take what you want from this, but it is constantly referred to as a 'ride'. I hope they actually make this so-called ride.

    Merlin Letter-1.jpg

    Merlin Letter-2.jpg

    Merlin Letter-3.jpg

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