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  1. CharlieN


    The queue line looks fab. Pictures courtesy of ThemeParks-EU on Twitter:
  2. CharlieN


    Testing: https://mobile.twitter.com/veilstrup/status/1015649200325971969/video/1
  3. CharlieN


    POVs are appearing at quite a rate currently...
  4. CharlieN


    POV! Looks rapid - still not fond of the colour scheme tho...
  5. CharlieN


    Our beloved cat, Hoover, was put to sleep yesterday due to a kidney tumour. He was marginally younger than me and I grew up with him. He evolved from a fox-fighting feline into a gentle, loving, appreciative member of our family. There was a time when I genuinely considered him a good friend. He appreciated me - for food and love; and I appreciated him - for respite from this bloody world. We were brothers. I will forever miss you purring at the end of my bed; you sleeping on my head; you ripping holes in my revision books. No cat will ever be the same. Hoover “The Groover” Newbold R.I.P
  6. CharlieN

    Europa Park

    Very impressed with this. Sums up the compassion that makes the Mack family stand out. Good old Roland and Co. 😍
  7. CharlieN

    Adventure Island - Southend

    Popped into adventure island for a quick ride on Rage today. Believe it or not, but it’s my first coaster of 2018 - I would be embarrassed if I didn’t have the excuse of GCSE’s! Anyway, we soon noticed that a crow had nested at the top of Rage’s loop. Every time a vehicle did the inversion, the crow would hastily fly off the track - only to return moments later...
  8. CharlieN

    Europa Park

    Latest update from lord Mack:
  9. CharlieN

    Carters Steam Fair

    This is very disappointing. Carter’s steam fair goes to a park which is literally meters outside my house. Walking across to ride the divebomber and get some candy floss (but not in the other order 🤮) has been one of life’s greatest pleasures for the past 6 or 7 years.
  10. CharlieN

    Europa Park

    Darn. Micheal Mack’s saying all of Norway and Batavia are ruined. Really hope the fire is now contained and everyone is safe. It’s worth noting that there’s a lot of backstage buildings in this area - responsible for housing props, costumes and all sorts of valuables for Europa Park. On a personal note, I loved Pirates In Batavia, easily the second best dark ride in the park. Yes, It was stale, but it oozed charm that I fell in love with. I rode four times in two days and regretted none of that half an hour spent in a stuffy dated building. The music was perfect too. Thankfully, it looks like there’s been minimal injuries and the park have dealt with the fire well so far. Yet, I can’t help feel that this will significantly hinder the Park’s development over the next years. It seems particularly sad considering Icon has just opened. One step forward, two steps back.
  11. CharlieN


  12. CharlieN


    Here’s some concept art of the ride’s trains to keep you happy: (Taron restraints = happiness)
  13. CharlieN


    It’s no looker. The supports, the shaping, the colour scheme.... Still very excited for this project however.
  14. CharlieN


    I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with something this much on TPM before. Toverland are clearly giving Energylandia paint envy.
  15. CharlieN

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    These are very intriguing rankings. I’ve only ridden Wodan of the 4 mentioned, but I kind of thought it would be Wicker < Draak < Wodan < Troy. Good to hear anyway, Wodan was too aggressive for my tastes so I’m looking forward to trying a more gentle GCI.