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So I'm sure a few of you might have heard whisperings about a new attraction coming to Greenwich in London at the end of this month. At Scarecon Deathcell was heavily featured and teased after a hugely successfull kickstarter campaign. 

Looking at the website and announcements the following information is avalaible...


Approx. 30 minute live-action Escape Room experience.

Combining immersive theatre where the guest truly decides their own fate, mixed with a classic intense ‘horror maze’ experience.

Those curious enough to undertake Deathcell will be pushed to their limits, forced to make unprecedented choices that will affect everyone in the experience.

Betrayal, deceit and impossible decisions lay ahead for those who enter. Will you do what it takes to escape?


And a little bit of backstory...

A divided post-brexit Britain. Trust is no longer a concept which exists amongst its people and in an attempt to settle the public unrest, the government wrote into law the Harmony Act 2019, immediately setting up civil detention centres where anyone from the public can nominate someone who causes them upset to be detained. After years of corruption and misuse, the government lost control of these institutions, and they became their own entity. Those who were sent, often never returned - presumed dead. These public prisons earned a new name amongst the citizens of the country.



Lots of the creatives and cast are current/former Frightnights/Merlin performers, so I expect that its going to be pretty intense!


 Shows are being held from thursday 30th August- Sunday 2nd December and there are tickets avalible although some shows are close to selling out or have already. 

Sounding pretty interesting for those who injoy their halloween fix.



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