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  1. Reading for for the win, I guess! I say that purely on the selfish basis that if Huddersfield don't get promoted then Wagner is more likely to leave and become Norwich's next manager. (At least I can dream, but I don't see Uwe Rosler becoming our next manager.)
  2. Why do some members seem to know things regarding this year's fright nights? Some stating the quantity of mazes, others showing knowledge of IP's. Was there a major information spill that I missed or is this just a case of 'my brothers friends work at Thorpe and told me this'?
  3. Oh no.
  4. I still think the likeliest change for Vampire is a retheme to another Julia Donaldson book. 'Room on the Broom' would be the most probable due to its darker theme (for a children's book).This way it would require less of a retheme. That IP would also lead to some good possibilities. E.G: Vekoma dragonfly trains that make it seem like you are on a broomstick...please(?).
  5. Whilst that's true I'm sure the boat ride would provide lovely views of the coaster. Especially when it goes directly under the zero g roll and camelback. That would provide some absolutely amazing sights.
  6. From a marketing perspective, wouldn't the GP think it's essentially another Samurai though? Part of me feels like we'll get a Larson looper there - they can market it as a coaster and it would provide another Thrilling experience for Thorpe Park.
  7. Likewise, anyone who says that has clearly been manipulated by Billy and Jigsaw on Saw the Ride. I'll always love Colossus, I just like its layout so much. I'd usually prioritise airtime over inversions but there's just such a good flow between the elements (and visually, it's very well designed, with the heartline rolls next to the path which leads to Saw and also the cobra roll which acts a great figurehead for the ride). Although it has a similar focus to the Smiler, in my opinion, it's far superior. The Smiler feels like inversions for the sake of inversions, whereas Colossus' layout takes on a journey which really feels like you are covering ground. Either way, I love Colossus and its age and ever growing rattle will never take away from it being a valued and enjoyable coaster. Saying that, however, some TLC wouldn't go a miss...
  8. The only criteria I can really think off is to be thrilling and visually impressive. One huge Intamin Gryoswing would do the job nicely. If the park are thinking more long term, I wouldn't be surprised if they just plonked down some travelling flats or inflatable games which at least would help distribute the crowds whilst a more long term solution is being dreampt up (whether that be coaster, experience or flat ride).
  9. These animatronics are ridiculous. The movement is so smooth and natural - with multiple movements synchronised in such a beautiful manner. This really is the future of dark rides, and that doesn't just mean screens and projections, animatronics can do an even better job of portraying motion. The second animatronic in this video is pretty extraordinary really:
  10. Darn, I thought we'd see it slamming for at least 3 more years but hay ho. ¡Adios, the best flat ride in the world! I do hope the relocation rumours are true though, it would be a shame to lose It completely. The 2019 coaster (I hope(?)) better be good.
  11. What do the 1980s have to do with anything? Kids seem to be equally fascinated with nature and wildlife judging by the vast amount of animal programmes on television for kids over the past few years. And it in no way is an absurd idea, the Zoo is an incredibly disjointed part of Chessington - the trail of the kings is always empty. A ride of some sorts (to counter the absence of Safari Skyway) would be a great way of cohesively connecting the park and zoo.
  12. I don't even think Thorpe has a strong enough image for anything to be out of place. It's a chaotic blur of themes and rides and blue fences and warehouses and pop music. Just intrigued though, what do you think would be a good fit for the park?
  13. ^ I'm optimistic for Ragnarok. I think having Taika Waititi as the director is a brilliant move from Marvel. Waititi's 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' was my favourite film from last year. No doubt he can work his magic on Thor too.
  14. Here's my new updated top ten coasters. These rankings are based on enjoyment, overall experience and rerideability - not how thrilling they are. 1. Arthur the Ride. (Yep, a family coaster is my favourite roller coaster. But why not? It's the most immersive attraction I've ever done and is so rerideable. The coaster itself is smooth and has some very fun moments of acceleration. This is, in my opinion, my favourite all round coaster.) 2. Silver Star (Now, don't hate on me, but I loved this ride. All 4 of my experiences were excellent. You cover so much distance in such a short time and the floater on the way back is amazing. Notably, the huge pop of airtime after exiting the MCBR. No, it's not very well themed and as an experience, it's poor. But it's bloody fun.) 3. Nemesis (It's a classic, that only seems to be getting better. The speed is exaggerated through the phenomenal use of terrain and boy is it intense.) 4. Blue fire (My first experience of a Mack Mega was incredible. It's as smooth as it gets and the highlight has to be that final insane inversion which wanted to throw me out of my seat. The weak launch is the only thing stopping this from being higher up my list.) 5. The Swarm (It's pretty forceless but The Swarm will always hold a special place in my heart. The dive drop is still one of my favourite sensations on a roller coaster.) 6. Olympia/Munich Looping (I only managed to ride this twice when I went to winter wonderland last year, but this Schwarzkopf classic really packed a punch.) 7. Wodan Timbur Coaster (Perhaps the only disappointment of my trip to EP, Wodan was still a great ride which felt really wild. It just wasn't as good as I was expecting) 8. Nemesis Inferno (Nemesis's younger brother isn't as good as the original, but it too is themed nicely and is very unique for a B&M invert. A fun ride. 9. Colossus (I've never found this ride unbearably rough (unlike Saw 😬). I still find the layout very enjoyable and those heartline rolls make for a great finale to the ride.) 10. EuroMir (I loved this ride. The lifthill of forever is great fun and circling at the top of the towers really creates a great sense of anticipation. After this, the ride goes insane. It's by far the most intense coaster I've ever been on - I could hardly raise my hands. A great unique experience!)
  15. Its good to see that final inversion on the ride - it's the only thing thing that sets it apart from the other mini dive coasters. The layout would be very similar to Baron 1898 if it wasn't for that inversion. Here is is the layout for all those interested: I do look forward to a dive coaster with a really unique layout though. why do they always start with an Immelmann?