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  1. Reducing RAP to only wheelchair users would eliminate most RAP queues altogether, the system is already not that inclusive: if you are unable to walk or stand then you are considered a 'non-ambulant' user which severely restricts the rides you can go on (no rollercoasters or dark rides, only outdoor flat rides). I'm not sure what other parks do around the world but I'm sure they're more inclusive than this, although Chessington isn't helped by the age of many of their rides.
  2. Thanks for the update, interesting to hear the changes, you seem to be the first to notice! I'm glad to hear (pardon the pun) they're making improvements still, music and sounds really complete any area in a theme park and it had been lacking in Thorpe until last year. Although it does surprise me that Saw and Swarm was done, I hadn't noticed any broken speakers in those areas (if anything Saw was louder than before in recent years). Glad to hear they've kept Hello Zepp though, really love that soundtrack, and it's very synonymous with Saw. I wonder if Inferno's old soundtrack returning is going to be short lived like Colossus's was a few years ago...
  3. Matt A

    2021 Season

    https://youtu.be/e02Pc5h7NMM?t=22 The security area has changed, there's now three channels on either side so hopefully this speeds it up now. The fencing has had signage added too so I imagine it will be hardly noticeable when the gates are open. The map has been redone too, and it looks like the areas of the park have been replaced by ride intensities as mentioned before. WWTP truck looks good although I do think it'd be better in its original spot, even if it sold food there too.
  4. Matt A

    2021 Season

    I've actually realised the metal theming 'thing' has been gone much longer, in the February pictures it is not there either so hopefully it is actually being restored elsewhere, the amount of scaffolding put up around it would make me think this is more likely (why go to the care and not just rip it out?). The pool looks like it has water in now although clearly it is not fully set up as the remote control boats boundary is sitting on the path still. Hopefully the boat is something interesting!
  5. Matt A

    2021 Season

    Just goes to show how much better a bit of cleaning makes it look! Wish they applied this to the rest of the park.
  6. Matt A

    2021 Season

    Inconsistency is key! 26th Feb: 14th March: I'd imagine this is most likely cleaned since it is a pool people swim in (or they're legally required to for this reason).
  7. Matt A

    2021 Season

    Thorpe Park: experts in theming removal! (photo taken yesterday) In other news... Stealth is celebrating its 15th birthday by having its bag room closed and replaced with shelving: And a marquee has appeared in front of the security huts: Photos from Sky Survey UK: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=skysurveyuk&set=a.255034999417922
  8. Matt A

    2021 Season

    It's still there https://www.instagram.com/p/CHe427uD4N0/
  9. I don't know when they last worked but they seem to have actively turned them off currently as the audio in the queue doesn't play the news clips, just the area ambience.
  10. Merlin's Covid-19 plans for Madame Tussauds, would imagine measures for other attractions are identical or very similar: https://www.madametussauds.com/media/2207350/merlin-entertainments-covid-19-protecting-our-guests-and-employees.pdf
  11. Don't know about the evacuation side but this happens more often than you'd think. The Vampire even has a pre-recorded announcement to play if it needs to happen.
  12. Best recording of the refurbishment yet, music is quite catchy. Will miss the old music but the new music is just as good it appears, new announcements are much better too.
  13. Looks better! (LED lights in the ceiling have gone too)
  14. Matt A

    2020 Season

    New food offerings is nice to see, looks like Fins Bar & Grill is being replaced by Infinity Bar & Kitchen
  15. Vampire is such a shell of its former self, really wouldn't take that much work to make it look like this again but I doubt it will ever happen...
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