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Cemex Headquarters for development?

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The other day I had one of those google searching days, and ended up looking at ariel views of Thorpe on googlemap, and then ended up researching the Cemex site, and actually its history is very fascinating, It was originally owned by RMC (former owners of Thorpe park).


It seems the site has been up for sale since 2011, with housing proposed for the site, which Thorpe have questioned as its so close to the park! And since then It seems things have gone quite. Cemex basically want to relocate as the offices are now to big for them! 


see this article on the issues 





The site itself has some historic properties on, and a group are trying to get the 1990 offices listed as architectural importance.


I can't help wondering if Thorpe have wanted to buy this, even if they couldn't build on the land, It would make a fantastic Headquarters, not just for Thorpe but for Merlin entertainments as a whole! They could have design studios there etc etc.  


Thorpe could then move their offices and admin over there, and therefore create room within the park for development namely the Lower level of the dome etc! 


It's interesting to note that when Thorpe had the 'my heritage' attractions on the peninsula, the exhibits and public area reached right out to the grounds of the Cemex! so it seems over time the borders of Thorpe have shifted etc! 


A hotel has also been considered for the site (independent of Thorpe park) but was deemed too much of a strange configuration for developers (if they were unable to do structural changes)


It would also be in Thorpe's interest to own the land to prevent the development they are concerned about, much in a similar way to Disney World buying acres and acres of land as a buffer from development! 

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The only problem is Merlin don't own Thorpe Park, they lease it from Nick Leslau, but depending how much is in the kittie, it would be a good idea to buy thr site to prevent other people building on it.

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