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  1. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    These are very intriguing rankings. I’ve only ridden Wodan of the 4 mentioned, but I kind of thought it would be Wicker < Draak < Wodan < Troy. Good to hear anyway, Wodan was too aggressive for my tastes so I’m looking forward to trying a more gentle GCI.
  2. Energylandia

    Every day it grows, good to see that progress is being made. But why is it black? Just why?
  3. Europa Park

    I didn’t quite realise how large this retheme would be... Europa certainly don’t do things by halves!
  4. Europa Park

    https://t.co/C5bY9ZnU2f It’s that time of year again...
  5. Europa Park

    3 in a row is a first for me, but oh well - I’m really feeling the love for EP. Anyway, Micheal Mack has tweeted these pictures showing sample props for the CanCan coaster. It’s looking very Parisian!
  6. Europa Park

    Double post whoops! Europa have released this very nice little promotional video for the new Jim Button ride. It’s very sweet and sets the tone of this attraction well IMO. (I’ve linked both the French and German language versions because I’m very extra)
  7. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I’m with you. They were unknown to me before my trip to Europa Park, but I was amazed by the efficiency of such a simple system. No staff members to accuse of mishandling ones belongings; which I’m sure would be useful with BPB’s clientele... (Very unrelated, but it’s a shame that Arthur’s baggage system hasn’t been used more - it was so very effective.) Icon looks great though.
  8. Energylandia

    Poor quality Hyperion pics shamelessly stolen from some guy over at CoasterForce: (Is this meant to open in the summer; because I really can’t see that happening?)
  9. Europa Park

    I thought this news (or just the acquisition of the IP) was known for quite some time but it was clearly just rumours until now. Also worth noting that a Jim Knopf film will be released this year - increasing the relevance of this retheme. Anyhow, 3 rethemes in the France area is very impressive, it’s just a shame they didn’t put this investment into the awful English area.
  10. Europa Park

    EP have officially announced the transformation of Old 99 into... ‘Jim Button - Journey Through Morrowland’ The retheme was already known but it’s nice to receive a logo and an overhead plan of the attraction. EP are surely the best at rejuvenating old attractions when it’s not really necessary - Old 99 did look a bit tatty however. (Also +100 for choosing an IP promoting inclusivity and racial equality!)
  11. Great Ride Documentaries

    My thoughts exactly. I left a spiteful comment on YouTube because of his lack of knowledge/interest. A great advert for British enthusiasts... Tussaud’s should really think about building a Willy Wonka ride to compete with Universal London.
  12. Great Ride Documentaries

    Yeah I did thoroughly enjoy Science of Thrills - without its scenes of Europa Park, I doubt I’d have been able to visit last April. It really pursuaded my parents and also meant that they understood my obsession a bit more. The science was weak but it’s always nice to see theme parks on TV.
  13. Energylandia

    Just to interrupt the Baron’s streak... Energylandia have announced that they plan to build some on site accommodation. “Western camp” will feature teepees, cabins and (a) restaurant(s). Looks good, but a proper hotel always appeals so much more to me than a holiday village type thing. This really shows their ambition for the future though: https://t.co/8t3Ya4UVrH
  14. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    If you are confusion, I’m disappointment. Every investment opposes the last one - there’s no direction, no purpose and no hope for Thorpe’s future under Merlin.
  15. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Pics released by Towers; taken off Towersstreet’s twitter. Now this looks beautiful... but it’s a real shame the park closes in daylight for the majority of the season. #extendthosehours The third picture is just gorgeous - Edward Woodward would approve. (Edit: The resolution isn’t great - use this link to view them in higher quality https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.stokesentinel.co.uk/whats-on/alton-towers-releases-first-images-1217618.amp)