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Here's a short drabble I did about the 2007 revamp of X:/ No Way Out. Enjoy!


Abraxas. You have been chosen.
The green, Martian-akin entity heard the sound of a voice like heaven, beckoning his name. His yellow eyes flared, pointed upwards.
"Hm? Chosen? For what?"
Your infection of the Thorpe Park Power Supply was a success. We are recruiting you.
"Really. You're recruiting me, huh? Again, for what?"
You have been chosen to join the Swarm. A swarm of aliens who WILL destroy Earth.
"Sorry, but I work alone. Though, now you've got me interested. How, exactly, will they destroy Earth?"
Thru the use of hypersonic frequencies and fine-tuned lasers. Our weapons are masterly handcrafted by the finest forgers.
"Peh. Penetrating into computers and controlling their hard drives is a much better way to bring about chaos. I'm passing up this offer, thanks."
Oh but Abraxas, if you refuse, then we WILL find you. Hunt you. Stalk you. And ultimately, destroy you.
"Well, look who's talking. You ****ers won't stand a chance against me. And I doubt the world can't handle you."
We'll see about that.

The voice had grown angrier thru out the ordeal, to the point where now, it had decided to quit talking to Abraxas. Abraxas paused for a moment to ponder the truth about the Swarm.

"The Swarm... they're going to destroy Earth... if they do, then there'll be no systems round for me to invade! What's it gonna be... Earth... or me?!"

Abraxas had no choice. He had to stop what was going to stop his fun. Even if it meant saving all humanity.

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