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  1. SYNAW

    The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    I'm pretty sure Living Nightmare Extreme will be them actually finishing the maze in the first place and not expecting the actors to have to do what they can with an incomplete experience, due to poorly designed and sourced props, conflicting requirements from management and no finale. If this is the case that will be great, but a lot of the fright night cast will not be returning.
  2. SYNAW

    Tulleys Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2015

    Allowing touching is never going to happen with Tulley's I don't think. But there are some good reasons for it however, that if you were to ever go to the auditions and training would be explained to you (I'm not allowed to say anything about the training particularly). All I'm going to say is think how many shut downs there are at thorpe mazes due to guest action and then think about how many shutdowns there are at Tulley's... pretty much none in an evening. As a Chop Shop chainsaw actor for 2016 I can confirm that with Chopshop it honestly depends on your run, due to the way the maze is laid out and if a slow group stops and blocks an actors exit or there needs to be a chainsaw refuel/swap-over you may miss an interaction with an actor. You were almost guaranteed at least 4 chainsaw encounters, but with any luck you would get a lot more.
  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself... I was the Chopshop's mohawk chainsaw hillbilly and I'm glad you have had another fantastic experience at Shocktoberfest! Everyone puts in an incredible amount of work to keep up the standard and improve year upon year... And also thanks for the constructive feedback as you have said this was the first night of real guests and improvements can and will be made.
  4. SYNAW

    Tulleys Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2015

    The preview night on the first Saturday is normally a good one to go to... The queues will be ok, but be prepared to wait a bit for the Hayride. Towards the end of the night I have often found that some haunts, namely cellar and colony get very quiet and have even had runs through on my own and in pairs. Take your time and enjoy the event and the atmosphere... if the queues are short don't rush to get everything done straight away, I'm acting inside The Chopshop this year so would be great to hear about your opinion of the park when you are done
  5. SYNAW

    Fright Nights 2015

    I would take this comment with a pinch of salt... I highly doubt you would be given a job based on who you know, especially seeing as the actor auditions are very thorough and they really push for the best they can get. And as somebody else said, they haven't released the who's working where information yet so I find it odd that you already know you are in cabin.
  6. SYNAW


    I'm an OP, and I have never heard this. Seriously don't believe a word any of us say... we are all compulsive liars. Even if we did know about it being removed we would not be at liberty to say without risk of a hefty disciplinary or firing (and we don't get told as much about future developments as you would think). When it comes to the majority of insider sources you will find that the staff member is spouting total bull to try and sound important or is just plain messing with you because its fun to watch things like that spread.
  7. SYNAW


    Plus have you guys seen the state of the floor and walls inside the ride area... any time a TL comes out of there after an evac they are covered in mystery grey*... no amount of cleaning would ever make that place safe for prolonged exposure. I'm talking literal inches of it. *Mystery grey- a mixture of 19 years of dust, vomit, grease and most other liquids you would expect at a theme park.
  8. SYNAW

    The Swarm

    Again JoshC is correct... The park do not make up queue times to sell fastrack. The operators update their queue times as soon as there is a noticeable change. I really wish people would get over this. It does not happen.
  9. SYNAW


    I was reading through this topic and I was wondering why people are complaining about slow loading (although I haven't seen the queue above an hour this year)... looking at the things the staff have to do its no wonder that it takes a while to get it going. From making sure that the ride is near enough balanced (very narrow margin of difference from the looks of it) to fighting past guests legs to check all of the restraints on their side. Then I swear every time I'm on it someone complains that they have pulled the shoulder restraint down too far and the staff member has to awkwardly position themselves to unlock and re lock their bar. I'm just interested to see what anyone else thinks they should do to speed up, personally I think that they go as fast as they are able to. Plus hasn't there been loads of trainees on the ride, surely that is a valid reason for it to be slower?
  10. SYNAW

    Summer Nights

    As far as I am aware wave surfer is not returning as the beach has been re-surfaced and they do not want to put anything on it as it was badly damaged by years of mazes.
  11. SYNAW

    Summer Nights

    So I see that a number of sheds have been erected on the small side of Amity beach (no topic for it ). What do people think they are for, as they currently seem to be being themed to fit in with the beach... Seeing as the beach is open for summer nights/beats does anyone think they have some relevance?
  12. SYNAW

    The Swarm

    How are we to know there isn't a genuinely good reason for there being only one train... for example how do you know that there isn't a fault with it that means it cannot run until it is fixed. These rumors and speculation over why they are running one train tend to get ridiculous... such as when Colossus was running only one in the early season and people were even talking about how the maintenance door had not opened and that the train was abroad, when a clear look out of the station exit showed it being worked on. As fans of Thorpe park (and indeed many other theme parks world wide) I would like to think that you don't truly believe that the park is simply trying to grab your money and don't care about our satisfaction. At the end of the day theme parks are a business... if they don't make money they shut down. If They don't make excess money a big new ride wont get built. Every time I have visited as a guest there has been something new, and small changes are made to the park on a very regular basis... it doesn't need to be a huge new ride to be exciting and new, sometimes it can be something small like a new way something is approached by staff or some part of the theming has been fixed. A lot goes unnoticed, but the things that don't work quite as well are made out to be colossal issues.
  13. SYNAW


    More painting was going on during the evening today... They had a cherry picker up on the first drop and someone in the guards on the inlines. Its going to take a while, but at least it isn't being closed to do it. (Source: Seen by myself while working on zodiac today)
  14. SYNAW

    New For 2015?

    Because kids love anything that is colorful. I'm 22 and have had heated battles with other staff members on breaks to claim the rarer and better badges... only to have hem swapped away by eagle eyed AP Holders. I only had my lost city badge for 4 hours on its day of release.