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  1. CharlieN


    The Park are predicting that the majority of October will be ‘lively’. Also worth noting that both Bob and Vogel Rok are scheduled for maintenance during this time.
  2. CharlieN

    Europa Park

    Eurosat CanCan coaster is now officially open! The ride looks great judging from pictures and an early POV. The lift hill looks superb as you slowly ascend the Eiffel Tour with a very loud orchestral homage to Sat’s old music! The rest of the ride seems as expected - 2D facades indicating a mad dash through Paris. The Queue seems up there with Voletarium’s and the station looks so charming. Seems like a solid improvement. Full Walkthrough and POV: Pics from TowersStreet:
  3. CharlieN

    Fright Nights 2018 - General Discussion

    Sounds like a scare zone in the dome... bizarre - and presumably a logistical nightmare. It does seem like there’s more variety this year than previously. As others have said, I assume Do or Die will be very similar to Sanctum; but it will obviously be easier to market as a new maze. Terror at Amity is an interesting concept. Vampires at school seems fun and whacky - just what Thorpe need IMO. Vulcan peak could be successful; but I’m mostly glad IAC’s building will be in use. The maze being hooded makes sense. I think it’ll be a good year for FN - coming from a self confessed horror-hater. My only concern is the lack of conventional indoor mazes.
  4. CharlieN

    Unpopular Opinions

    This. I couldn’t agree more.
  5. CharlieN

    Education (Exam Results)

    I didn’t know that was even a thing? I did an FSMQ in additional Maths, which I got an A in; much to my surprise. Also very delighted with my other results. I got 8 9s, an 8 and an A in DT. As one can tell by the delay of me posting this, I’ve had a week of celebrations - and hangovers!
  6. CharlieN

    Fear on a Ride

    Honestly so pleased for you Sam! I understand that’s it’s been quite the obstacle to overcome but now that you’ve done it - the roller coaster world is your oyster. Happy days.
  7. CharlieN

    Europa Park

    Madame whatshername has opened today. It looks... strange. Obviously I haven’t seen the queue but it seems to lack an exposition - surely having a Madame Freudenreich animatronic at the start would solve that problem. Saying that, this refurbishment has clearly given life into a dilapidated ride, on a budget too.
  8. CharlieN


    Tragic news today as an employee has been killed by an oncoming Hyperion train this evening. (16/8/18) It is believed he was retrieving loose articles. This is truly awful, both for the park and of course the employee’s family. https://www.looopings.nl/weblog/10585/Man-overleden-bij-dramatisch-achtbaanongeluk-in-Polen.html
  9. CharlieN

    General Discussion

    Latest update: It’s so unfortunate for 2 of Merlin’s major parks to encounter problems on such hot days. Let the social media backlash begin...
  10. CharlieN


    The queue line looks fab. Pictures courtesy of ThemeParks-EU on Twitter:
  11. CharlieN


    Testing: https://mobile.twitter.com/veilstrup/status/1015649200325971969/video/1
  12. CharlieN


    POVs are appearing at quite a rate currently...
  13. CharlieN


    POV! Looks rapid - still not fond of the colour scheme tho...
  14. CharlieN


    Our beloved cat, Hoover, was put to sleep yesterday due to a kidney tumour. He was marginally younger than me and I grew up with him. He evolved from a fox-fighting feline into a gentle, loving, appreciative member of our family. There was a time when I genuinely considered him a good friend. He appreciated me - for food and love; and I appreciated him - for respite from this bloody world. We were brothers. I will forever miss you purring at the end of my bed; you sleeping on my head; you ripping holes in my revision books. No cat will ever be the same. Hoover “The Groover” Newbold R.I.P
  15. CharlieN

    Europa Park

    Very impressed with this. Sums up the compassion that makes the Mack family stand out. Good old Roland and Co. 😍