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  1. Fright Nights 2017

    Oh I think it will. TWD is a massive IP which is of a greater relevance than any of Thorpe's current mazes. For the last few years the park have created one new non IP maze as that year's pull - so a large IP themed one would surely do more than that!? 2015: random clown maze - managed to pull guests in. 2016: random train maze - managed to pull guests in. 2017: a relevant 'global phenomenon' themed maze - Erm I think it will manage to pull guests in alright.
  2. General Discussion

    Thanks for the reply Mega-lite. I'm assuming it's just a machine for the express car parking money? (I hope so, the less Chessie staff interaction, the better.)
  3. General Discussion

    Hi TPM. I have. A number of questions regarding Chessie's entrances and opening. I will be visiting for the 3rd time, only that on my 2 prior visits, I travelled by train - so I entered through the Lodge entrance.This time we are driving so there's just a few things I'd like to know: 1. How far is the explorer car park from the explorer gate? (I have no idea, I'm afraid) 2. Does the explorer gate allow you to enter the park early and be held behind a holding point somewhere in the park? (I really like being able to enter the park early and have a quick look around trail of the kings before taking my place at the holding point outside Transylvania - so I can take a brisk walk to Vampire!) 3. Quite bizarre question, but is it possible to walk from the explorer gate car park around the park to the Lodge gate. And if so, how long does it take? (As above really, Id really like to avoid the explorer gate if the procedure is to hold us all at the entrance and then prepare for Thorpe-esque havoc in trying to get into the park. In addition, I'm just a big fan of the first impressions you get upon entering Lodge gate) Thanks, to anyone who answers - particularly questions 2 and 3!
  4. Six Flags Great Adventure

    Thanks for finding this. I've put it on record!
  5. SW8

    Absolutely. A screen based pre show would do nothing but disappoint me. (just like #whatsintheshed seems to). A truly spectacular pre show with pyrotechnics and effects could be the saving grace of this ride - at least I can hope.
  6. Football

    I do believe so. ?
  7. Football

    I'm really happy with it! It seems like a doable away fixture for me living in London and all that. At least I get to say hello to my old friend Sergi...
  8. SW8

    New signage up on site, courtesy of ThemeparkWorldwide.
  9. Scarefest

    Alton Towers have announced hat their 4th maze will be called The Welcoming: be chosen. From the brief description, it does seem like an SW8 link is very plausible...Cults in the woods and all that.
  10. Silver Dollar City

    Ladies and gentleman, Time Traveler will be the name of SDC's new coaster. It'll be a spinning coaster, with 2 launches, 3 inversions and a 90 degree drop. Insanity!
  11. Scarefest

    Oooh an SW8 linked maze could be fab!
  12. Silver Dollar City

    True. However, the new Mack rides Xtreme spinning coaster prototype has the ability to run spinning or winged trains. So perhaps we can't predict the style of train from the track, as Mack may have the potential to run either spinners or Big Dipper style trains.
  13. Silver Dollar City

    Mack big dipper perhaps, the track looks Lost Gravity-esque.
  14. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    Urghhh. Silly mistake, will edit that.